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Friday, October 3, 2014

Daredevil #168 CGC 9.4 First Elektra!

Alright, I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's a not so recent addition to my vault. A long time ago, I had a copy of Daredevil #168 as a kid. It was likely the most a low FN, because I did the read it quite a lot.

Then I made the mistake of selling it, a long with a few of the best comics I had acquired as a kid during my freshman year in high school. The reason why is another story to tell at a later time, but at the time, I never knew Elektra would become a pretty popular character in the Marvel Universe.

There are obvious reasons why I decided to snag this comic again. It is the first appearance of Elektra, and Elektra has become such a well-known and strong supporting character for Daredevil. The two have become linked in the conscious of comic fandom. Think of one and it will be fairly soon when you think of the other.

Also, of course, this issue marks the first time Frank Miller starts scripting for his now famous run on the Daredevil comic series. So, of course, Frank Miller is another obvious reason, but there is one not so obvious reason why I snagged this issue four months ago.

Nope. There was no movie or even a glimpse of Elektra being in the Netflix TV series. Actually, it's quite a long shot the character will pop up in the show. Not that I would mind if she did. I would love to see that, but I'm not holding my breath that she will. If she does, great. If not...oh, well.

In fact, the reason why I got this was even more simple. I did actively search for this issue on eBay, just curious to see what it was going for and was a bit surprised that the CGC 9.4s were still under $200 dollars.

That can't be right, I thought to myself. Then again, perhaps, it was for this late Bronze Age key issue. So, I took out the newest Overstreet Guide and looked it up. I was shocked to find out low NM 9.2s were guided at $210 bucks.

Staring back at me on the eBay search results was a CGC 9.4 But It Now for $175, and an auction for a CGC 9.4 that had one bid on it at $150 bucks. I immediately put it in my watch list. My highest bid was to be $175.

I admit I got excited. Very rarely does one find a sought out first appearance in NM CGC grades that's going for less than the value of the Overstreet grade below it. Hell, I'm happy if I can get a high grade CGC key copy that's just going for guide value. Still, I did more research.

I looked up the sold listings and they were dropping on average about $170 or a little bit over it. I smelled that this key issue was in a downswing. I looked up graded copies at 9.6 to make sure a listing wasn't going for around $175 or even $180.

If it comes down to five bucks, I'll hit up the higher grade, but it wasn't like that for this issue at 9.6. They were all much higher in price. 

I was sure others would bid on it by the time I was ready to snipe that particular copy of Daredevil #168, but I thought it would be near $170 or even $175. The days passed and still there was only one bid on it.

When the auction finally got down to the last 40 seconds, it still remained unchanged. I opened another browser and went to the other Buy It Now listing, setting up to buy it if the auction was bid over my top bid. I shrunk both browsers so they could sit next to each other.

The timer continued to count down for the auction and I expected to see the price digits go up, but it didn't. 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds passed by and still nothing. 

Finally, at the last six seconds, I put in my bid for $175 and it went up to $168 and then held. I immediately went over and placed my clicker above the Buy It Now button in the other browser in case someone sniped me during the last few seconds of the auction.

3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second, and then it dropped. The sight of eBay telling me I had won the auction was as beautiful as the sound of a kick drum going through a PA sound system and out the speakers.

So I got this CGC 9.4 comic investment on a downswing, knowing the probability that the first appearance of Elektra would upswing again was pretty high in the future. The most recent Daredevil #168 at CGC 9.4 dropped at $189.99 in September, and that is still lower than Overstreet Guide's value for this comic raw at 9.2 low NM. Undervalued? Yes! 

Not a super high grade copy, but it was a deal too good to pass up for this key issue comic. Like I said before, I'm not 100% a high grade sniper. If the deal is there and the potential is there, I'll snag it.

Just an example of how researching comics to invest in can help you immensely. Daredevil #168, first Elektra, should be in the $240 to $260 range in terms of value for CGC 9.4 copies. Of course, that's should be. Actually, in August they were dropping on average above the $200 mark.

We will have to see if this comic investment at this grade performs better in the next few months or in 2015. For now, this Daredevil key issue goes in the vault to marinate.


  1. great buy I too bought this about five months ago same grade and picked up ASM 300 at a show. paid 200 for each one. not sure if Im going too show this weekend, have to put my dog down tomorrow. RIP miley. JW

  2. Heya, JW, sorry to hear about your dog, man.

  3. Selling for over 300 just 16 months later... market bubble or panic buying?

    1. It's hype after Elektra was seen on Daredevil Season 2. Right now speculators are going after Daredevil #131.