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Monday, September 22, 2014

Key Issue Comics Between $200 to $500 Part 6

And we're back with another edition to this key issue comics list in which the prices fall either at or between $200 to $500 bucks. We've got some pretty good comics to invest in here, and some over-looked ones as well. Two are highly over-looked if you ask me, but for now, they do fall in-between this price range.

Both are Silver Age also and high grade! Fast becoming a rare species in this price range for Silver Age keys, but whatever. If you missed Part 5 to this, just click this Part 5 teleportation link and it will teleport your ass back. Of course, if you're ready for this edition continue reading and hope you enjoy!

Fantastic Four #44 CGC 9.4 November, 1965

I am recommending this bad boy, and if you didn't catch why in the Fantastic Four key issues list I just whipped up recently, I'll explain myself again. This is the first appearance of Gorgon, and we should all know by now that Gorgon is the cousin of Blackbolt and part of the royal family of Inhumans.

Medusa was the first Inhumans to be introduced in the Fantastic Four comics before the actual Inhumans were, and Gorgon is the 2nd. I have no doubt that this character will be in the Inhumans movie that's currently being developed, and chances are he'll be a major supporting character.

Also, for a Fantastic Four Silver Age key issue comic at high grade CGC, this issue is still between the $400 to $500 range, which is cheap considering many other FF Silver Age keys are already above the $1000 mark or near it for 9.4 NMs. The first appearance of Medusa has already heated up and going for crazy dough at this grade.

By the time it nears the release of the Inhumans movie, CGC copies of this comic won't be this cheap anymore.

eBay - Only four CGC 9.4 copies of this key issue here and all are still below the $500 mark.

ComicLink - Three CGC 9.4 copies with only two being below the $500 mark.

ComicConnect - Cheapest 9.4 NM is here at ComicConnect, and only one copy.

DC Comics Presents #26 CGC 9.8 October, 1980

Here I go featuring this one again, but despite my constant recommendation of this comic that's the first appearance of the New Teen Titans as well as the characters of Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire, copies of DC Comics Presents #26 at CGC 9.8s can still be snagged below the $500 mark for auctions. However, this won't last long as they are nearing that mark quite quickly.

I'm also pretty sure that I don't have to mention that Cyborg will make his big screen debut in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice and that CBS wants to have a Teen Titans TV series soon and are working out a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Comics, but I will of course. Not like I haven't been known to repeat myself here before.

CGC 9.6s have crossed the $200 mark as well, but I'll just mention that here and not do a relist in this key issue comics between $200 to $500 list.

eBay - There are three CGC 9.8 copies. Two of them are already asking above $500 bucks. There's one auction with only about a day left that's still under the mark.

Daredevil #168 CGC 9.6 January, 1981

The first appearance of Elektra, and no doubt that this Daredevil key issue is a good one to have from the late Bronze Age. Elektra has become an extremely popular character in the MCU and there's no doubt about that.

This comic includes the now famous run on the Daredevil series that Frank Miller started his comic career with, and Daredevil #168 not only marks the first appearance of Elektra, but it also marks the first issue where Miller takes up both writing and penciling duties.

CGC 9.6s are currently dropping above the $300 mark, as the last two most recent sales on eBay both did. This issue has had a solid track record of demand and growth and 9.6s and 9.4s still have great potential when it comes to that.

eBay - Six CGC 9.6 copies here at the moment. Two of them are CGC Signature Series and both signed by Stan Lee. One is decently priced and being sold by mycomicshop. Probably cheaper to get that copy there. Others are regular Universal and all are under the $400 mark except for one.

mycomicshop - Two CGC 9.6 NM+ copies and like I mentioned above the Signature Series is the same one on eBay and cheaper at mycomicshop.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6s here and both are more expensive than the options above at the moment.

Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine #2 CGC 9.8 November, 1968

I'm really getting into these Magazine-sized comics, and have gotten two so far, one being Marvel Preview #2. Need to send that one in to CGC soon.

Although I've already mentioned this one in the Spectacular Spider-Man key issues list, I have to say it again - Absolutely gorgeous cover by John Romita Sr. I love looking at it every time.

Yet I'm surprised that this Silver Age Spider-Man comic can be snagged for under $500! I rarely see this magazine-sized comic slabbed to begin with, but it is least for the moment, because there is only one CGC copy up on eBay right now.

eBay - Two CGC 9.8 copies here, but one is a Signature Series and asking for a lot. The other is a regular Universal and has a Best Offer option so you will be able to get this cheaper than the $500 mark. Not an easy find at this grade for this comic.

The Amazing Spider-Man #194 CGC 9.6 July, 1979

Alrighty, alrighty. Felicia Hardy, who made her first appearance on screen in Amazing Spider-Man 2. When that was announced, Amazing Spider-Man #194 shot up in demand like nobody's business.

I remember reading about it and then texting Gerry to ask him if he had this issue. He replied, "Yep." Demand is still sustaining for 9.8s, and CGC 9.6s are also sustaining demand as well. $350 is the average price selling for 9.6s, and we are all expecting Felicia Hardy to suit up as her Black Cat costume pretty soon.

Reports of a female Spider-Man movie spin off has also been talked about lately and many believe that Black Cat just may be the one to lead a female Spidey spin off flick. Well, the other name going around is Spider-Woman also. Who knows? What is known is that there's a good chance we'll see more of this character on the silver screen.

eBay - Quite a few copies of CGC 9.6s for this issue. A few of them reasonably priced as well.

mycomicshop - One slabbed copy at this grade and asking above $400? Really? Come on now.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 NM+s and both asking for $400 and above.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC copy at this grade here at ComicConnect and they too are asking above $400 bucks for this copy. Cheapest options are still on eBay for this issue.

Judge Dredd #1 CGC 9.8 November, 1983

Respect the badge, he earned it with his blood. Fear the gun, your sentence may be death because I am the law! Yep had to throw in that song by Anthrax, who wrote it about none other than Judge Dredd himself.

It's amazing but this comic published back in 1983 is now worth over the $200 mark in super high grade CGC 9.8s. Just only five years ago, it wasn't even worth trying to give it away.

But here it is. Judge Dredd has always had a cult following in comicdom, and even though the two movies about this character failed to break this hard-nosed law man of the future into the mainstream, he is still a cool comic character.

eBay - Only one copy of this issue at a 9.8 grade and it does have a Best Offer option. Not easy finds for this issue at CGC 9.8 grades for sure.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.8 Signature Series that still falls between this price range.Double signed by Brian Bolland and John Wagner.

Alrighty, gonna take a breather from this price range for a bit and maybe do some other price ranges after a few other posts. Got a few over-looked comics in this Part and some even at 9.8s. Even got two Silver Age comics and one at a 9.8. Not an easy feat to find high grade CGCs above a 9.2 within this price range.

So if you missed  Part 5, just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. If you wanna read the other price range lists, I've got some links below you check out. 

Part 7 to this key issue comics price range list will probably come in the near future, which basically means don't hold your breath for Part 7 to come anytime soon. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!


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  1. I think that first black cat is going to explode if indeed they make a movie starring her JW

    1. It's already getting up there, dropping around the $800 range for 9.8s. If she is the spidey spin off female character for the movie, the first appearance of Black Cat in 9.8 will be a $1000 book. F-in Ka-ra-zy!

  2. Hey there Mayhem. Just a corrective note on The spectacular Spider-man cover you have pictured is by none other than the amazing JOHN ROMITA SR. As shown on the cover.

    1. Heya Nova, thanks for alerting me to has been changed.