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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marvel Premiere #48 CGC 9.8

Here's the third part to this series about this particular comic investing tale. After purchasing both Fantastic Four #44 and #52, I had about two weeks before eBay would issue my eBay Bucks coupon. I bought those two later in the quarter.

So I had about two weeks to try to find a comic investment or possible good comic to invest in that was still within my budget limitations. As you all know already, I chose Marvel Premiere #48, the 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man.

Of all the possibilities out there, why did I chose this key issue? I must admit, it wasn't an easy choice, but there are definite reasons why I did that I'd like to think are logical as to why I snagged this particular comic.

So, during those two weeks I went on the hunt on the mighty eBay. I'd look up key issue after key issue and many that were already worth getting were above $200. I chose early that I wouldn't chance getting an unslabbed copy. CGC 9.8 was my preference.

Because of that requirement, it didn't leave too many choices. There were a few choices like X-Men #4 from the 2nd series that holds the first appearance of Omega Red. That comic in CGC 9.8 grades is still under a hundred bucks. Once again, I passed on that option pretty quickly.

After, I searched for the first appearance of Carnage in Amazing Spider-Man #361 and found a CGC 9.8 graded copy that was up for auction at a $100 bucks or something. I put that in my watch list and it was a high priority.

Then there's X-Force #2, 2nd appearance of Deadpool, which had just recently blown up. I chose to pass on that option pretty quickly.

X-Force #2 did spark something, however, in my search, and that was 2nd appearances.  I started looking up the 2nd appearances to any character that was recently announced to be in a movie.

The1st appearance of Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300 was blowing up because of the movie. I looked up Venom's 2nd appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #315, and found a few CGC 9.8s. The lowest was $135 Buy It Now, so I put that in my watch list.

Then I remembered the Ant-Man movie that was coming up pretty soon in 2015. Though I suspected that his 2nd appearance in Marvel Premiere #48 was probably already past the $200 mark, I looked it up anyways. To my surprise, there were only two copies listed at the time, and one of them was still under $200. It was a $175 Buy It Now, so I put that in my watch list.

After a few other choices in my watch list such as a CGC 9.4 All Star Comics #58 for $225 with a Best Offer option and a CGC 9.8 Omega Men #3 for $124, I watched them over the course of two weeks while waiting for my eBay Bucks certificate.

While doing this, I'd search for other options as well as search for the same graded copies already in my watch list to see if any new listing popped up with a better price. Two days before I'd receive my eBay Bucks, two new listings for Amazing Spider-Man #315 at CGC 9.8 popped up, and they were both under $100 bucks. One was $84.95 with a Best Offer and the other was $99.95 with a Best Offer option also.

While cool that they're lower priced, those copies made ASM #315 drop as a high contender. I'd only receive $105.61 eBay Bucks back. I'm sure I'd be able to haggle those two copies down to around $70. That would leave $35 something bucks left over, and that would mean taking a chance on a raw copy of some garbage comic that most likely would end up not being high grade at all.

I didn't completely write off the comic as a contender. It just didn't become one that was high on my list to get. Then came problem two. I notice that the Amazing Spider-Man #361 would drop one day before Oct 3rd, which the day I'd receive my coupon.

Damn it, and it dropped for $151.50 and there wasn't any other cheaper copies listed. Most of them were Buy It Nows that were asking over $200 bucks, and no auctions. Shit!

I seriously expected the Marvel Premiere #48 to have dropped already, but it was still there. No other new copies for that issue emerged during this time or after the time I finally received my $105.61 eBay Bucks coupon.

When that happened, I had to put some serious consideration with the options I had left. Amazing Spider-Man #361 was a hot book and will be for a while, but there weren't any reasonable auctions. If there were, $175 would've been my top bid for it, but nothing.

Then I seriously started to look at Marvel Premiere #48 and the 2nd appearance of Scott Lang as Ant-Man. What would this comic have going for it?

Several reasons appealed to me. It wasn't a Modern Age comic but a Bronze Age comic pre-1980. Ant-Man movie was coming sooner, so the character would go through the hype mill sooner. Good short-term investment possibly.

Another reason was this copy was still under $200, but the most important one: Ant-Man is part of the Marvel movie franchise, and it's a solid franchise. He will be appearing in an Avengers movie. Hopefully, a cameo in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron to set up his movie that will be released two months after. No doubt he'll be in Avengers 3. This ultimately means a sustained demand for the character which can continue to trickle down to his 2nd appearance in Marvel Premiere #48, much like it had did for Thanos.

