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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Power Girl Key Issue Comics Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 to this Power Girl key issue comics list. In this part to the series, we are moving out of the Copper Age and into the Modern Age of comics. These are key issues, but many aren't worth much. Definitely cheaper buys and not investment comic worthy at the moment.

Actually, a lot of the stories with Power Girl during this time were widely panned by fans. DC still had no idea what to do with the character and she would go through some changes that many writers would largely ignore later on.

If you missed Part 2, just click the link to go back. If not, here's Part 3.

First issue to Justice League Europe
Power Girl joins JLE

After being shifted around and making random appearances in several other titles, Power Girl finally joins the Justice League, but becomes part of the Justice League Europe team.

In this titled series, Power Girl would go through some make overs or costume changes as you'll soon see. April, 1989 was when this Copper Age key issue was published.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies of this Copper Age key on the mighty eBay. There's even one CGC copy on there at the moment. It's even a high grade 9.6 NM+.

mycomicshop - Two copies here, both raw. One is a VF and the other a FN.

NewKadia - About 5 copies here so far. Highest and 2nd highest is a NM and a low NM. Lowest copy is a FN+.

First appearance of Power Girl's cat

Like Supergirl at one time, Power Girl also adopts a cat. This scruffy and mangy cat with farting problems became a recurring supporting character for Power Girl and appeared in the pages of Justice League America and later following Power Girl in Justice League Europe.

Almost like a side kick to Power Girl, every member besides Power Girl hated the cat with its ugly appearance and bad odor. This comic was published April, 1990.

eBay - No CGC at the time of this writing. Limited selection for unslabbed copies as well.

mycomicshop - Only one VF copy here a the moment.

NewKadia - Three copies here. Highest is only a low NM though.

Power Girl new costume

For some reason, the creatives at DC Comics decided that Power Girl needed a make over. So they ditched the classic original costume and went for a gold and white one piece that completely covered up her seemingly expanding bust. The costume was designed by Bart Spears.

Of course, this new look didn't really fare well with fans, and it wouldn't be long before Power Girl would get another make over attempt as well. The costume is not fondly remembered by comic fans, and this comic was published June, 1990.

eBay - Decent selection of raw copies, but CGC is non existent on eBay at the moment. Probably non existent most everywhere else as well.

mycomicshop - VF and a VG are the only copies here for now. Both are raw as well.

NewKadia - Six copies and three of them are in the NM range. Highest is a NM+. Lowest is a low VF. Extremely affordable copies here.

New Power Girl costume

Not long after when writer Gerald Jones took the helm of the series, Power Girl got another new look. This time the costume was blue and white and still a unitard, but it restored the cut out window between the breasts so fans could once again see the famous cleavage.

Gerald Jones did what writers before him did, and comments from other male superheroes about Power Girl's body continued in the comic book stories. Power Girl largely became the butt of breast jokes instead of having any real substance during this period. 

Despite the character's costume showing her famously endowed cleavage, comic fans eagerly awaited for DC writers to bring Power Girl back to her traditional roots. That would not happen for a long time. This was published April, 1992.

eBay - An okay selection here at the moment. No CGC, but there are raw copies. Some of these copies are in comic lots.

mycomicshop - Only two raw copies here, and one of them is a NM and the other a VF.

NewKadia - Only 3 copies here, but the highest is a NM.

Power Girl gives birth to Equinox
First appearance of Equinox
Another blunder concerning the character of Power Girl is when she magically gets pregnant and conceives a child in this issue. This child would also magically age rapidly and became Equinox, whose destiny at the hands of Arion was engineered specifically so he could battle the Atlantean demon named Scarabus.

Equinox would last be seen in Justice League America #108 after defeating Scarabus. He would not be referenced to since. September, 1994 is the publishing date of this Power Girl key issue blunder.

eBay - Shouldn't be a problem finding raw copies for this key issue. Lots of them are in comic lots and you can get the entire 0-4 limited series for pretty cheap still. No CGC just yet as expected.

mycomicshop - VF and a FN here, and both are raw copies.

First appearance in title

Chris Claremont's work after the X-Men franchise was the comic book series Sovereign Seven or Sovereign 7. Due to lack of interest, DC Comics believed that the title needed an identifiable character linked to DC's universe of superheroes.

They chose Power Girl to fill this void. During this time, DC cancelled all its Justice League's titles including Justice League of America. Power Girl once again became a wandering vagabond without a title to call home. Sovereign 7 #25 is the issue where Power Girl first appears in the title and she would once again acquire her classic outfit. 

However, during this time, she was possessed by the Greek goddess Nike and her stay in this title would be brief. Sovereign 7 was published August, 1997.

eBay - LImited selection for raw copies. No CGC and no surprise.

mycomicshop - NM and a VF are available for sale. Both are unslabbed and both are in stock.

NewKadia - Only two copies, but the highest is a NM+. Other copy is a low NM.

Once again, many of these are bargain bin buys, and I'm not all too convinced that these Power Girl key issues will be good comic investments anytime in the near future. However, if you're a fan and want them to have them then we'll finish up this key issue comics list with a Part 4.

If you missed Part 2, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to read that. Part 4 is ready with more Power Girl key issue comics so just click the blue PART 4 link to continue with this list.


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