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Monday, September 8, 2014

The Definitive Fantastic Four Key Comics List Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 to this Fantastic Four key comics list, and I've some good Fantastic Four key issues in this one if you're looking for Inhumans key issues to snag. That's right guys, Part 5 will detail some Inhumans keys that will be comics to invest in for sure this year, aside from the obvious ones I've already mentioned on here before.

So, you can click this Part 4 link if you happened to miss it, but if you're ready for Part 5, let's get the goodness on!

First appearance of Dragon Man

A creation of Diablo, Dragon Man is an android built by Professor Gregson Gilbert and brought to life by Diablo and one of his potions. Of course, the potion had the side effect of being under Diablo's control and thus did battle against the Fantastic Four. In his career, he would cross paths with the Avengers, the X-Men, Spider-Man and other superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Not exactly the most popular of FF villains, February, 1965 was when the first appearance of Dragon Man was published.

eBay - Looking for high grade CGC? There's a 9.2 low NM and two 9.0 VF/NMs. Three are in the VF range as well. Raw copies available if you're more a risk taker.

mycomicshop - Two slabbed and two raw copies. The top graded CGC copy is a CGC 9.0 followed by another high grade 8.5 VF+. The VF+ is a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee, of course. A VG and a low GD make up the raw copies for now.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies and three raw copies. Slabbed copies are a 9.4 NM and a 9.2 low NM. Raw copies are 6.5 FN+, a 5.0 VG/FN, and a 4.0 VG.

ComicLink - A whopping CGC 9.6 has been located here along with others. 2nd highest slab is a 9.2 low NM. Two other slabs to finish up the CGC goodness for this key issue at ComicLink are two 8.0 VFs. There are five raw copies in the lower grades.

First appearance of the Frightful Four
First appearance of Medusa

This is the first appearance of Medusa and the character would be known later as an Inhuman and part of the royal family led by Black Bolt. However, in this issue, she joins up as a member of the Frightful Four and is known as Madam Medusa.

The original Frightful Four super villain group consisted of the Wizard, Paste-Pot Pete, Medusa and none other than Spidey's old villain, the Sandman. In this issue, they break up Reed and Sue's engagement party and capture all but the Human Torch.

Medusa would later marry Black Bolt in Marvel continuity and become queen of the Inhumans. So, a pretty important key issue concerning her first appearance? Yes, and since an Inhumans movie is on the way, this comic is a hard find online for CGC copies.

March, 1965 was when the first appearance of Medusa was published.

eBay - Only one CGC copy up for auction ending in 6 days. It's a 7.5 low VF. Unslabbed copies available though. Best to keep checking eBay for this one.

mycomicshop - No copies here at the time of this writing. May change by the time you read this depending on when you read it.

First appearance of Princess Anelle
First appearance of Druffs

Princess Anelle? Okay, I just learned that Princess Anelle is the daughter of Dorrek VII, the emperor who sent the Super Skrull to defeat the Fantastic Four so he could attempt another invasion of Earth. Somewhere along the line during the Skrull-Kree war, Captain Marvel was captured by the Super Skrull in an attempt to win over her love, which she refused. Instead, she fell in love with Mar-Vell, and they bore a son, a Skrull-Kree hybrid which grandpa tried to have killed.

That son, Dorrek VIII, was sent to Earth with his nursemaid to escape his grandfather. She was suppose to give him to Mar-Vell, but soon learned that he had died. The nursemaid raised Dorrek VIII on Earth, and he assumed the name Teddy Altman. In later continuity, Teddy Altman would become the Young Avenger known as the Hulkling. This all, of course, is established much later and not in this Silver Age issue.

As for the Druffs, they are minor characters, but the poor fellas are constantly exterminated by the Skrulls, who see them as nothing but vermin. Comic was published April, 1965.

eBay - Two NM CGC copies with one being a 9.4 NM and the other a low NM 9.2. There are nine slabbed copies total, one is a PGX.

mycomicshop - All lower grade unslabbed copies here at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - Only two unslabbed copies remain here - A 6.0 FN and a 5.0 VG/FN.

