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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Venom Key Issues Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 to this Venom key issues list. This will be the final part to this series and most of them are Modern Age comics. In terms of comic investments, I don't really recommend most of these key issues on here, but it's up to you. I'm listing these basically for those who are hardcore fans of the character and would like to snag Venom key comics on the cheap, or cheaper, as most of them are pretty affordable in the current market now. Who knows, though? Maybe they might become in super demand in the near or later future.

So, if you missed Part 2, you can click the link and swing on back. Otherwise, here's the final part to this series. Enjoy!

3rd appearance of Venom
2nd Venom cover
Classic Venom on cover

Here we are with more Venom and Todd McFarlane goodness. Amazing Spider-Man #316 is the 3rd appearance of Venom. Not sure if that many collectors know this is the 3rd appearance of Venom or that it's the 2nd Venom on a comic cover, but since it is an issue in the fan favorite Todd McFarlane Spidey run, Amazing Spider-Man #316 isn't cheap for a Copper Age comic.

CGC 9.8s are dropping on eBay already above the $100 mark. I should dig this sucker out of ASM box and see if it's worthy enough to send in to CGC or CBCS. This comic was published June, 1989.

eBay - No surprise that there are tons of copies to choose from on the mighty eBay for this Copper Age issue. Plenty of CGC and 9.8s and quite a few are Signature Series. CGC 9.6s and plenty of raw copies as well.

mycomicshop - A few copies here and three are CGC slabs. All are 9.8s and one of them is up for auction. The rest are five raw copies and the highest is a VF/NM copy for unslabbers.

ComicLink - Only two copies here and both are CGC. First is a 9.6 NM+ and the 2nd is a 9.2 low NM.

1st Venon x-over outside Spider-Man comics

Apparently this comic here might be Venom's first cross-over outside of the Amazing Spider-Man comics and a very early Venom appearance. He shows up in a first page splash and then in 5 panels after on two pages.

Pretty short fight scene with Quasar before the hero drags Venom back to prison. Basically that's all there is to comic concerning Venom and Yohanny brought this one to my attention recently.

Quasar #6 has the cover date of January, 1990.

First Venom titled series
1st Anne Weying (cameo)
First appearance of General Orwell Taylor
Okay, we are reaching with this one, but it is the first Venom titled series which Eddie Brock stars in. So, it is technically a key issue. There are two regular printings of this comic. One is the red foil version, which isn't worth dirt in the current market. The other is the gold foil variant, which is worth quite a bit more than the red foil.

This issue also sees the first appearance of General Orwell Taylor, the father of Hugh, who was killed by Venom. Mad with grief over the death of his son, Taylor swore revenge on Venom and assembled a team of guardsmen from the vault, a prison Taylor worked at. Fitted with armor based on the Guardsman, which was based on Iron Man's suit, Taylor named the group the Jury and set out on their mission to bring Venom to justice.

The Jury consists of Orwell Taylor, Bomblast, Firearm, Ramshot, Sentry, and Screech, and their first appearances are in Venom: Lethal Proectector #2.

Recently came to my attention by Kevin Erickson that Anne Weying makes a 1st cameo debut in flashback in this very issue, so I added the notation. She only appears in one panel.

Do I recommend this key issue as a comic investment? Not really but despite my opinion it seems that another group has hyped up Lethal Protector #1 recently and their sheep are buying into it. February, 1993 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Absolutely no shortage of copies for either the red foil or gold foil covers. Gold foil is a bit more limited. Quite a few CGC 9.8s for both covers and it seems many of them are Signature Series also. No problem finding raw copies for this key issue as well.

mycomicshop - There's copies of both the red foil and gold foil covers here. Five CGC copies for the red foil and all but one are CGC 9.8s. All the slabs for the red foil are Signature Series, go figure.

As for the gold foil variant, there are eight copies and four are CGC. Two are 9.8s and out of those two, one is a Signature Series. Also one CGC 9.6 nM+ and a 9.4 NM, and the rest are unslabbed copies in grades that are lower than the 9.4 NM.

