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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New DC Comics Movies Announced!

So everyone's been wondering just what mystery movies Warner Bros. and DC Comics were scheduled to bring to the big screen. Although some were leaked here and there or just naturally assumed, CEO Kevin Tsujihara dropped the bomb and confirmed Warner's master plan for their library of DC Comics coming soon.

Here's what we have in store this decade:


This movie kicks off the DC Comics shared cinematic universe, and Warner Bros. looks like they're finally getting some confidence in their library of superheroes. They've got some plans for this movie and quite a bit of plans after this movie as you'll soon see, and it does seem that this is the sequel to Man of Steel now, and they've ditched the idea for another Superman solo movie, at least within this decade.


This one's a bit of a shocker, and I'm scratching my head about this movie. Before, it was reported they were working on a script for a Suicide Squad movie, but now it's confirmed with a release date and everything. Question is which version of the team will they use? 

It's pretty much guaranteed that Amanda Waller will be a character in the movie, and Rick Flag Jr. has a pretty high probability of being a main character as well. Will Harley Quinn finally make her first big movie debut?


WONDER WOMAN (June 23rd)

No big surprise here as this movie was announced earlier and most fans expected it since Gal Gadot will be starring as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman and expected to be in the Justice League movie. What is surprising is that her solo movie comes before Justice League. I thought it would be after, but looks like I'm wrong. 

I'm excited about this one regardless. I love me some Wonder Woman. Will Lynda Carter be playing a role? I think they should cast her for something. 

Perhaps Wonder Woman's mother Hippolyta? I think it would be a fitting nod. Oh, yes, it was also confirmed that Wonder Woman will have her demigod roots in the movies.

Highly anticipated movie here, and was already announced a while ago. So, really no surprise. Zack Snyder helms this flick and has already been confirmed to do so. 

We're still waiting for a Martian Manhunter confirmation, but there are reports saying that the character just may not show up in this one or be used at all. That would be a shame for sure. At least kill off Superman and then put Martian Manhunter in the 2nd one. Rather see Martian Manhunter than Supes.


THE FLASH (March 23rd) 
Ezra Miller has just recently been cast as the big screen's version of The Flash. It seems that the movie will not connect with the Flash TV series...obviously. Will be a bit strange, but then again Marvel has two Quicksilvers in the movies so it won't be that uncool.

Not that surprising of a call since it was rumored that the Flash would get his own solo movie. Now it's confirmed with a release date. I admit, I was skeptical when they announced the Flash TV series, but Warner Bros. didn't abandon the idea for this character to also hit the big screen.

AQUAMAN (July 27)  

Jason Momoa has already been cast as the King of Atlantis for Batman v Superman and the Justice League movie. It seems now Aquaman is going to get his own solo movie in theaters. Will be pretty interesting to see how this character is approached in the Warner cinematic universe, as most comic fans consider Aquaman pretty lame. However, Jason Momoa is playing the titular hero, so it may be pretty cool. Still, Jason Momoa could not save a rebooted Conan flick recently.


 SHAZAM (April 5th)  

Should not be much of a surprise since Dwayne Johnson recently confirmed that he will be playing Black Adam for a Shazam movie, making many fans who were propelling the rumor before quite happy. Shazam movie is nothing new, but a release date has finally been given for this character. Looks like we'll be waiting a while to see this one live action.


Looks like the Justice League movie is already getting a sequel, and this is a surprise move by Warner Bros. Only a year ago, they seemed to lack confidence about a Justice League movie, stating that it depended on how well Man of Steel did. 

Now it seems like they are anticipating a Justice League franchise to already be a success. Well, in part, this is true. Even if it sucks, people will go see it out of curiosity alone, at least for the first flick. Zack Snyder is also confirmed to helm the Justice League sequel. 

The question is which new characters will they add in the Justice League sequel? I'm sure there will be new additions.


CYBORG (April 3rd) 

Surprise! Surprise! It not only looks like the character of Cyborg will be in  Batman v Superman, Justice League, and Justice League II, Ray Fisher as the titular hero, Victor Stone as Cyborg, will also be getting his very own solo movie. Recommended his first appearance in DC Comics Presents #26 back in March. It looks like that key issue has even more incentive to snag this year. 



Thank God this is getting a reboot and there's a good chance Ryan Reynolds won't be reprising the role. Hopefully, they can do the character right this time, and I suppose Green Lantern will be making another onscreen debut in either Dawn of Justice or one of the Justice League movies. I'm predicting he may have an easter egg in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and fully appear in the Justice League movie, but who knows? 

Earlier this year, it was reported that this movie was to be a Flash/Green Lantern team up movie. Guess Warner Bros. once again changed their minds on that call. Or, maybe the Flash will be a supporting character? Could be, but would be kinda strange for a reboot.

Well, there they are. Remember, release dates can be shifted around, and the cats over at Warner Bros. are known for changing their minds. If one of these movies goes south, I'm sure they'll change something up. What do you all think? Excited?


  1. Ezra Miller as The Flash?? Ugh. Nothing personal but the guy just irks me.
    *Goes to ebay to look up for DC Comics presents #26* As always, thanks for the excellent and opportune advice ;)

    1. I scratched my head on that casting call as well, Laura. No problem and great to hear from ya!

  2. I'm looking forward to this movies being made can't wait. few months ago I bought legends 1 cgc 9.8 $75 ,detective comics 474 vf+ $80, legends 3 ( two copies ) nm $3 this books have a chance to go higher or there are to many out their like x-force #2.

    1. Oraldo, Oraldo, Oraldo...good calls on those snags! Answer is yes...Legends #3 is already taking off in the market. CGC 9.8s dropping over the $300 mark...raw copies are in the $30 to $40 buck range. So $3 snags to $30 sales...not bad at all, sir.