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Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Definitive Fantastic Four Key Comics List Part 2

Welcome back and welcome to Part 2 to this definitive Fantastic Four key comics or key issues, whichever you'd like to call it. We are still in the Silver Age and early FF issues, so most of these, if not all, are pretty much winners or solid comic investments for the long-term, whether you're a fan or not.

Quite a bit of good ones for sure in Part 2, but if you missed the first part to this key issues series, just click this Part 1 link to teleport your ass back. Alrighty then, it's "Clobberin' time!"

First appearance of Xantha
First appearance of Kurrgo

Hadn't mentioned this one yet, and it is an early FF issue. Nevertheless, it does have the first appearance of the Xantha, relatively minor race of aliens that never became integral to the Fantastic Four mythos.

Along with the first appearance of Xantha, Kurrgo's first appearance is also in this issue. He was the master of the planet Xanth and is relatively of minor importance.

What is important about this issue are a few things. First, it's the first documented time the Fantastic Four travel to another planet in the comics. 2nd, it's the first time Human Torch attempts to use his Nova Flame. This Silver Age key issue was published October, 1962.

eBay - Highest non-restored copy is a CGC 8.5, but there is a restored 9.0 copy that's trying to claim no restoration although the comic cover was trimmed. Sorry, that counts as "restoration". 2nd top graded copy is a 7.5 low VF. Actually there's two, one is with the old CGC label. No problem with the selection of CGCs for this issue at the moment.

mycomicshop - One CGC 7.0 copy at mycomicshop. Only copy so far and no unslabbers yet. That will change soon enough though.

ComicLink - Highest copy at ComicLink is a CGC 8.5 VF+. Second highest copy for sale is a FN 6.0. There are other CGC options available as well as a few unslabbed copies that are super low grade.

First appearance of Puppet Master
First appearance of Alicia Masters

Another one of the Fantastic Four's oldest enemies makes his first appearance here, and it's the first appearance of the Puppet Master. That's not all though. This issue also marks the first appearance of Alicia Masters, the step daughter of the Puppet Master.

Alicia Masters has become a well-known and popular supporting character in the Fantastic Four comics. A blind sculptor, her character started as a romantic interest for Ben Grimm, the Thing. She is also the character who pleads with the Silver Surfer to change his mind about destroying Earth and rejecting Galactus.

The character has been in both Fantastic Four films, but it's unknown whether she'll appear in Josh Trank's reboot. This comic was published November, 1962.

eBay - So far the highest graded CGC copies are three 7.0 FN/VFs on the mighty eBay. There is a 7.5 low VF but it is a restored copy. If that doesn't bother you, may want to snag it or not. Quite a few lower grade CGC options if you're on more of a budget.

mycomicshop - Mid-grade CGC 7.0 and a low grade CGC 4.5 on consignment here for now. Also a raw FR/GD.

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC options here for this key issue here. Three CGC 8.5s available and one VF unslabber is the top grade for raw copies at ComicLink so far. Plenty of other CGC graded options also.

First Impossible Man

The Impossible Man, not exactly a villain but more of the Mxyzptlk-type character for the Fantastic Four. This character has made several appearances in the Fantastic Four comics and belongs to an alien race known as the Poppupians. His home planet is Poppup, where the inhabitants share a collective conscious and also have the ability to shape-shift. The first appearance of Impossible Man was published February, 1963

eBay - Restored 8.5 VF+ copy with pictures so blurry I can't read the label. Take good pictures and scans, especially if you're asking for that amount of dough. As for regular Universal, the top grade is an 8.0 VF for the slabbed copies. Plenty of other options also with this key Silver Age issue.

ComicConnect - A few slabbed and unslabbed copies available at the time of this writing here. Highest is a PGX 7.5 low VF and the highest raw copy is a 5.5 low FN.

ComicLink - Highest CGC graded copy here is a 7.0 FN?VF. There's three of them available at that grade at the moment. Some unslabbed copies present as well.

1st meeting with Hulk
1st Hulk cross-over
Ties Amazing Spider-Man #1 as 1st Marvel cross-over
A huge and important Silver Age comic to get on so many levels. Not only is this the first meeting between the Fantastic Four and the Incredible Hulk, it is the first Hulk cross-over in comics.

