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Friday, September 12, 2014

The Definitive Fantastic Four Key Comics List Part 10

Part 10 to this Fantastic Four key comics list, and we are winding our way into the late Bronze Age. Most of these, if not all, are pretty minor key issues at the time of this writing. 

If you missed Part 9 to this series, just click the link to read up on that. Otherwise, enjoy Part 10.

  • First appearance of HERBIE the robot

Humanoid Experimental Robot B-Type Integrated Electronics is what the name of this robot stands for. HERBIE was created by Mister Fantastic and Master Xar to help aid in search for Galactus. Other HERBIE robots were built later in the comics to conduct various duties around the Baxter Building. One HERBIE robot was even the guardian and companion for Franklin Richards as a boy.

This robot has become a well-known supporting character in the Fantastic Four comics and this first appearance of HERBIE was published August, 1979

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  • First appearance of Terrax

If there is a Bronze Age first appearance and key issue worth getting, Fantastic Four #211 and the first appearance of Terrax the Tamer is definitely one. He is a character that has been greatly tied to Silver Surfer and Galactus, as he was once his herald. He is a character greatly linked to the cosmic side of Marvel.

Terrax first appears as Tyros, who is from the Birjan race of humanoids, and ruler of the city-state Lanlak on the planet Birj. Galactus chose Tyros as his new herald but wanted him to be humbled by the Fantastic Four. When Tyros returned to Galactus defeated, Galactus transformed him into Terrax the Tamer and augmented his ability to control stone to unmeasurable degrees. He was also given the Cosmic Axe, which could generate waves of cosmic force.

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  • Origin of Frankie Raye
  • First appearance of Aunt Petunia
  • First appearance of Jake Grimm

Uh-oh, Frankie Raye has superpowers? In this issue she does, and it's revealed that she has had them all along since she was a child. The step daughter of Phineas Horton, she was doused with chemicals as a child.

Okay, let's backup here. Phineas Horton is the creator of the original Human Torch android, and developed the Horton Cell. This cell was the basic building block of artificial life.

So in this issue, it was the same chemicals that caused Horton's original Human Torch to burst into flames that Frankie had been exposed to. Out of guilt, Horton hypnotized Frankie to have a fear of fire so she would never use her powers.

Then she met Johnny Storm, and even though her powers did not resurface immediately, the mental block created by her stepfather was quickly beginning to fade away until this issue right here - Fantastic Four #238.

Also, we finally see Aunt Petunia and uncle Jake Grimm in this issue. Before, the Thing or Ben Grimm has always made references towards Aunt Petunia, but was never seen until this issue. Aunt Petunia and Jake Grimm are the ones who raised orphaned Ben Grimm, and in this issue, they come to ask the Fantastic Four for help.

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  • First appearance of Luna

Speaking of Quicksilver and Crystal's offspring, here we have the first appearance of Luna Maximoff and her birth in this issue. She is safely born in the Blue Area of the moon, where the city of Attilan is moved to with the help of the Fantastic Four.

She is the first child born to a mutant and an Inhuman, and it seemed the genetic markers of both these subgroups cancelled each other out. She was born a normal human and without powers. This would not sit well with Quicksilver, who was aghast at having a normal human daughter. He toyed with the idea of exposing her to the Inhuman's Terrigen Mists to mutate Luna like it had done with all the Inhumans.

Quicksilver was talked out of it at first by Gorgon and Karnak, but in later stories when Quicksilver was depowered by the decimation of mutant kind, he used the Terrigen Mists on himself and Luna as well. This enabled Luna to have the power to alter, sense and remove the emotions of others at will. Basically an empath. This issue was published in March, 1982.

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  • Frankie Raye becomes Nova
  • First appearance of Nova

An issue that was also in the Silver Surfer key issues list, Fantastic Four sees Frankie Raye become Nova and so it's the first appearance of Nova. Like I mentioned before, she becomes the new herald of Galactus, and this would further implant her as a popular supporting character in the Silver Surfer's volume 3 series.

Probably one of the better late Bronze Age Fantastic Four key issues to consider snagging. This comic was published July, 1982.

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  • She-Hulk joins the team

I started collecting the Fantastic Four when She-Hulk was still a member, but never knew when she exactly joined the team. Now I do, and so do you if you didn't before. Due to the Secret Wars storyline, Ben Grimm opts to stay on Battleworld, because he can revert back to Ben Grimm and the Thing voluntarily.

So, like Luke Cage, She-Hulk is recruited to be the muscle of the group. Unlike Powerman, she dons the famous blue and white and stays on for a longer time.

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Not a whole lot of CGC copies for these Fantastic Four key issues in Part 10, but that's not very surprising. Part 11 is ready, so to continue with this Fantastic Four key comics list just click the PART 11 link below.

If you missed the prior post to this series, just click the PREVIOUS link below to check that out.

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