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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fantastic Four #44 CGC 9.4 Near Mint

Welcome to the 2nd part and continuation from the last Vault post that was published before this one. I believe this is the first time I ever did a connecting series in the Vault.

Anyways, here's the comic that I had my eye on and ending up getting in conjunction with the first appearance of Black Panther. This comic investment choice shouldn't be too much of a surprise to those who read this site regularly. After all, I recommended this bad boy twice already on here and discussed why in those posts.

So this copy of Fantastic Four #44 at CGC 9.4 NM was the reason why I opted to take the mid-grade CGC copy of Fantastic Four #52, the first appearance of Black Panther. Yes, I know that Fantastic Four #44 only holds the first appearance of Gorgon, and in terms of popularity, Black Panther beats Gorgon hands down for sure. I'm well aware of that.

However, let me explain the madness to my strategy. I don't want to beat the horse about now Gorgon is an Inhuman, part of the royal family, cousin of king Blackbolt, and will most likely be in the Inhumans movie that's being worked on currently. We all know that, and it's no use for me to harp on those obvious reasons of why this over-looked key issue may heat up pretty soon. However, it is an incredibly good reason just by itself, but there's a little more consideration involved than just that.

In the last post, I did mention that I had a budget of a grand and that left me with two options. I could get a CGC 8.5 copy of Black Panther and then only one other key issue comic with the eBay Bucks I'd get back from that purchase, or I could stack and get two key issue comics to invest in and a third key issue with the eBay Bucks I'd get back from both those purchases.

Obviously, I chose to do a split, but why oh why? As I've mentioned before, Silver Age key issues below $500 for CGC NM grades are getting pretty few and far between nowadays. The first appearance of Gorgon in Fantastic Four #44 is not exactly the most sought out of investment comics out there currently and is a pretty over-looked key issue. However, it does have a high potential of being in demand and sought after in the near future.

You know why, so I won't go there again. So the fact that it hasn't quite caught on just yet was tempting, and the fact that it was a high grade Silver Age slabbed NM Fantastic Four key issue made it more appealing. I'll admit, I missed the boat on Fantastic Four #36, first appearance of Medusa.

That sucker did see a pretty quick surge in demand. Even the 3rd appearance of the Inhumans in Fantastic Four #47 at CGC 9.4 NM is selling over the $600 mark currently. While the others are gunning for the first, second and third appearances of the Inhumans, Medusa, or Black Bolt, good ole Fantastic Four #44 and the first appearance of Gorgon remained under the radar in the market.

And that's truly just fine and dandy with me. Best time to get a comic, especially if the key is a first appearance of a character who is part of a group that's receiving a great deal of hype currently. So I decided to put my money where my mouth is, follow my gut, and pull the trigger on this one.

I did have a minor dilemma to sort out with this issue before I did snag this one though. You see, this copy was a Buy It Now for $446. It was among the cheapest listed on eBay, but it wasn't the cheapest copy I located. There was one at ComicLink for only $400 bucks.

So I did have to compare a bit. Would the 10% eBay Bucks I'd get back make it worth it to buy on eBay instead of ComicLink?

Math time! 10% of $446 is $44.60. Minus the two numbers and you get $401.40, right? Then it boils down to shipping. Buy it at ComicLink and there is a shipping charge. This eBay listing had Free Shipping. That's always nice.

Oh, wait, and then there's the Pay Pal Credit promotion of 1% eBay Bucks back on purchases also. So 1% of $446 is only $4.46, which is no biggie but still something. Minus $401.40 with $4.46 is $396.94. No surprise that I opted to get this Silver Age key issue on eBay instead.

Now, of course, I didn't get the issue for $396.94. I still paid $446, but I did get the eBay Bucks back and that would not have happened if I bought it off of ComicLink. In all actuality, the 10% rewards promotion made this worth it, but if it were the regular 2% eBay Bucks rewards, the ComicLink copy would have been a better and cheaper option. Just a matter of timing, and I was lucky to catch it.

After making this purchase and adding this potential comic investment to my vault, the eBay Bucks I acquired in total was $105.61. This amount also included another purchase I had made earlier in the quarter, but that was relatively small and like only $2 bucks in eBay Bucks.

Actually, I'm not quite sure why it added up to $105.61 in rewards in the first place. So I got $49.06 from the FF #44 and $47.30 for FF #52. $2.25 from an earlier purchase that wasn't included within the budget for this round of comics. That only totals $98.61. I'm not sure where the other $7 came from, but I guess there was another bonus on top of that I wasn't aware of maybe?

Who knows? So now, I'm presented with the final problem: I was nearing my $1000 budget. $430 for the Fantastic Four #52 CGC 6.5 and $446 for this Fantastic Four #44 at CGC 9.4 NM came to $876. That left about $124 bucks for the third comic I'd get when I received my eBay Bucks coupon at the end of the quarter.

Together with my remaining budget of $124 plus my eBay Bucks of $105.61, I had the max limit of about $229.61 for the next snag. That's if I wanted to spend my entire $1000 budget, which I truly didn't want to.

Of course, finding a high grade key issue that has a good chance of being one of the soon sought after investment comics within that price range is no easy feat, and this brings us to the next part of this connected Vault series. Part 3 and the last comic I chose to snag with my eBay Bucks coupon and why is coming up soon. 

If you missed the first part to this 3 part series, you just may be lost as to what the hell I'm gabbing about. No worries, just click the PREVIOUS link below to catch up.



  1. figured that was what you were getting :) JW

    1. I should've gotten the first appearance of Speedball to really get you guys to go...WTF?

  2. lol yeah speedball would have thown me off. just had a feeling FF 44 was the way you were going, smart buy. MP 48 didn't see that one but smart move again. JW

    1. Budgets suck. If I had more dough I would've gotten another Silver Age book. How goes it down south, man?

    2. going good down here working a lot which is good for comic fund money. show coming up early nov, nothing big but a quarterly show a comic shop puts on in Greenville sc. by the way what part of this ebolia stricken country you live in. JW

    3. Out west in California...great that you got a show coming up...we won't have any in the area for until early next year...which is fine by me, helps to save up for some comic money.

  3. You got some good buys all around and I'll admit MP #48 wasn't on my radar(it is now!). Now you gotta get high grades of the Inhuman origins! I picked up Black Bolt's origin for $25 NM and raw. Thor 148 is still flying below the radar but it won't take long for the overall market to figure it out. Plus it's only a matter of time before something uses the Wrecker. Maybe the Defenders?

    1. Nice call, Jesse! Damn, I didn't even think about Black Bolt's origin in Thor 148 or the origin of Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Maximus in Thor 149 either. Those maybe some good ones to consider before the market starts jumping on them for sure. Wrecker could be a pretty good possibility for something like Agents of SHIELD or a Marvel TV series. Who knew they were going to use Ronan the Accuser in anything? I sure didn't see that one coming lol.

  4. Not sure if you will read this as it's an old post, but two years in and you're $100 down on these two books. Last FF 52 in same grade sold for $430. Break even. Last FF44 9.4 sold for $372. The key to comic investing is to not jump on buying the key books once a movie gets released. Unfortunately because of the mass comic book TV and film shows released monthly there is no A B or C character left to hoard. The best time to invest was 1992. The last time to invest was the start of eBay 1999-2003. You can NOT make long term investments from comic books by either speculating on potential film plots or characters in the film.