It gets even better though. This comic ties the Amazing Spider-Man #1 as the first Marvel Comics cross-over also. That is under the name of Marvel to be exact. One of the best Fantastic Four key comics and issues to get from the Silver Age, this did make my top Fantastic Four comics list and was published March, 1963.

eBay - CGC 9.4 NM copy, but it is a restored one. Highest non-restored copy is an 8.5 VF+, which is more than super investment worthy. Plenty of other options in the mid-grade range for CGCs. Also unslabbed copies for this key.

mycomicshop - Only low grade unslabbed copies here at the moment. Highest is a 1.8 or low GD.

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ComicLink - Quite a few CGC copies here for this key issue at the time of this writing. Highest is a VF 8.0 with the second top grade being a 7.0 FN/VF. Lots of slabbed copies in the mid-grade range and four of them are 6.5 FN+s.

First Fantastic Four cross over
First issue to self-titled Spider-Man series
Ties FF #12 as first Marvel cross-over
First meeting between FF & Spidey
Whoa! I am throwing this issue into a Fantastic Four key comics list? You betcha and it's because it is the first Fantastic Four cross-over into another titled comic.

Not only that, but this issue is tied with Fantastic Four #12 as the first Marvel cross-over ever, and it is the first meeting between Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four after all! So, yeah, this one belongs on this list even though it is an Amazing Spider-Man comic. Nonetheless, it is one of the most valuable Silver Age Marvel Comics out there. I don't really have to say anymore about how good of an investment comic this key holy grail issue is.

You get the point. March, 1963 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Definitely no problem finding this holy grail of key issues on the mighty eBay for now. Unslabbed options is limited compared to slabbed options. High grade CGC is a different story. Mostly lower grade slabbed options with the highest being a 7.0 FN/VF Signature Series copy.

mycomicshop - One CGC Signature Series copy graded 4.5 here at the moment. Unslabbed copy at a FR 1.0 also. A PR or poor copy goes up for auction next month in September.

ComicLink - No problem finding CGC copies for this holy grail Silver Age key at ComicLink so far. There is a Golden Record Reprint, but the highest 1st printing is very pretty CGC 9.2 low NM.

Intro The Watcher
First appearance of Red Ghost
Not only the first appearance of the Watcher is in this comic, it's first appearance of Uatu and Uatu is the first of the Watchers to grace the Marvel Universe. The son of Ikor, Uatu chose the Earth's star system to watch over and based himself in the Blue Area of the moon, which was an abandon settlement of the Kree. 

Uatu became fond of the Fantastic Four and began breaking the vow of non-interference the Watchers were committed to by often warning them of impending dangers throughout the Fantastic Four series.

The Red Ghost, also known as Ivan Kragoff, a devoted communist and scientist studying the effects of Cosmic Rays on humans. Based on the research done by Reed Richards on the effects of Cosmic Rays and the abilities gained by the Fantastic Four, Ivan wanted not only to replicate the process but to increase the abilities that gained during the mutation.

So he flew a ship even more vulnerable to the Cosmic Rays and gained the power to become intangible  at will. The Red Ghost has been a recurring villain for the Fantastic Four and has battled other Marvel heroes as well. This issue also sees the first appearance of his trained primates Mikhlo the Gorilla, Igor the Baboon, and Peotr the Orangutan.

eBay - A very pretty CGC 8.5 VF+ is the top grade for slabbed copies at the time of this writing. A 7.5 low VF follows it. Only a handful or little more to choose from concerning slabbed copies. There are some raw copies as well.

mycomicshop - Only one copy but it is a CGC graded one at a 5.5 or low FN.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC copy but it is a gorgeous CGC 9.6 NM+. Three raw copies are for sale at the time of this writing also.

ComicLink - Only three copies present at the moment. All are CGC and top grade is a 7.0 FN/VF followed by a 6.5 FN+. Lowest grade is a 4.0 VG.

Some early Fantastic Four key issues and one or two yet mentioned on Total Comic Mayhem. There's definitely more coming and Part 3 to this Fantastic Four key comics list - a more in-depth and detailed list - is ready to be read so just click on that PART 3 link below in blue to read on.

If you missed Part 1, just click the PREVIOUS link below to head on back. If not, click that link to the right and enjoy Part 3.


  1. Thanks for posting this FF is one of my favorites :)

    1. No problem Gabriel, thanks for commenting...always good to hear from you. That reminds me...what are some of your comics, superheroes?

  2. Shiz, I mean favorite comics, superheroes? lol