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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Teen Titans T.V. Series Nearing A Deal With TNT!

Wow, who would've thought? About a month ago, a reader named Brian emailed me requesting a Teen Titans key issue list and stating that a Teen Titans movie would be cool. A few months ago back in March, announcement of Ray Fisher was cast to play Cyborg in Batman v Superman, clearly setting up a Justice League movie in the near future.

Well, it looks like the Teen Titans movie thing won't happen just yet, but Deadline recently reported that Warner Bros. is nearing a deal with TNT to start production on a live action Teen Titans television series. Apparently, the show would be called Titans, and center around young Dick Grayson whom will be emerging from underneath Batman's shadow.

You do know what that means, right? Yep, it means that Nightwing will finally make his small screen debut. It's unclear what other Teen Titans will be in the show. After all, Cyborg is already making his big screen debuts, so I don't think he'll be a major player in the show, unless Warner Bros. has plans that their t.v. universe and movie universe are shared.

I am sure we can expect staple members like Raven, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and maybe even Starfire and Changeling. Nothing is set and no deal is confirmed just yet, but it still looks like two books have caught the heat from this bit of news.

Back in March, after the news of Cyborg and Ray Fisher, I recommended DC Comics Presents #26, his first appearance and of the Teen Titans. Some of you took that recommendation, and it looks like it will pay off a lot quicker than expected. Gerry did and got himself a very nice copy of that comic a little after the news hit.

If the television show goes through between Warner and TNT, consider it a double whammy. Not only will the sucker be in demand because of Cyborg in Batman v Superman and later in Justice League, it'll get even more hot because of the television show.

Another comic I've mentioned that's gaining steam is Tales of the Teen Titans #44, first appearance of Nightwing. No doubt that we'll see Dick Grayson transform into Nightwing in this television series and fans have been asking for his on screen debut for a long time. I picked up a nice CGC 9.8 a few months back cause I figured it was only a matter of time before Nightwing would be cast in a movie or t.v. show. Must admit, I was hoping a movie, but this is just as good.

This show or pilot is being written by Akiva Goldsman and Marc Haimes. Goldsman is also the executive producer and Haimes is the co-executive producer for the t.v. show. TNT is just waiting for the formal green light, and they along with us are waiting for Warner to literally say, "Teen Titans, go!"

Might be a good time to seriously start considering these Teen Titans key issues, as well as some others I've listed in the key issues series. Click the link to head on over there.

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