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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Important Carnage Key Issues So Far!

Not exactly a key issues list. In light of the recent news about the Venom Carnage movie in the works, this list is just gonna feature the first appearances for Cletus Kasady and that of Carnage. There are a four worth noting. One is already on the hot burner, and it shouldn't be long that the others pick up more steam as well. So here's the run down of the four first appearances associated with Carnage, with two bonus issues just for extra measure 'cause that's how I do.

First appearance of Cletus Kasady

The issue where we meet Cletus Kasady as Eddie Brock's cell mate at Rykers Island. So far, Overstreet Guide and CGC note this as the first appearance of Cletus Kasady. Last CGC 9.8 dropped in August for $125 Buy It Now. Unslabbed copies are still cheaper but have seen an increase in asking price as well for this key issue. 

No longer a sleeper anymore for sure. If you catch this in the dollar bin right now, consider yourself lucky, or it just may be in a grade that's worth a dollar unslabbed.

eBay - As of now, you won't have any problems finding unslabbed copies. As mentioned above, sellers have jacked up the asking price for this issue already even in raw grades. As for CGC, there's only one 9.8 and two 9.6s.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC copy here so far, and it's a 9.6 NM+ on consignment. There are two raw copies in stock but the highest grade is only a FN.

ComicLink - Four CGC options here. There's one 9.8, one 9.6, and two 9.2 low NMs at the time of this writing.

First full appearance of Cletus Kasady

Toted as the first full appearance of Cletus Kasady, it's in this issue where we see the alien symbiote rebond with Eddie Brock. Also, and more importantly, we see residue of the symbiote drip onto Cletus Kasady's hand, setting him up for his eventual transformation into Carnage later.

So far CGC just notes this as a Cletus Kasady's first full appearance, but Overstreet does note it as such.

eBay - Unslabbed copies galore for sure. A little more than a handful of CGC copies so far. 9.8s are present but only two copies.

mycomicshop - No CGC here just yet. Only two unslabbed copies with one being a VF and the other a FN.

1st cameo appearance of Carnage

Carnage does appear very briefly in this comic, but he does not fully show up. You do see half of his face, his hand, a bit of his symbiote goop in a few panels on one page. Although finally named, it's really not enough to constitute a full appearance and most likely why it's not according to Overstreet.

 This comic is simmering up at the time of this writing. Last CGC 9.8 sold in July for around $50 bucks, but there aren't any 9.8s on eBay lately. Only 9.6s it seems at the moment.

I bet the next time we see some CGC 9.8s, they'll be over inflated by some sellers. Probably best to look out for auctions, unless Buy It Nows are reasonable for CGC copies. May want to try unslabbed comic lots as well. You may get a nice high grade copy worth submitting to CGC or CGCS.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed copies at the moment. CGC is a different story but they are present. Only 9.6s so far on the mighty eBay for this issue.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.6 located here for the meantime. There are also two unslabbed copies in stock, which are a VF and a FN.

First full appearance of Carnage

Finally we have the first full appearance of Carnage in Amazing Spider-Man #361, and the hype has already affected this bad boy in CGC 9.8 grades. This issue is the most sought out concerning Carnage key issues and related first appearances so far.

If you've got this one unslabbed, may be time to submit it to CGC or CBCS if you think it's a high enough grade. If you've got an unslabbed mid-grade to VF, you may want to wait for a higher peak to dish this sucker off.

eBay - Unslabbed copies galore and no shortage of CGC copies either. 9.8s were located and one is on auction at the time of this writing. Definitely a hot book right now!

mycomicshop - No surprise that there are a boat load of unslabbed and slabbed copies here at the moment. Six CGC 9.8s are here, but only two 9.6 NM+s. Quite a bit to choose from for now.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.8 copies here and two unslabbed copies. Both unslabbed copies are advertised as 9.8s as well.

ComicLink - Four copies here that are all 9.8s. There is one 2nd printing however, and a Signature Series copy.

2nd appearance of Carnage

Nobody is noting this issue just yet as Carnage's 2nd appearance. Not Overstreet and not CGC. Right now, this comic is still not all that well-known. There is demand for it, because it has Venom and Carnage.

The cover is misleading. It's not a Venom and Carnage team up, but a Venom and Spider-Man team up against Carnage. Publishing date is May, 1992, making this a Modern Age comic. I'm still considering this comic a sleeper since regular Universal 9.8s can still be snagged for around $50. 2nd printing has the cover in silver.

eBay - Nice selection of unslabbers for sure. Saw quite a few 1st and 2nd printings available. As for CGC, a few 9.8s spotted but not much. 9.6s also available as well.

mycomicshop - Two CGC 9.8s and both are Signature Series copies. A few unslabbed copies in stock. The highest are 9.0 VF/NMs.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 copy and an unslabbed 9.8 for the first printing here. There's also an unslabbed 2nd printing advertised as a 9.2 low NM.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies, and both are CGC 9.8s regular Universal labels.

3rd appearance of Carnage

Just like the 2nd appearance of Carnage, nobody cares enough to note this sucker as the 3rd appearance of Carnage. At least, for now, that is. Carnage isn't yet that known outside of comic geekdom, but I'm sure the Venom Carnage movie will make the character even more popular. Just look at what Guardians of the Galaxy did for Rocket Raccoon. Now all the kids love that character and most of comic collectors are gunning for his first appearances.

So Carnage just may get even more popular after the movie hits in 2017. Hopefully, they don't kill him off right off the bat.

eBay - Unslabbed copies are still highly affordable for this comic on eBay. Same with CGC 9.8s and the decent priced ones are around the $50 - $60 mark. Those prices won't last too long for sure.

mycomicshop - Two CGC 9.8 copies here at the moment, and one CBCS copy at a 9.8 as well. Three raw copies in stock with the highest being a VF.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies available for now. One is a 9.6 NM+ and the other is a 9.4 NM. There's also a raw copy at 9.6 NM+ also.

There we are, some early important Carnage key issues and first appearances. May want to check your collection to see if you have any of these. Gerry just sent his #361 to CBCS recently, so hopefully that comes back a 9.6 and above. I recently found a #344, but it's not in a grade worth getting third party graded for a Copper Age book.

The 2nd and 3rd appearances will need  a bit more time to heat up for sure, but the various first appearances of Cletus Kasady and Carnage are definitely getting play or more play at the moment. Part 2 is ready so just click the link below:

If you haven't yet seen the Important Amazing Spider-Man key comics list, just click the link to check that out. Some of these issues are already on there.


  1. Hey, LK here. I have an awesome story that I have to share with you. I had a yard sale this weekend in Marcellus, NY...middle of nowhere. Anyways I had comic books for sale and the guy asked for keys. I said like what? He said 1st Starlord, or Ms marvel 1 or nova1...I said man you know your comic books. I told him he should check out this really cool website. His reply.."I go there every day"....There can be only one TotalComicMayhem!!!!!

    1. Heya LK, been a long goes it, bro? How did the yard sale go? Hope you made some dollahs. That is an awesome story. Kinda cliche to say but it's a small world. Thanks for spreading the word. Keep on rocking! I'm still waiting to hear some new tunes for Zen Kura. Haha, that line just reminded me of Highlander and a craving to watch it. I think I still have it on VHS.

  2. Any difference in purchasing the 2nd printing for amazing spiderman 361 vs the 1st printing or anything in general I should be looking for?

    1. For some odd reason, both are in high demand and both are valuable, so it's up to preference. I usually like 1st prints better than 2nd prints. The 2nd printing has a silver cover back ground.

  3. In Amazing Spider-man 359 Cletus starts to turn into Carnage. He then kills a guard and escapes.