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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Supergirl Key Comics to Snag!

Since Supergirl shares much of the same supporting cast as Superman and she is actually a supporting character for the Man of Steel, I won't be going down that road. However, Supergirl does have her own supporting cast, though quite small, and I'll be attempting to cover the 1st appearances of these characters in the comics. So, technically, this isn't a full-fledged Supergirl key comics list.

This is my best attempt at trying to foresee which Supergirl related characters from the comics that may or most likely be supporting characters in the new Supergirl TV series at CBS.

First appearance of Supergirl (Linda Lee Danvers)
Origin of Supergirl
First appearance of Zor-El and Alura In-Ze

Well, this is a no-brainer. Of course, the first appearance of Supergirl or Kara Zor-El, the titular character of the TV series would be on this 1st appearances list. Action Comics #252 introduces Superman's cousin into the DCU during the Silver Age along with her origin, and this character has remained quite a popular supporting character for the Man of Steel.

Not only does this issue have the first appearance of Supergirl, this issue also sees the first appearance of Zor-El and Alura In-Ze, Supergirl's biological Kryptonian parents. I'm betting these characters also make an appearance in the TV series, at least in flashback.

This comic is already valuable in high grade NMs and will probably get even more of a bump in demand since news of the TV show. Remember, CBS only picked up a pilot so far with the option to order more episodes. 

Also remember that this is a very sought out Silver Age key issue and pretty much a solid comic investment despite there being a television or not. It is a major key considering Superman key issues and Supergirl related key comics. It was published May, 1959.

eBay - Extremely expensive even for unslabbed copies and pretty limited selection as expected. No CGCs for this issue on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Definitely one to watch out for.

 First appearance of Dick Wilson (Malverne)

In pre-Crisis history, Dick Wilson was another orphan at the Midvale Orphanage where Supergirl, known by her Earth name of Linda Lee, stayed for a time. It was there where the two met, and Dick Wilson would basically be the male version of Lois Lane for Supergirl. He suspected Linda to be Supergirl and would constantly try to prove it.

Later Dick would be adopted and his name changed to Dick Malverne. In post-Crisis continuity, Dick Malverne is a new arrival resident of Leesburg and becomes Linda Danvers friend. The character has been an early romantic interest for Supergirl and just may be for the show also.

September, 1959 is the publishing date for this key issue comic.

eBay - No problem finding raw copies to take a chance for this issue on eBay at the moment. Only two CGC copies with the highest being an 8.0 VF and the other slab being a 4.5 VG+.

mycomicshop - No CGC yet. Just two low grade raw copies at the moment.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies located here. One is a CGC 9.0 VF/NM and the other is also a high grade CGC 8.5 VF+.

ComicConnect - Only unslabbed copies and the highest is 6.0 FN. Five other raw copies in grades lower than FN.

First appearance of Streaky the Supercat
First appearance of X-Kryptonite

    Okay, seeing that the pre-Crisis version saw a cat with superpowers and the post-Crisis version is just a normal cat that Linda Danvers ends up taking, there's a good chance that the television show will use the post-Crisis version.

    However, the first appearance of Streaky and of the character is in the Silver Age issue of Action Comics #261, and in this issue Streaky gets her powers from exposure to X-Kryptonite. Pretty sure all the various forms of Kryptonite will be in show as it progresses along.

    In the modern version of the character, Streaky the Supercat gets her name by failing to understand the concept and use of a litter box. Will this famous comic book cat show up in the show? Probably so. I'm sure Streaky will be Linda's loving feline companion in the series. February, 1960 is the publishing date for Action Comics #261.

    eBay - Mostly low grade raw copies but a few mid-grade. Only one CGC 7.0 FN/VF copy so far.

    ComicLink - Only two raw copies here at the moment. One is a 6.0 FN and the other is a 5.0 VG/FN.

    ComicConnect - Raw copies available only at ComicConnect for this issue. Only three to be exact and all are lower grade with the highest being a low 5.5 FN.

    First appearance of Lena Thorul

    It's this issue again that was featured in the Superman key issues list on here not too long ago. If you missed that list, well, this issue holds the first appearance of Lena Thorul, whom is the kid sister of Lex Luthor.

    What does this character have to do with Supergirl. Lena Thorul ends up becoming close friends with Linda Danvers. Lena Thorul was also another kid at the Midvale Orphanage when her parents died in a car crash shortly after discovering Lex Luthor had gone to a life of crime.

    This knowledge had always been kept from Lena, and in pre-Crisis continuity, she became the best friend of Linda Lee Danvers. Highly probable that Lena Thorul will be a supporting character for the Supergirl television show. The character already showed up in Smallville as Tess Mercer played by Cassidy Freeman.

    February, 1961 is when the first appearance of Lena Thorul was published.

    eBay - Pretty limited selection for both raw and slabbed copies. Only one CGC 8.5 VF+ at the moment.

    mycomicshop - Four raw copies with the highest two being a FN+ and two VG+ copies.

    ComicLink - Only one CGC copy, but it's a 9.2 low NM. Asking price is a bit steep though.

