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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500 Part 5

Returning back to these prince range key issue comics list, we do have some Silver Age goodies in Part 5. This price range between $200 to $500 is becoming increasingly hard to find key comics from the Silver and Bronze Age that fit into it and worth their salt, but I try my best.

So, if you haven't read up on Part 4, you can click that link to go back, or if you completely missed the entire series you can click this Part 1 link to start at the beginning. Other than that, if you're ready for Part 5, enjoy!

Batman #183 CGC 9.2 August, 1966

The 2nd appearance of Poison Ivy is already quite valuable in higher grade CGCs, but 9.2s at the time of this writing can still be snagged under the $500 mark for now. Actually, high grade CGCs in the NM range are quite scarce to find online for this issue.

Much of the Silver Age DC Comics key issues have seen a great demand and value increases in recent years, so grabbing the few left over that are somewhat still affordable, under a thousand bucks, would probably be a good idea.

Poison Ivy is a very popular character in the DCU, and one of the more well-known Batman villains out there. 

eBay - Only one CGC 9.2 low NM copy of this issue at the time of this writing.

Batman #189 CGC 8.0 February, 1967

For most of us, the first appearance of Scarecrow just may be too steep of an investment to snag nowadays. The first Silver Age appearance of Dr. Crane as Scarecrow is also becoming quite a valuable Batman key issue to get also.

CGC 8.0 copies of Batman #189 are teetering on the brink of being a more valuable comic to feature on this list. 7.0s are still safe for this issue and 8.5s are slightly above it.

For now, I'm saying this issue at CGC 8.0 should be between $400 to $500 bucks. Silver Age Batman keys even at this grade will quickly venture past the $500 mark as high grade copies are becoming increasingly harder to dig up.

eBay - There are no CGC 8.0s on the mighty eBay at the moment, but there is a 7.0 option and an 8.5. The 8.5 is slightly over the $500 mark.

mycomicshop - CGC 8.5 copy is drastically lower at mycomicshop, and it is the same 8.5 up on eBay. The price is $455. It is on consignment so there is a buyers premium, but it's still cheaper than their listing on eBay.

Sandman #1 CGC 9.8 Volume 2 July, 1989

Believe it or not, the first issue to Sandman always had a pretty good demand surrounding it, and Neil Gaiman is a very popular comic writer. There's always been a following for this series.

I remember selling this issue a while ago for $20 bucks. I acquired it in a lot for like 40 cents back in the early 2000s, but it was no 9.8.

With the confirmation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt spear-heading a possible Sandman movie, demand for this comic has risen. CGC 9.8s are dropping in the $320 range currently and that's a huge boost from a year ago for this comic. Sandman #1 sees the first appearance of Morpheus, Master of Dreams.

eBay - Quite a few copies here of Sandman #1 in CGC 9.8 grades. Getting one at decent market value price is a different story.

mycomicshop - Four CGC 9.8s here, all of them with over-bloated prices at the moment.

Tales of Suspense #52 CGC 5.5 

When it comes to the first appearance of Natasha Romanoff, otherwise known as the Black Widow, high grade CGCs are already way past the thousand dollar mark. Even more so, CGC copies of Tales of Suspense #52 are getting pretty scarce to snag online. This is especially true for lower grade copies.

Just recently a CGC 5.5 sold on auction past the $400 mark. It was the first 5.5 to be seen in a couple of months. Yes, I do have a slabbed copy of this issue at this exact grade, but it's listed here because it's one of the few grades for this key issue that's still under $500 bucks. This issue in lower grades are still continuing to move up in value.

eBay - No CGC 5.5 graded copies for this issue on here. Last one just dropped a few days ago. May be a while 'till another one at this grade shows up. There are other CGC options for this comic but they are out of the price range for this list.

Amazing Spider-Man #149  CGC 9.6 October, 1975

Spider-Clone and the first Spider-Man clone saga, Amazing Spider-Man #149 sees the first appearance of Ben Reilly as the Spider-Clone during this famous story-arc. Ben Reilly is never named in this issue, but is later retconned to be Spider-Clone. He is, however, a clone of Peter Parker and was first used by the Jackal to fight Spider-Man

As most fans know, Ben Reilly also becomes the Scarlet Spider, a character that has become quite popular since the Scarlet Spider's introduction in the 90s. As for this key issue Spider-Man comic, 9.6s should be within the $300 range, maybe even high $200 range if you catch an auction. Either way, definitely one to watch out for as it is steaming up quite nicely.

eBay - Only two CGC 9.6 NM+ copies here in the meantime. Only one is at a reasonable price. Other options are also available if 9.6s don't cut it for you.

ComicLink - One 9.6 NM + copy here, but the one on eBay is still cheaper.

Superman Adventures #5 CGC 9.8 March, 1997

This is quite surprising, but I suppose Livewire is like Superman's version of Harley Quinn. Batman Adventures #12 is in huge demand for the first appearance of Harley Quinn, who was first introduced in the cartoon series.

On the flip side with Superman, the first appearance of Livewire in Superman Adventures #5 is now on the hot burner. Livewire was first seen in the cartoons as well, and now her first appearance in a comic book is seeing strong demand and value.

The last CGC 9.8 dropped at $500 bucks, but there are still copies to snag in the high $300 to low $400 range currently. Not too many of those left though.

eBay - Five 9.8 copies here. One is a PGX and four are still under the $500 mark even though the last auction of this issue at this grade was bid up past that mark. Hard find elsewhere at this grade for now.

Got some pretty interesting comics here within this price range and quite a few good ones indeed. Many of the Silver Age keys are few and far between at high grades within this price range. You'll most likely have to settle for a lower grade for most.

There are still some out there, and we'll be seeing one in the next part to this key issue comics between $200 to $500. Part 6 is ready just click the PART 6 link below to continue. Click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 4.


  1. I hope my 1st SA Scarecrow comes back an 8.0!!

    ~Gerry D

    1. Not an 8.5? 9.0? 9.2? Haha! 8.0 would be realistically great! At this point though, I just hope you get your comics back.

    2. That's the way I'm feeling too. It's going to be a while until I get those books back. I'm not going to complain too much though since they are knocking 30% off of my grading fees due to this little hiccup.

      ~Gerry D

    3. Awesome! And you'll get em back soon enough. They did post the grades on their site already though, right?

    4. They haven't even started grading my books yet. They aren't grading any books until they get their new sleeves in. They're going to be very backed up since they are still accepting comics at shows and via their website. It's all good with me, as long as I get my comics back.....eventually.
      ~Gerry D

    5. That still sucks...not off to a very good start for CBCS I have to admit. First impressions are everything for a new company, and I'm sure a lot of people had to resend their submissions back in to get re-holdered also.

    6. I agree that first impressions are important for new companies but it's also how they handle themselves in times when everything isn't going 100%. CBCS has been very open about the problems they are having to their customers and I like that. They are offering free reholder service to those who want it and won't put my beloved comics into sub par holders. Although it may be a minor inconvenience, it's still all good. It's more that I'm impatient. I don't plan on selling them anytime soon.
      ~Gerry D

    7. Damn I'm getting impatient and they aren't even my comics!

  2. hello again; I just won sandman 5 cgc 9.8 for $9.00 at ebay. I was very surprise won.

    1. Whoa! Now that's a nice snag and a steal! I bet the seller is pissed...