Rare error printing

Go figure, more errors in the embossing process with all the gimicky foil covers that came out during the wonderful 90s. So what was supposed to be the red foil on cover ended up having most of it come off and produce a black back ground. Pretty cool, kinda.

The folks over at Recalled Comics estimate this black error printing at 500 and over copies in existence. They also report there is a White error printing for this issue that's even more rare. The site also reported that a CGC 9.8 black error cover sold in July for $1,600! Wow! And there is actually a CGC 10 for this error printing, which is a contradiction because a 10 means a perfect comic in every way and this is...well, an error copy that was printed imperfectly. If you are into variants and error comics, you may want to consider this one.

eBay - Only one copy for the black error printing located on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing and it's a CGC 9.4 NM. This copy is also a CGC Signatures Series double signed by both Todd McFarlane and Stan Lee. The asking price for this copy isn't even funny.

First appearance of Scream and Agony
First appearance of Lasher, Phage, and Riot
Carnage wasn't the only offspring of the alien symbiote. It seems Venom been dropping his ooze all over and five more offspring of Venom make their first appearance in Venom: Lethal Protector #4. Actually, these five other spawns of Venom were created by the Life Foundation.

These spawns of Venom are Scream, Agony, Lasher, Phage, and Riot. All five offsprings were created by David Michelinie and Ron Lim. Of course, David Michelinie just may contest that as well.

Venom: Lethal Protector #4 is the last issue to Venom's very first titled series, and Ron Lim did the pencils for this issue. It was published  May, 1993.

eBay - Quite a few raw copies and you can get them in comic lots that have the full limited series for some auctions. No CGC as expected for this issue.

mycomicshop - Only three unslabbed copies here at the moment, and they are a NM, VF, and FN.

First full appearance of Ann Weying

The first appearance of Ann Weying, and if you don't know much about the character of Venom, you may just think, Who? Ann Weying is the ex wife of Eddie Brock, who left him after the whole news report scandal. Talk about a girl who stands by her man.

This character would later become the first She-Venom. March, 1993 was when this comic was published, and there is a foil error variant for this issue.

eBay - Tons of unslabbed copies. Quite a few CGC copies as well. 9.8s are present and many of the slabbed copies are that grade and still way under the $100 mark.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 and a raw 9.2 low NM located here at the moment.

1st appearance She-Venom

I mentioned Ann Weying earlier and she is the wife or ex wife of Eddie Brock. She's also the first female to become She-Venom or have the symbiote bond to her. She only appears in one full page in this issue and does appear in the next issue as well.

Pretty cool image and She-Venom was created by writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley.

However, her appearance as She-Venom in the next issue is pretty short-lived, meaning the symbiote doesn't bond with her all that long. However, this won't be the last time a symbiote bonds with another female character in later comics, and it surely does.

Yes, there is a She-Venom II. I figured I might as well throw this one in here for die-hard Venom fans, and it does seem that these spin-off Venom characters are getting a bit noticed in the market currently. Venom: Sinner Takes All #2 has September as the cover month and came out back in 1995.

1st full She-Venom?
1st She-Venom cover

Once again, not really sure if this is a 2nd appearance or a 1st full since She-Venom appears more in this comic than in issue #2. Some comics are noted by Overstreet and CGC as a 1st appearance with just one full page splash of the character.

As for Ann Weying, she becomes traumatized by being bonded to the symbiote and the slaughter she commits. She would bond and become She-Venom sometime after this issue again, but in the ultimate end, she would later commit suicide. She supposedly dies in Amazing Spider-Man #19 volume 2.

I believe this is the 1st time a She-Venom character is on the cover of a comic book. Not sure why CGC 9.8s are being priced so heavily currently, and I don't see any selling at those prices either.

Crazy stuff, and Venom: Sinner Takes All #3 has the cover date of October, 1995.