    ComicConnect - No CGC so far at ComicConnect. Only raw four copies for now. Highest is a VF followed by a VG/FN.

    First appearance of Fred Danvers
    First appearance of Edna Danvers
    First appearance of Lesla-Lar
    When it comes to Supergirl's first recurring nemesis, Lesla-Lar is definitely worth mentioning and it's highly likely the character may appear on the television in some kind of version. Lesla-Lar is a super genius from the city of Kandor, the capital city of Krypton, which was shrunk and stolen by Brainac and kept in a large bottle.

    Superman ended up recovering the city and placing it in his Fortress of Solitude, before finding a suitable planet to host it and returning it back to it's normal size. Back to the issue at hand.

    This issue sees the first appearance of Lesla-Lar, and the character has had a major hate-on for Supergirl. In this issue, she manages to strip Supergirl of her powers from a Kryptonite Ray she invents. Depowered, Linda Lee gets adopted by Fred Danvers and Edna Danvers from the Midvale Orphanage.

    No doubt that the Supergirl television series will see Supergirl's adoptive Earth parents Fred Danvers and Edna Danvers, making this a Supergirl key issue worth considering. This comic was published August, 1961.

    eBay - Not scarce at all for raw copies concerning this issue on eBay, but no CGC copies as of yet. May want to keep an eye out for this one.

    mycomicshop - Four raw copies and all lower grade available here for now. No CGC but that may change in the near future.

    ComicConnect - CGC copy here and it's a 9.4 NM. It goes up for auction 11/10/2004. There are five other copies that are raw and available. The highest of the raw copies is a 9.0 VF/NM.

    First appearance of Nasthalia Luthor 

    A recurring foe of Supergirl, Nasthalia Luthor, also known as Nasty, is Lex Luthor's niece. Often confused as being the daughter of Lena Thorul, she is not. Instead, it was revealed by editor Mike Sekowsky in Action Comics #401 that Nasthalia Luthor is the daughter of Lex Luthor's eldest and unnamed sister whom was also disowned by Jules and Arlene Luthor.

    Nasty was once a friend of Linda Danvers but ended up being a rival. The first apperance of Nasthalia Luthor is in this issue and is often aided by her gang "Nasty's Nasties". She often tries to expose Linda Danvers as being Supergirl and it would highly odd if this character didn't appear in at least one or two episodes of the Supergirl TV series.

    eBay - Quite a few raw copies for this issue on eBay, but did not see any CGC as of yet. If you prefer CGC, you may want to keep checking on the mighty eBay for this Supergirl key issue.

    mycomicshop - Only one raw copy here for this key issue at mycomicshop. It's a FN+ copy and on consignment.

    ComicConnect - Only one raw copy here at the time of this writing. It's an 8.5 VF+.

    Remember, the TV shows usually introduce a bunch of other characters and villains that aren't necessarily tied to the character in the world of comics. That's why it's hard to foresee which other villains will be floating in and out of the Supergirl TV series.

    The Supergirl key comics and 1st appearances listed here right now are for the characters that should most likely appear in a Supergirl TV series, but then again, we all know that the folks in Hollyweird have no problem of mixing things up and they probably will. For now, these are for reference or if you want to take the chance on investing in any of them. Some of these Supergirl key comics are solid comics to invest in already.

    I'm sure more news about casting will reveal who will be the series, but I would most definitely keep an eye for these. Many are already not that easy to find in high grade CGC, and some of these will cost you quite a bit of dough already.

    There are more related Supergirl key issues in the Superman key issues list if you want to check that out. Thanks for reading and hope this helps your hunt!

    If you want more key issues, just click the link below and discover the best Teen Titan's key comics list. 


    1. went to comic show in Asheville nc this weekend and pick up a low grade asm 129 for a hundo figured it is around a 3.0 everything semmed way over priced a a just bought this because been wanting it for a while. prob upgrade this in the future im sure JW

      1. Heya JW...the hunt is getting harder for sure and I notice dealers are jacking up prices for some issues over guide price, even if they're raw unslabbed. And I think that's bulllshit because there may be a good chance it's restored and even they don't know about it or do and hoping you don't send it in to get graded.

        For that reason, I started carrying my Overstreet Price Guide to conventions now so I can cross-reference to see which dealers are asking too much and which are fairly reasonable. You can always haggle also but if a price is way too out there I just move on.

        Nice snag as well and good to hear from ya JW!

      2. a lot of dealers you haggle with don't seem interested and wait for that one sucker too come buy and pay way over book value. I saw a 1st falcon 9.2 cgc and iron man 55 same grade and they were within 200 dollars of each other which by overstreet is ridiculous JW

      3. Is that just for that one show or are the dealers like that for other shows in NC as well?

    2. Thanks I'll be picking some of these keys up

      1. Hey Vic, did you by any chance watch Sonic Underground?

      2. Nope, I don't watch TV much, except for news. What's going on with Sonic Underground?

    3. mostly seems that way at some of the shows in WNC except for big shows in char, nc JW. shows in Atlanta seem better deals to me

      1. I see that sometimes around these parts as well, but there's always at least a few dealers willing to haggle at the shows I go too...most of the time the comic condition isn't to my liking though or I didn't come with enough dough. A good mix of both.

