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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 11

Welcome to Part 11 of this comics to invest in 2014. Yep, this is the final one for now, and highly doubtful that I'll be getting back to this one later.

"Where will you be? Where will you be? Where will you be..when the world's underground?" Listening to The Warning by Zen Kura to help me rip through this last part. Sometimes you just need that kick in ass to buckle down and get er done.

Alright, here are the last few comics to invest in during 2014. If you missed Part 10, just click the link to head on over. If not, enjoy and be sure to comment and share.

Alias #1

The first appearance of Jessica Jones in Alias #1 has been slow to catch on compared to her Bronze Age counterparts for the Netflix TV series that she will be a part of. Jessica Jones does end up becoming the wife of Luke Cage, and CGC 9.8s are nearing the $200 mark. The most recent dropped consistently around the $160 mark.

Alias #1 is still a good investment comic to snag in late 2014 and possibly in 2015, depending how fast it heats up in the next few months.

eBay - As expected, plenty of options for this issue on the mighty eBay. Handful of 9.8s, some ridiculously priced as usual, and a few 9.6s.

mycomicshop - Nine total copies here at the moment with three of them being CGCs. They are high grade CGCs though. Two of them are 9.8s and one 9.6. Raw copies also available here.

ComicLink - Three CGC copies and all are 9.6 NM+s at the moment.

World's Finest Comics #251

Count Vertigo has already made his way on the small screen, but this year at SDCC, Peter Stormare will be a new version of Count Vertigo starting with Season 3. Although the show has announced that this version will be based on the New 52 version that first appeared in Green Arrow #22, the first appearance of Count Vertigo in the Bronze Age issue of World's Finest Comics #251 is a tough find in the online market currently for both slabbed and unslabbed copies.

This may still be a good one to snag this year if you can find any worthwhile copies out there.

eBay - No easy find on eBay at the moment. As of this writing, no slabbed or unslabbed copies located.

Marvel Feature #1

Ah, and here is the first appearance of the Defenders, the original Defenders. Marvel Feature #1 got a nice boost in demand this year because of the NetFlix TV series, although a whole new cast of characters will be using the name.

Regardless, this Bronze Age comic shot up quickly in value. Super high grade CGC NMs like 9.6s and 9.8s are scarce finds online right now. Last 9.2 CGC copy dropped a little past the $300 mark at auction in early September.

This key issue definitely would have been best to get super early in 2014.

eBay - Looks to be no problem finding both raw or CGC copies. 9.6s or 9.8s are a problem though and zero copies of those grades on the mighty eBay at the moment. There are 9.4 NMs though and other options lower than that as well.

mycomicshop - Only two raw copies. Highest is a FN+ and the other not worth mentioning since it's so low.

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #3

Killer Frost was one of the first characters or villains to have been cast for Flash's new upcoming TV series. Announcement that Danielle Panabaker cast in the role of Caitlin Snow, a.k.a Killer Frost, happened early in 2014 and sometime around late January and early February. 

The first appearance of Killer Frost is in Firestorm the Nuclear Man #3, and is no surprise that Firestorm has also been cast to appear in the new Flash TV series as well. This is still one to get even in late 2014 if you can find high grade copies, which aren't easy in the current market now.

eBay - Quite a limited selection for this issue right now. Only a few unslabbed copies, around a handful, and only one CGC 9.4 NM for slabbers.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies only. Highest grades are two VF/NM copies and the lowest is a FN.

New Teen Titans #2

It looks like Deathstroke will be brought back into the upcoming season of Arrow, and if all things go well, I'm pretty sure Slade Wilson will be crossed over into the new Teen Titans TV series that's currently cementing a deal with TNT right now. After all, he is a major villain for the Teen Titans.

The New Teen Titans #2 is still an in-demand book, and prices did see a major increase for the first appearance of Deathstroke this year. High grade NM 9.8s have broken the $500 mark in the last few months.

eBay - Lots of options for unslabbed copies on the mighty eBay. Also quite a few CGC copies as well, and 9.8s and 9.6s are present at the moment.

mycomicshop - Lots of copies here but mostly raw ones. Only two CGC copies and both are 9.8s. However, one is a Signature Series. Highest raw copy is a VF/NM.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.8 copies. One is up for auction at the time of this writing. The other goes up for auction 11/10/2014.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.8s and one of them is a Signature Series.

More Fun Comics #73

Would seem pretty wrong not to include this one in here since DC Comics is expanding on three character's first appearances that's in this key issue. With Arrows success on prime time TV, it would naturally make since to invest in this comic that has both the first appearance of Green Arrow and the first appearance of Speedy, Roy Harper.

