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Monday, September 29, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 8

More of the best key issues and comics to invest in 2014, we have arrived at Part 8 to this series. All but one I've featured on here before, but many on in Part 8 are absolutely some to consider snagging before the end of this year comes to a close. Two of them maybe ones to get sooner than that.

There's a heavy duty Silver Age comic in this part that will probably gain even more heat this year if all goes well in TV land. You can click this Part 7 link if you missed the previous part to this series. If not, let's get down to more of the best comic investments to have snagged, or still snag during 2014.

The New Teen Titans #99 Volume 2

During the panels at SDCC this year, it was announced that Roy Harper would be making his debut in the Arrow television series. Not as his first incarnation as Speedy, but in his modern role as Arsenal.

The New Teen Titans #99 holds the first appearance of Roy Harper as Arsenal, and this one has been slow to catch on so far. Then again, CGC 9.8s have been pretty elusive online so far. This one just may heat up once the character springs into live action for season 3 of Arrow.

eBay - Not an easy find on eBay at the moment. Only saw one unslabbed copy so far and no CGC.

Amazing Spider-Man #298

If Amazing Spider-Man #300 has broke the ceiling and gone space bound in terms of value for high grade NMs, then it can safely be assumed that this one has heated up as well for high grade CGC 9.8s. And they have!

First appearances of Eddie Brock and Venom have risen in demand this year for sure and NM grades are being sought after a lot more. However, for values, 9.8s have mostly been affected and risen in value, falling between $200 to $300.

Amazing Spider-Man #298 has the first brief appearance of Eddie Brock and is the first Todd McFarlane artwork on the series, beginning his highly fan favorite run for the Web Head.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed and CGC graded copies with no problem finding 9.8s or 9.6s at the time of this writing. Ones reasonably priced is a different story though.

mycomicshop - Four copies with the highest being a CGC 9.4 NM. Other three are raw copies.

ComicConnect - Five CGC copies with two being 9.8s and two 9.6s. One of the 9.6s is a Signature Series and the last option is a 9.2 low NM.

ComicLink - Only three copes here for this one. Two are CGC and the highest is a 9.8 followed by a 9.4 NM. The last option is a raw copy at a 9.2 low NM.

Supergirl #1

The very first Supergirl titled series is probably a good one to get at the moment. Not that many CGC copies have popped up for 9.6s or 9.8s so far, so it's a bit hard to tell what one should be paying. 9.2 copy dropped recently for under the $100 mark however.

Prices have moved up for unslabbed copies as well, but they're not necessarily selling. This one will take a bit to heat up. There's demand now, meaning it's being sought out and selling, but we will see if this demand has pushed the actual sold value or not.

eBay - Only a few unslabbed copies available. Two CGC copies. One is a restored copy and the other a 9.6 NM+.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies here. One is a 9.8 at an overly ridiculous price and the other is an 8.5 VF+.

ComicLink - Only one CGC copy and it's an 8.5 VF+ also. Cheaper than the one at ComicConnect.

Action Comics #252

This comic was in demand long before the Supergirl TV series was even announced this month, and it's pretty safe to say that it's still a hot Silver Age DC Comics key issue to have. True, this comic would've been better if you snagged it like two years ago, but with the TV series in the works, the first appearance of Supergirl just may further get out of reach for many collectors out there.

Even low grade copies of this Action Comics #252 are already expensive, dropping past the $1000 mark and upwards. Mid-grade copies have hit the $2000 mark already. 2.0 GDs are nearing the $1000 mark and copies have become scarce on eBay.

eBay - Still pretty scarce for unslabbed copies. No CGCs at the time of this writing but that will probably change.

ComicConnect - Only one CGC 1.8 or low GD here at the moment.

The New Teen Titans #1

The 2nd appearance of the New Teen Titans just may see an increase in demand if the Titans TV series pans out as expected. New reports suggest that Flash and Arrow just may incorporate a shared universe between each other and the Teen Titans series.

Highly likely that one of those shows will see one or all of the Teen Titans characters on the Arrow or Flash TV Series to test them out before the Titans show is spun off into it's own series on the TNT network.

The New Teen Titans #1 has the 2nd appearance of the New Teen Titans yet also this key issue also sees Cyborg, Raven and Starefire officially join the team.

eBay - A few unslabbed copies are here, but only three CGC copies so far. 9.8s are present and I think there's only one 9.6.

mycomicshop - Only raw copies here at the moment. Highest are mid grade copies.

ComicLink - Four CGC copies here so far. Highest are two 9.8s and one 9.6 NM+. Last copy is a 9.0 VF/NM.

Amazing Spider-Man #299

The first full appearance of Eddie Brock and the first brief or cameo appearance of Venom, Amazing Spider-Man #299 has risen pretty slowly this year. The Venom Carnage movie has barely affected this key issue in terms of value, but demand is mild as it consistently sells on eBay.

CGC 9.8s have broke the $200 mark in August and September. 9.6s have moved up slightly but still aren't breaking the $100 mark for this first full appearance of Eddie Brock in Amazing Spider-Man #299. Quite surprised actually. Probably still a good idea to snag a 9.8 of this one this year.

eBay - No problem finding this Venom related key on eBay either for both slabbed or unslabbed copies. Plenty of 9.8s here and 9.6s also.

mycomicshop - Total of six copies here at the moment with three of them being CGC 9.8s. The rest are unslabbed options with the highest a VF/NM.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.6s are the only copies here at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - Highest here are three 9.6 NM+s. There are also two 9.4 NMs as well.

Can't believe we've gone all the way up to Part 8 and still not done! Yep, we are going to Part 9 in this series, and it's ready to view with more comics to invest in 2014. Click the PART 9 link below to continue.

If you missed Part 7 to this series, just click the PREVIOUS link below to find out the best comic investments detailed in that one for the year.

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