        That's just a bad way to do business for a comic dealer...relying on suckers to pay for an overpriced comic. One of the reasons why I created this site and still bother with it. Booth spaces aren't cheap out here at to have reasonable prices and be willing to haggle.

        Not like there isn't enough competition out there already in terms of selling comics, right? If a person feels they got a great deal, they're more likely to buy from you again and again and again. Amazing how some dealers out there still ignore that logic.

      2. thats true because you see the same dealers shows after shows and a lot of them remember me. so if I see a dude that's been hard too deal with before I just walk right on buy but if there is certain dealers a have bought from several times they more than likely will give me a better deal before I even ask. JW next show is in boone nc oct 25 for anyone that is near this area

    4. My 2 cents - the Overstreet is just a guide, it doesn't mean that if a dealer is asking more (or less) they are a crook or the guy who "overpays" is a dummy. I find that happens a lot with Amazing Spider-Man 300 - the guide says one thing, but when you start talking 9.6, 9.8, 9.9... the guide doesn't really apply any more. With a lot of these older, 1950s-era comics, the guide may or may not apply - because there just isn't that many copies floating around. Great article, keep it up!! - Wiebes

    5. I agree that overstreet is a guide and doesn't represent market value but some of those prices people are asking are crazy. saw a cap America 117 and iron man 5 same cgc for same price wonder if he sold the first falcon. and if you get above 9,2 then you can expect to pay for way over guide if graded which I understand and don't mind at all. like to think of the guy that overpays not doing his research properly or not patient enough that's all. JW my 3 cents

      1. I agree with JW on this, and we all know that high grade CGC, especially in the upper NM commands prices way above guide. But in terms of overpricing the market, you see that quite often and you see it ALL the time on eBay, where comics at a certain CGC grade are $300 bucks or something on average and then there's the dudes with the listings at $700 or some ridiculous price.

        That's what we're talking about. I've been on the selling side before, so I know all about getting ridiculous offers from buyers. However, there are some dealers out there that just hate haggling and don't offer reasonable prices and refuse to go anywhere near guide even if it's just a bit above it for a raw copy even if the demand of that issue isn't bubbling hot.

        If you can get the same grade copy unslabbed for cheaper on eBay, what point is there to be all strict an shit about the price with some of these dealers? I don't see the point. It's not like they guarantee that their copies aren't restored or that their grading is 100% spot on in case you submit them to CGC.

        I don't know about having a copy that's a FN and yet charging a VF price for it, and I've seen quite a few copies from dealers at cons doing this, charging prices at two grades higher for a raw copy with mild demand. When I see that I call bullshit, and if the dealer isn't willing to haggle, I just pretty much just move on and don't ever bother with that dealer again.

        Yep, I place that dealer on my shit list permanently cause I just don't give a shit. I've dealt with plenty of dealers to know that the game of being a dealer in the back issue market is being a crook - rip off those who don't know any better and sell their valuable comics to you, and then flip them at guide prices or above it. I've seen them do it constantly, even experienced it once, and there's a reason comic dealers as a whole have a bad rep. They've earned it by being shiesty.

        But back to comic cons, I ain't the one who needs to sell and make money, and I sure don't need to give my money to him or her when there's plenty of other dealers who understand this concept of business and are more than willing to negotiate a fair price.

        That's my one cent.

      2. that one cent is worth a dollar JW

    6. I agree I for the most part stay clear of any dealers at shows that wont negotiate. The only exception is a dealer I ran into a few months back who just wouldn't deal at all I ended up buying on of the three comics I wanted from him and left a little pissed off. When I got home I started to research a little more on the books he had and found out I had made a mistake his prices were very reasonable and was actually being very fair with me. I went back the following show and picked up the other two and said I was sorry for being a little shitty to him and he was really cool about it. I'm just so used to having to haggle to get a good deal when I go to these shows, I find that if I don't get atleast 20% off a book its not a good deal, so it is nice when you run into a dealer who is fair on their prices from the start lol

    7. isnt action #278 lesla lars first?

      1. hmmm, i have a cgc #278 and on the label it says lesla lars first appearance though which is why i ask.

      2. That's truly strange. I didn't know CGC noted #278 as Lesla-Lars first appearance. In Action Comics #279 the story is Supergirl's Secret Enemy and shows Lesla-Lar as the character behind Supergirl's loss of powers in the previous issue (#278).

        As far as I know, Lesla-Lar doesn't appear in Action #278. There is a flashback scene in #279 that details how Lesla-Lars makes Supergirl lose her powers, but I don't think that should really count as #278 being her first appearance. #279 has Lesla-Lar become Supergirl's doppleganger also.

        Quie interesting. I'll have to look into it more, but I'm pretty sure CGC may have messed up...unless they know something nobody else does.