As I've mentioned before, Roy Harper will appear on Season 3 as his adult hero incarnation of Arsenal. Still, the first appearance of Roy Harper should be sought out as well.

Of course, this is a heavy hitter Golden Age comic investment, and anytime as soon as possible is a good time to get a solid investment comic. However, 2014 is a bit special since it was also confirmed that Aquaman would be hitting the big screen in Batman v Superman, and Jason Momoa was cast as the King of Atlantis this year. Yep, More Fun Comics #73 also sees the first appearance of Aquaman as well. A triple whammy for this Golden Age key issue, but no easy find at all.

eBay - As expected, zero copies of the first print on eBay. May change in the later future.

Alright, I'm stopping here concerning this comics to invest in 2014 list, and even though there's a boatload of keys that should've been snagged in 2014, I am stopping for a good reason and leaving some out. For one, if I listed every single key issue that should've been investing in this year, I'd be writing this until 2016. Also, and more importantly, this is a good chance to make this a bit more interactive for you guys.

If you feel up to it, comment and list some key issue investment comics that you think should have or still would be good comics to invest in during this year. Also state why you think so as well. Key word is "Key" issue, not low print run, variant, or sold out comic.

Got some good ones? Sound off in the comments section.

If you missed Part 10, just click the PREVIOUS link below, or you click this Part 1 link if you missed the beginning and want to go back to the start. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, and looking forward to hearing some of your suggestions.


  1. "KEY" X- Force #2, has taken a serious boost in demand on ebay! It's the second appearance of Deadpool aswell as the first appearance of Garrison Kane. Rob liefeld posted something about this issue and its importance on instagram the other week.

    1. Good call, Wayne, thanks for putting that out there!

    2. I really, really enjoy your website! Thank you VERY much for sharing your knowledge with us! Keep up the amazing work!

      Another simi modern Key that was also affected by the Deadpool movie announcement was X-Force #11. This issue is the true appearance of the infamous Domino!!! Odds are she may be featured in the up coming flick.

    3. Was waiting for someone to mention this one! Another hot book at the moment! Awesome and thanks for sharing that one, Wayne!

  2. I think any 3rd appearance of silver age key characters like iron man, silver surfer, captain America etc..... it is an great time to invest in higher grades if you plan on keeping them in your vault for a while, which I plan too since 401K has been shir for awhile. 20 - 30 years from now those 3rd appearances will be worth a lot. JW

  3. ok just got done watching captain America 2 again and this got me thinking of a cheap book to invest in. marvel premiere 49 1st solo falcon. JW

  4. Is that seriously all, peoples? I know there's some more great suggestions out there.

  5. If I had to throw some ideas out there I would say Man of Steel 18 (Doomsday) or Harley Quinn key issues.
    But my question is, when is it sell time? Right now DC presents 26 is hot because of the Titans TV show, but what if its a flop? Demand for the book will drop. And X-Force 2 is on fire, but when will demand slow down? There are tons of people sitting on very high grade copies of that book, and now suddenly it's the "it" book because of Deadpool test footage. Will demand drop? Will prices go up now, and then drop once the market is flooded with everyone's extra copies? What if Ryan Reynolds sucks? Will the book stay hot?
    I ask this because books like NM 98 or ASM 300 have been hot for 25+ years, but all these other books are not as steady. So when is it sell time?
    This is by far by favorite comic website, thanks for all the great reading!!

    1. I've yet to see a comic tank simply because a movie sucked. Then again, most comic movies that tanked have been made for established characters. Both Punisher movies come to mind. Elektra and Catwoman movies comes to mind also.

      In terms of DC Comics Presents 26, this comic is backed by several factors that make it a long-term comic investment. First, a whole generation grew up on the cartoon Teen Titans Go. Next, Cyborg is already cast in Batman v Superman. 2nd, Cyborg will appear in the Justice League movie as well. Third, a possible Teen Titans TV series. Even if the Teen Titans show tanks, DCCP #26 will still have those big budget movies backing up demand.

      As for these other comics that aren't quite as steady, sell time usually comes in four peaks:

      1. Rumor mill
      2. Confirmed news
      3. Trailers releases
      4. Movie release

      New Mutants #98 has been in-demand for quite some time already despite the movie. The Deadpool movie confirmation only made it more in demand. The 2nd appearance of Deadpool in X-Force #2 is just being more recognized in the market. It may continue to grow and sustain or it may not. As you said, there are tons of copies that a lot people have horded over the years.