1st appearance of Hybrid symbiote
1st Scott Washington as Hybrid (#2)

Shortly after the Sinner Takes All limited series, Venom got another limited series, and the first issue sees the debut of Hybrid. Yes, he's another spin-off Venom character and is the combined amalgamation of four of the Life Foundation Symbiotes - Scream, Agony, Phage, Riot, and Lasher who first appearance in Venom: Lethal Protector #4.

Scott Washington is the first host for Hybrid, and he first debuted as himself in New Warriors #21 and was created by Fabian Nicieza and penciller Mark Bagley. Him becoming Hybrid was created by Evan Skolnick and penciller Patrick Zircher.

Scott Washington does not merge with Hybrid until issue #2 and that is his first appearance as Hybrid. However, the symbiotes do merge together in issue #1 and are called Hybrid. So the Hybrid symbiote's first appearance is in issue #1 as shown below. 

Hybrid or Scott Washington was killed by Eddie Brock/Venom in Venom #15 volume 2. Could be a future villain for Venom if the character becomes a movie franchise. Who knows though.

Venom: Along Came A Spider #1 is cover-dated January, 1996 but most likely came out in late 1995.

1st appearance of Patricia Robertson

Speaking of She-Venom II, Patricia Robertson is the 2nd female to bond with a symbiote and become a female Venom spin-off character. She doesn't do so in this issue and appears as herself.

So Patricia Robertson is a U.S. Army Communications officer that was stationed in Canada. During a run to a nearby outpost for supplies, she stumbled upon a grisly scene and ended up take back the only survivor back to her radar installation.

Little did she know that the nearby outpost was owned by the Ararat Corporation, who were dabbling in creating clones of the Venom symbiote. Just like the nearby outpost, people started dying at her base also.

This clone of the symbiote was created by the Ararat Corporation and would later bond with Patricia Robertson becoming She-Venom II. June, 2003 is the cover date for Venom #1, and I do think this was Venom's very first attempt at on-going series.

Symbiote clone bonds with Wolverine

I originally didn't want to even mention or put this one on here. Sure, as a gimmick, this may spark fan's interest for a few issues.

Let's be real here, though, the Venom or it's offspring or clone can basically bond with every single Marvel hero or villain if the creatives at Marvel felt the need to do so to shake things up. Actually, Venom has bonded with Deadpool, Groot, Wolverine, Superior Spider-Man, Rocket Racoon and God  knows who else. Oh, yes, and the Punisher.

So Wolverine becomes a hulking Venom-type character with claws and the art is pretty horrible for this issue. What do you even call the gimmick character - Veno-rine? Wolvenom?

I don't really think Wolvie and Venom really have a special rivalry like with the Hulk or Sabretooth or Carnage for Venom. At least, not currently or from what I know.

Alright so there's how this abomination looks above and Logan separates from this Venom clone in the next issue. Wolvenom really doesn't become a thing or a major presence, but, hey, if you're a fan of Wolverine and Venom and think it's cool, knock yourself out.

With an estimated print run of around 33,535, Venom #9 has the cover date of February, 2004. Not sure if this issue has any variants.

Symbiote bonds with Patricia Robertson
1st cameo of She-Venom II?

Here is the issue where we see the symbiote clone bond with Patricia Robertson. I don't think this issue shows much of her as a Venom-type creature.

She only shows up in one panel as She-Venom and then the next full page has a shot of her from behind so you can't really tell. Here's her appearances in this comic.

So no more Venorine or whatever you want to call the gimmick hybrid, and Patricia Robertson as She-Venom would show up more fully in Venom #14.

Reading this issue was pretty painful to be honest. Not a huge fan and apparently fans didn't take this series all that well either since it was cancelled with issue #18. 

So could be a 1st or a cameo of She-Venom II for this issue. March, 2004 is the cover date for Venom #10, and the print run estimate for this comic is around 31,595.

1st full appearance of She-Venom II? 

Once again, Robertson as She-Venom has a very brief moment in Venom #10 as She-Venom. She does not show up in issues #11 and #12 but does show up as Patricia Robertson in issue #13.