Although I really wanted All Star Comics #58 and the first appearance of Power Girl out of the last batch of contenders, the problem was that it was only a CGC 9.4. Plus, there was nothing pushing the demand for her first appearance. It was the same with Omega Men #3. Nothing really pushing up the first appearance of Lobo, but I did place that comic above All Star Comics because it was a CGC 9.8 and still greatly within my budget.

I did the math on Marvel Premiere #48 and I'd only pay $84.39. Then just to be sure, I checked what other copies at the same grade were dropping at previously. There was only one and it sold for $189 in August. Okay, great, I'd be getting this lower than the last copy sold even if I didn't have the eBay Bucks.

After some thought and consideration, I pulled the trigger on this Marvel Premiere #48 CGC 9.8 and snagged it only a few days after I received my coupon. I didn't want to hold off too long and have it snagged from under me.

Once again, the point of the Vault isn't to brag. I have no problem sharing my duds as well, though the duds like my Submariner & Iron Man #1 or Amazing Spider-Man #300 don't go into my vault. This choice could very well be a dud as well, even for a planned short-term comic investment.

It's all about sharing a learning process, to discover why I made these choices and the logic behind my choices. It may not be super brilliant, but there is a strategy. And I could be wrong as well. Sure, I have my reasons for such and such, but that ASM #161 just may have been a better catch. That key issue sure was tempting, and too bad another auction didn't pop up that was lower than the starting bid of $199.99.

As I've mentioned before, sometimes comic investing goes beyond just like and dislike. Sometimes it takes consideration on situation and probability,and the more forgiving a situation (budget) and higher the probability of demand is, the better.

You don't have to agree with my choices. Surely not expecting you to, and they surely are debatable. One mid-grade comic investment and two high grade keys with high chances of being in demand soon, or one semi-high grade investment comic and only one other super high grade comic with a high chance of being sought after?

That was the question my budget and circumstances asked me, and this was my answer to that question. Now, the question I'm left with is whether to regard these three comics as long-term or short-term investments? I know this one definitely is. 



  1. Nice! Awesome book! this book and #47 make up an awesome Scott Lang story.

    Some fans were disappointed when they found out the film would focus on Scott Lang, but I was all for it. Especially when I found out this story was the inspiration for the film. Pym is the classic Ant-Man but I think this mentor relationship they will have and the fact that Scott Lang is sort of an anti-hero will be a unique slant.

    The ultimate Ant-Man movie set of books would be this one, #47, Avengers 181 (first Scott Lang), and Avengers 59 ( first Yellow Jacket confirmed as villain). I have all of them in NM!

    1st Wasp and Pym would be great too...but who can afford those...not me! :(

    Another great edition to the vault! I love this section.

    1. Thanks, I gotta admit I'm taking a chance with this one. I think it'll pan out in about 2 years or so. I admit I was a bit disappointed they were going with Scott Lang instead of Henry Pym, but it is an interesting origin story and I think Scott Lang's will translate better to the screen.

      I heard they did a special screening of some Ant-Man footage at New York Comic Con and it got rave reviews. I think the Ant-Man movie will be a hit. Wow, you got the whole load for this character J Kandefer. Very cool...are they slabbed or raw?

      Thanks and glad you like this section. Thanks for reading and commenting...always appreciated.

  2. these particular books are unslabbed raw copies. I have a system for this. I have gotten really good at grading by eye if the seller has sufficient photos. I know what to check for as far as restoration and I can usually guess the condition very, very close. On ebay if the seller has good photos, high feedback and a return policy I check over the photos closely and if the price is right I pull the trigger or offer a bid. If I get it I might, send it off to get graded and double my money if I decide to sell. I'm more of a collector though.

    For big price silver age keys I would most likely buy CGC...people tamper with those too much. Most bronze copies are safe for now, but as they go up more and more people will begin to tryvand restore them too.

    All I really want are NM solid copies. I don't really care if it's a 9.0-9.8. I know 9.8s are most desirable and where the big money is at, I shoot for that but I don't have to have them. I want a lot of keys in NM and if I shot for 9.8s everytime my collection would be 1/4 of what it is now.

    I just signed up for ebay bucks because of your suggestions! I always just passed over it thinking it was some kind of scam so thanks for writing about that! Do you have any tips or ways to maximize or make quick ebay bucks? Might be a good topic for an article!


    1. Interesting approach and do agree on some aspects you brought up. Actually the whole 3 part Vault series starting with FF#52 was suppose to inform you how you can use eBay Bucks to earn eBay Bucks back quickly. There are special promotions like quadruple eBay Bucks rewards or 10% rewards promotions to watch out for, as detailed in the three Vault posts. The regular eBay Bucks percentage you get off each purchase is only 2%.