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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Power Girl Key Issue Comics Part 4

Here we are with Part 4 and the finale to this Power Girl key issue comics list. For those investing in comics, the comics here in this one may not be great choices for you, as all of them are Modern Age key issues that have yet to see a large sustainable demand.

With that said, most of these are probably extremely affordable. You may have to wait a while for them to be worth anything spectacular, but the again who knows with these Modern Age key issues.

If you missed Part 3, just click the link to go back and read that. Otherwise, let's get this Power Girl key issues list over with.

Power Girl joins team

Took a few issues for Power Girl to join Sovereign 7, and she finally does in issue #31. Her tenure with the team wouldn't last long though. 

Power Girl's presence in this comic didn't help faltering sales, and this titled series would end only five issues later with Sovereign 7 #36. Once again Power Girl was left wandering throught various titles unwanted and without a regular series to call home.

February, 1998 was when this issue was published.

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JSA #31
Power Girl rejoins JSA

The revival of the Justice Society of America during this time did surprisingly well and fans were eager to see Power Girl return to the team she was best known for. This finally happened in JSA #31, even though writer Geoff Johns didn't really care for the character.

Despite Geoff John's bias, fans were happy and glad that Power Girl was written in a way that was more in tune with the character's original persona. She would once again verbally spar with Wildcat about sexist attitudes and Power Girl would inherit the mentor role for younger JSA members like Stargirl.

Still, fans were awaiting Power Girl to return to the one crucial ingredient that longtime fans of the character knew as. DC would finally give it to them not long after. This comics was published February, 2002.

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JSA #50
Atlantean origin discovered false

In the Princes of Darkness storyline that ran from issues #45-50, it was finally revealed in the end that Arion had lied to Power Girl. She was not his descendant nor an Atlantean.

Once again without an origin, this storyline would later send Power Girl off to find out the mystery to where she truly came from. Fans ate it up and were hooked. September, 2003 was when this comic was published.

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Power Girl true origin revealed

This is part 4 to the storyline Power Trip that stars Power Girl. In this issue, she finally learns from Psycho Pirate her true origin. This issue once again returns Power Girl to her original Kryptonian roots. 

She is the daughter of Zor-L and Allura In-Z and the cousin of Superman. After the events of Crisis, her body was displaced from one reality to the current one and was provided with false memories of her origin.

However, her subconscious kept a tether to the Earth Two reality. In this issue Power Girl remembers her Earth Two memories as well as her close friendship with the Huntress. This comic was published December, 2005.

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First issue to 2nd self titled series
First Power Girl on-going series

In July, 2009, Power Girl would receive her 2nd self-titled series, but this would be her first on-going self-titled series. She would appear in her own adventures while in the pages of the Justice Society of America as well.

Though the series was highly praised by critics,  it did not last long though and only went to 27 issues.

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First appearance of Karen Starr New 52

DC rebooted the DCU with the New 52, and Karen Starr made her first appearance in Mister Terrific #1. In the New 52, she was still owner of Starr Enterprises, as she acquired the secret identity of a computer programmer way back in Showcase #99, and was still best friends with Helena Wayne.

Shortly after her first appearance in this issue, Power Girl would be featured in the ongoing title World's Finest as a regular supporting character. Once again, her original costume would be ditched and she would slip into different threads.

This comic was published November, 2011.

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mycomicshop - VF and a FN raw copies in stock, and that's about it so far.

Alright, that concludes this Power Girl key issue comics list.  I only featured a few and there aren't that many really worth mentioning in terms of comic investments. All the Modern Age keys for Power Girl aren't really that highly sought in the current market.

Actually, many of the Bronze Age and Copper Age keys concerning Power Girl aren't really sought out or in demand either. Well, at least for now. Who knows if she ends up with a TV series or becomes a supporting character for one.

If you missed this series from the beginning, you can click this Part 1 to go back to the start. If you just missed Part 3, click the PREVIOUS link below to check that out.


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