2nd appearance of Medusa
2nd Frightful Four

Before the Inhumans were introduced into the Marvel Universe, Medusa already gets her 2nd appearance in the Fantastic Four comic series, and she is still a member of the Frightful Four in this issue. This also makes it the 2nd appearance of the Frightful Four as well.

May want to consider this key issue as well. May, 1965 is when this comic was published.

eBay - A CGC 9.2 low NM is the highest grade copy so far on eBay. Only four slabbed options total, but there are also a few raw copies spotted at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Just unslabbed, raw copies in the lower grade range here for now.

ComicLink - Only two CGC copies for sale here at the moment. Highest graded copy is a 7.5 low VF, second highest is a 7.0 FN/VF. Other copies available are unslabbed.

First appearance of Gorgon
Joe Sinnot begins inking for series

This is the 2nd Inhumans character that the Fantastic Four meets before they formally meet the Inhumans. Johnny Storm happens to run into Medusa, whom is trying to escape someone called Gorgon.

When Gorgon finally comes into play, he reveals that he and Medusa are from the same race and she is forbidden to mingle with others. He was sent to retrieve her. Of course, a battle between Gorgon and the Fantastic Four take place, and even the Dragon Man gets in on it.

Legendary Joe Sinnot begins inking for the series with this issue as well. The first appearance of Gorgon sets up the first appearance of the Inhumans, and the character will no doubt be in the Inhumans movie. This comic was published November, 1965, and his first appearance has yet to simmer up. Not to say it isn't expensive in high grades. It is, but that's mostly because it's an early Fantastic Four issue. However, it is being quite over-looked in the market currently.

eBay - Gorgeous CGC 9.6 NM+ is the top slab here so far with seven 9.4 NM copies at the moment. Last copy in the NM range is a 9.2 low NM, and the very last CGC option for this key is a 5.0 VG/FN.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.4 NM copy and a few unslabbed comics of this issue. Highest raw is a 6.0 FN.

ComicConnect - One very pretty CGC 9.4 and quite a few unslabbed copies with the highest raw being an 8.5 VF+.

ComicLink - Three CGC 9.4 NM copies and one CGC 9.2 low NM are the top slabs here. There are also two 8.5 VF+s, one 8.0 VF, and a 5.5 low FN in the CGC realm here for now. Two unslabbed 9.0 VF/NMs also currently.

First appearance of Inhumans
Medusa revealed as Crystal's sister

This issue issue, of course, is not over-looked and on the hot burner. I've mentioned and recommended it here before, during the rumors of an Inhumans movie. Now, it's confirmed that Marvel is pressing forward in getting this group onto the big screen.

All the Inhumans do actually appear in this issue, including Black Bolt, whom Johnny Storm does meet in this issue. Overstreet and everyone else notes this as the first appearance of the Inhumans, including such characters as Crystal, Black Bolt, Karnak, Lockjaw, and Triton. It is Crystal and her pet Lockjaw whom Johnny Storm first meets in this issue, and seeing that he also has powers and thinks they are similar, she takes him to meet her people.

Medusa is revealed to be Crystal's sister in this issue and an Inhuman. Demand for this book has bumped up greatly, but it is still one of the major Fantastic Four key issues to invest in. I do not see demand for this book fizzling anytime soon. This key comic was published December, 1965.

eBay - Extremely becoming scarce online, especially for high grade CGCs or CGCs as a matter of fact, there are only four CGC copies on the mighty eBay at the moment. Three are 8.0 VFs, with one up for auction and ending in 6 days or so. The last option is a 6.0 FN. There are raw copies available also.

Some major Fantastic Four key issues in Part 5 to this key comics list of Fantastic Four. First appearance of Medusa is starting to simmer up for CGC grades lower than 9.2 low NMs.The first appearance of Gorgon has yet to catch on, but I'm predicting Fantastic Four #44 soon will.

Missed Part 4? Just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. As for Part 6, just click the PART 6 link below to continue onward.

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