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Monday, September 15, 2014

Venom Key Issues Part 2

Swinging into Part 2 of this Venom key issues list, we got some good ones and three of them are definitely the best Venom key comics in terms of investment comics. Most probably already know which ones they are and probably already have them.

If you missed Part 1, just click the link to go back. If not, let's continue on with the goodness.

1st cameo of Venom?

Okay, now we're getting into the nit-picking. Overstreet notes this as a first appearance of Venom (Behind the Scenes), and the character isn't really shown. However, he apparently pushes Peter Parker in front of a subway train.

Anyways, David Michelinie is the writer for this issue so he probably did have intentions for the mysterious person that attacked Peter Parker to be Venom. Parker's Spidey senses didn't warn him and that is an ability that Venom has. I've mentioned this comic before, but forgot where on this beast. September, 1986 was when this key was published.

eBay - About 10 CGC copies so far. Four CGC 9.8s here and two CGC 9.6s. Raw copies also available as expected.

mycomicshop - Only one VF unslabbed copy available at the moment.

ComicLink - Only one copy here, but it is a CGC 9.8 high grade one.

2nd Cameo Venom?

Not entirely sure what to note this issue as well. It seems that Venom makes another kind of cameo appearance where he's not fully shown. This comic just sees his black arm come through a window and grabbing Peter Parker.

I'm not really sure how that would count as an appearance or even a cameo since it's just an arm.'s Venom's arm! Let's get all excited about that. The first appearance of Venom's arm was published March, 1987.

eBay - No CGC copies on the mighty eBay at the moment. Unslabbed copies available though.

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies at a VF and a FN. May change in the near future.

First brief appearance of Eddie Brock
First McFarlane Spider-Man

Created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane, Eddie Brock is the 2nd host for the alien symbiote and would later become Venom. The debate on who created the character was challenged when David Michelinie wrote an open letter in a 1993 issue of Wizard stating that he was the sole creator of Venom and that the idea or concept of the character was being discussed long before McFarlane acquired art duties for the titled series.

Whatever, but what is true is that without Todd McFarlane's artwork on Venom the character would have not become so popular or commercial. Eddie Brock was a reporter that covered the Sin Eater murders and was fired from the Daily Bugle after it was revealed that the person Brock interviewed was not the real Sin Eater but a compulsive liar when Spidey brought in the real murder.

After the scandal, his wife also left Brock, and this is where his resentment of Spider-Man comes from. After the church bells dispel the alien symbiote from Peter Parker, it attaches itself to Brock, whom was also there but below the confrontation. The rest is history, and this comic was published in March of 1988.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed and slabbed copies for this key issue naturally. No shortage of 9.8 or 9.6s slabs for sure. Plenty of other options as well.

mycomicshop - Three copies are up for auction at the time of this writing. One of them is a CGC 9.8 and the other is a PGX 9.4 NM. Another 9.4 that's a CGC Signature Series label.

ComicConnect - Six copies here and five of them are CGC copies. Two CGC 9.8s and two CGC 9.6s, one of the 9.6s is a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. The last slabbed option is a 9.2 low NM and the sixth copy is a raw 7.0 FN/VF.

ComicLink - Only two CGC copies here. Top slab is graded a 9.8, other option is a 9.4 NM. One unslabbed copy that's a low NM.

First full appearance of Eddie Brock
First brief appearance of Venom
Definitely a Venom key issue to get and has had a good track record of being desirable and sought out. Amazing Spider-Man #299 holds the first full appearance of Eddie Brock and the first brief appearance of Venom.

More of Todd McFarlane's great artwork is in this issue, and I suppose you could say it is an early work of his on the series. This comic is on the hot burner as Venom's first full appearance in the next issue is seeing a huge increase in demand and value. The first brief appearance of Venom was published in April, 1988.

eBay - Same deal naturally. Plenty of options to choose from in the slabbed and unslabbed realm. 9.8s present as well as 9.6s. A lot of 9.8s are Signature Series slabs.

mycomicshop - Four slabbed copies and two raw copies. Three CGC 9.8s with the lowest copy being a PGX 9.0 VF/NM.

ComicConnect - Two copies here with a raw copy up for auction. It's a 9.4 NM, but there is a CGC 9.6 NM+.

ComicLink - Five CGC 9.6 NM+s and one CGC 9.4 here at the time of this writing.

First full appearance of Venom
First battle with Venom
In terms of Holy Grails concerning the character of Venom, Amazing Spider-Man #300 is it, and it has been sought out since the early 90s. This issue, of course, holds the first full appearance of Venom and it also has the first battle between Spider-Man and Venom.

Not to mention that the cover is a classic and definitely one of my favorites from the era. I've talked quite a lot about this comic and you've probably read quite a bit of my ramblings about this one, so I'm gonna keep this short.