      There are certainly comics from the Copper Age or Modern Age comics that weren't steady or as I like to call them less "solid investments" that are seeing demand because of a movie that I am less confident about as long term investments. They go in the short term investment category and I'll dump them either when the movie is near it's release or during the week the movie has hit theaters.

  6. I'd still have to say Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1 the 1st appearance of Victor Zsasz. He is rumored to be in the BvS movie and he is definitely going to appear in the Gotham T.V show.

    And, Amazing Spider-man #22 is a pure speculation. It is rumored that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will feature none other than Speedball. ASM Annual #22 has his 1st appearance. I know you like that one Vic. Isn't he one of your favorites?

    Is there any growth potential one these? Probably with Shodow of the Bat, but ASM Annual #22, I'm not so sure. Both of these books are very affordable but good luck finding any graded copies of these online.
    ~Gerry D

    1. Holy shit, Speedball! Does anyone even like the character? There's so much hate-on for that character during the 90s, because everyone was grabbing Speedball #1 thinking they were gonna get rich off that comic and then nothing came of it...instead people could barely even give away copies of that comic. Still, I'd love to be proven wrong about ASM Annual #2 and his first appearance.

      I agree with with Victor Zsasz in Shadow of the Bat #1. The character has become a well-known and popular Batman villain that it's likely he'll show up in some kind of Batman movie or tv show even if it isn't in Batman v Superman.

      Good call, brutha man!

  7. Great list! As for suggestions, there's World's Finest 94, which features the origin of the Batman-Superman team-up. That's all I got for now.


    1. Good one, Jeff, and thanks for putting that one out there!

  8. Love this site: Here are a couple in no particular order .
    Silver surfer #3 First mephisto
    Hawkman #4 first Zatanna
    Jla #51 first Zatara in silver age
    Demon #7 first Witchboy
    Doom patrol #99 first Beast boy grab 100 as well full orgin story
    The hood #1 BKV great character
    Detective comics #225 Martian manhunter

    1. I am sure some of these are probably already listed on this site. One more Tec #373 has a ton going for it ! second ever MR Freeze, 1st in the silver age , 1st time called Mr freeze.

  9. I'm back; how come you only showed dc and marvel comics how about other company's from 1960's. few months ago I won this at ebay; magnvs robot fighter 1 vg+ ( gold key ) $50 and also solar , man of atom 1, 2 fine ( gold key ) both for $60. two weeks I bought vampirella 1 vg+(warren) . Are this book solid investments for the future.

    1. lol oraldo. Welcome back and to answer your first question - I have no idea about Magnus Robot Fighter nor Solar Man of Atom. Only one I do know about is Vampirella. Usually, I don't recommend what I don't know much about.

      Why did you invest in these books and at these grades? What was the reason or backing behind it?

  10. I was a big fan for this characters in the 90'; I went to ebay wanting to see if I could find this classic characters for cheap. I saw two auctions for the gold key comics that nobody were watching I place my bid. (bam) it's history. And the vampirella they had 13 watching the book so I jumped on it. Its more nostalgic for the 90's and know I can say I have. I like you said on your new post get them cheap know; you never know.

    1. Cool, all I know is that Valiant right now is having a major resurgence so some of the 90s Valiant books are seeing increases in value. I am not sure how long that will last or if it will trickle down to the original Golden Age Gold Key books or if it has already.

      Great snags, Oraldo and thanks for bringing those up, man!

  11. Big fan of this website. I was thinking that the Ms. Marvel issues, 16 - 18 might be a great short term investment as they introduce Raven Darkholme/Mystique. One of the co-writers for X-Men Apocalypse has already said there will be a focus on her in the upcoming movie. Another book I see as a good short term investment is Tales of Suspense #94 first appearance of MODOK. He would be an awesome villain in Captain America 3 or even in the Agent of SHIELD tv show. If you can get a character like Rocket Raccoon in a movie why not MODOK! Just my thoughts.

    1. Nice ones as well BigPoppa and some great suggestions! Thanks for suggesting those!

  12. has a report on have spider man being in the marvel cinematic universe; get your new avengers comic ready.

    1. They're in talks right now between Sony and Marvel. At least, that's what the rumors are reporting. Nothing is confirmed so far. Personally, I don't really care to see Spidey join the Avengers like he does in all the new comics. Pretty lame. They may as well talk to Fox and work out a deal so Wolverine can join the Avengers in a future Avengers movie also.

      There is the rumor that a future Avengers movie (rumor says it's Avengers 4) that will borrow from the Civil War storyline. Maybe that's why they're talking with Sony now.

  13. It's hard to come by experienced people for this subject, however, you sound like you know what you're talking about!