The story back tracks in that issue #13, so it's the events that lead up to issue #1 I think. However, Patricia Robertson shows up as She-Venom again in issue #14 and would be She-Venom until the series cancellation with issue #18.

I have no idea what happened to this character, and I don't think she appeared in Marvel Comics again after this comic series.

Estimated North American comic shop sales are around 27,558 for Venom #14 with the cover date of July, 2004

1st appearance as Toxin (cameo) 
Origin of Toxin continued 
Symbiote named by Venom

This is taken from the Carnage key issues list, so be prepared to see this one again in that series. Since it does have Venom in the comic's title, I might as well add this here as well.

Just like Carnage was the offspring of Venom, this Spidey and Venom villain would also produce off-springs of his own. The first would be Toxin and the third major symbiote in the Spider-Man comics.

Aside from the other symbiotes like Venom and Carnage, Toxin is the first that Spider-Man actually considers an ally. Carnage immediately felt a hatred and disgust towards Toxin and resolved to kill it.

Carnage was too weak at the time and implanted the newborn into Patrick Mulligan, fully intending to come back and kill the spawn when he was at optimal strength. Oh, and Carnage would come back to kill his spawn, even though grand daddy Venom want to protect his grandchild so his genes can be carried on and become an eventual ally for grand pops.

Although Toxin does not show up yet, it seems Venom already has a name for his grandchild and calls him Toxin when he battles Carnage. Therefore, the symbiote is named in this issue.

In the time that Patrick Mulligan is Toxin's host, he would constantly battle the symbiote urges but use his new found powers as Toxin for good.

He is a major foe for Carnage. Eddie Brock would also be a host for Toxin as well in later comics. Venom vs. Carnage #2 is a pretty over-looked 1st appearance currently.

If you are a Spidey, Venom and Carnage fan, this might be a good one to definitely be on your want list to hunt down. Toxin only appears on the last page of this comic though, but it is a full page. This issue does show Pat morph into Toxin a little bit as well.

Estimated print run for this comic is around 46,518. Venom vs. Carnage #2 has the cover date of October, 2004.

1st full appearance of Toxin 
1st battle between Toxin & Carnage

Once again, this is taken from the Carnage key issues list. If we are going by past examples of Overstreet and how they distinguish cameos and 1st full appearances, then this comic definitely has Toxin in more than one full page at the end. 

This issue also has the first battle between Toxin and Carnage as well. The two would actually go at it more than once in this issue.

For those who don't buy into the cameo or 1st full and think that a cameo should be considered a 1st regardless, then Venom vs. Carnage #2 is what they're gunning for. However, if you actually care about what Overstreet or CGC might note things in the future, then this issue should be Toxin's 1st full appearance.

So far CGC nor Overstreet is not noting Venom/Carnage #1 as the first appearance of Pat Mulligan, nor are they noting issue #2 as the 1st cameo of Toxin. This issue is also not being noted either, but Toxin is shown more fully and throughout most of the book.

This issue was also taken from the Carnage key issues series and added here.

Estimated print run or North American comic shop orders for the year is around 44,862, and Venom vs. Carnage #3 has the cover date of November, 2004 and was released September, 2004.

Venom also has his own self-titled and on going series, and I'm pretty sure there are some keys in there also. For now, this concludes the Venom key issues list. With the Venom Carnage movie, it's certain that they are basing much of it on the Amazing Spider-Man movie reboots, so many of the origins won't be based off these comics per say.

It's pretty much up in the air on who or what will make appearances in that franchise. So, these keys listed here in Part 3 are just for reference in case you wanna take a stab at them, or to see if you have any of these already in your collection and are high grade enough to get professionally graded.

In case you're wondering where in the hell all the Venom key issues that related to Carnage, I already have a Carnage key issues list and thought it wouldn't have made sense to re-list them here. That Carnage key issues list will come later.

As always, if you missed Part 2 to this Venom key issues series, you can click the PREVIOUS link to go back. Hope you enjoyed this and that helps you in your hunt. Thanks for reading.

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