Amazing and beyond solid track record as a comic investment throughout the decades and CGC 9.8s have already passed the $1000 mark. This is the only comic on this Venom key issues list where I would say gunning for a 9.4 would be an acceptable investment. May, 1988 was when this key issue was published.

eBay - Talk about over-saturation. Tons of copies for this first appearance of Venom on eBay. Tons of CGC 9.8s and it is a surprise that they're selling for so much for an issue that's definitely not scarce in that super high grade. Just another example of how demand is everything.

mycomicshop - Plenty of CGC copies here, but only two 9.8s. Quite a few 9.6 NM+s and three 9.4 NMs. Only three raw copies.

ComicConnect - Five CGC copies here. Highest is a 9.9 under the old Modern label. One 9.8 and three 9.6 NM+s.

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC copies for this issue as expected. Three CGC 9.8s and a boatload of 9.6 NM+s. Lowest slabbed grade so far is 9.4 NM.

Limited print run reprint

Okay, gonna mess up the publishing date order a bit and rattle this one off. This is the limited print run variant to the Amazing Spider-Man #300 issue that was published 11 years after the first printing.

Only around 3,300 is estimated to be in existence, and because it is a key issue and reprints the first appearance of Venom, fans and collectors go goo goo for this bad boy. This chromium variant was published December, 1998.

eBay - Naturally limited selection for this variant, but there are three CGC copies located on the mighty eBay so far. All are 9.8s and two of them are Signature Series.

2nd appearance of Venom
1st Venom cover

Not really that well-known just yet, but Amazing Spider-Man #315 is the 2nd appearance of Venom, which plainly has his mug on the cover over there. This comic is getting a bit of recognition, and I'm kinda surprised that some are even pondering what issue is Venom's 2nd appearance.

Much like the 2nd appearance of Deadpool though, it seems that quite a few are and looking to snag this as a comic investment. Unlike Deadpool though, this issue has Todd McFarlane's art, and that gives it a bit more value since his run on this series is a fan-favorite. The 2nd appearance of Venom was published May, 1989.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed copies and a lot of CGC 9.8s. Actually most of the slabbed copies are 9.8s concerning this issue on eBay at the time of this writing. No problem finding either slabbed or unslabbed.

mycomicshop - All unslabbed copies here so far. Highest are two 9.0 VF/NMs.

ComicConnect - Only two CGC 9.8s here for slabbed copies. There are three raw copies available and the highest is a 9.6 NM+.

ComicLink - Plenty of CGC copies here for this issue. Not many 9.8s but plenty of 9.6s NM+s.

Quite a few Venom key issue comics to invest in within this Part 2 of Venom key issues. Brings back some good memories and some bad ones as well. We won't get into that.

I really could just stop right here in terms of comic investments. The Venom key comics that are worth investing in are pretty much in Part 1 and Part 2, but we'll venture a little further and even a bit into the Modern Age. Just click the PART 3 link below to continue to the last final part of this Venom key issues series.

If you missed the first part to this Venom key comics series, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to swing on back.


  1. nice I'll be buying the second appearance of venom :) and thanks for the list

    1. No worries and good luck on the hunt. Multiple copies again or just one for now?

  2. Yeah, it's funny about Venom's arm qualifying as an appearance by Venom. I've been after ASM 298 for a while now. I have #299, and I managed to snag #300 before the price jumped up last year. Thanks for the list and info. Some of this I didn't know and I'm a big Spidey fan.


    1. Yeah, some of the things that count as appearances get a bit out of hand, but right now a lot of people or fans are trying to make a big deal out of the smallest things so they can ramp up more comics to consider as key issues as well as values. It amazes me that some believe that X-Force #1 from the 90s is undervalued. The fact that I have various copies of that issue in my junk box makes me argue the opposite.

      Awesome on snagging #300 before prices got crazy! To tell you the truth, some of this I didn't even know either until compiling this list, especially a lot of the stuff in Part 3. Good luck on the hunt for #298 and thanks for reading and commenting! Always appreciated, Jeff, and good to hear from ya!

  3. Hi I'm new here and started using your guides for half a year now I really enjoy the knowledge you present in these key issues list. I picked up Amazing Spider-Man 388 double size issue and the second story actually recounts and goes more in depth to Web of Spider-Man #18 & #24. Interesting read but yup you're correct that is Venom who pushed Peter on to the tracks and does grab his foot from the window of the building he's standing on.

  4. Amazing Spider-Man 388 recounts and goes more in depth on Web of Spider-Man 18 and 24 stating it is in fact Venom who pushes and Peter and grabbing him on the building through the window. Good story going into Eddie and the symbiote learning to work together to kill the "monster" aka Spider-Man

    1. Howdy Scrtwars84 and welcome to the mayhem. Thanks for the heads up on ASM #388. That crazy symbiote suit...