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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 7

Here's Part 7 to this comics to invest in 2014 series. We got more DC Comics to consider snagging this late into the year as well as some new picks considering our favorite mutant superheroes.

If you missed Part 6, just click the link to check that out. Other than that, let's get to the key comic issues presented in this new part. We got some good ones for sure.

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #1

Not exactly nuclear hot, but the recent news in 2014 about Robbie Amell stepping into the role of Ronnie Raymond, a.k.a. Firestorm for the new Flash TV series, has driven up demand and value for this late Bronze Age first appearance of Firestorm.

It's still cooking up so we'll see, and believe it or not, this key issue in CGC 9.8 is not an easy find in the market right now. However, a CGC 9.4 recently sold around the $150 mark. Not bad for a once highly over-looked comic you could probably get in the back issue bin for a buck earlier this year.

eBay - Still a pretty limited selection for unslabbed copies. CGC is non-existent at the moment for this issue, but I doubt that will last much longer. High grade CGC is still a hunt.

mycomicshop - Two CGC copies here at mycomicshop at the moment. One is a 9.6 and the other is a 9.4 NM. A few raw copies available as well.

Amazing Spider-Man #194

This one was probably best to get once news hit that Felicia Hardy would be appearing in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but it may still be a viable one to get this late into 2014 if rumors of the Black Cat being the female-led Spider-Man spin off flick that was announced this year becomes true. Of course, no confirmation on that has happened yet.

Demand is still a bit strong for her first appearance in Amazing Spider-man #194, and demand has already trickled down to 9.6s and 9.4s for the first appearance of Black Cat in Amazing Spider-Man #194. This key issue has definitely been one of the best comic investments to get in 2014.

eBay - Still a decent amount of raw copies at the time of this writing. Only about a handful of CGC 9.8s left, and some 9.6s at the moment.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies here, and the highest is a CGC 9.6 NM+. 2nd is 9.4 NM Signature Series. Raw copies available for sale as well.

ComicConnect - Only one copy but it is a graded CGC 9.6 NM+.

New Mutants Annual #2

First appearance of Psylocke in American comics and this is when the character was first integrated into the X-Men world. New reports are saying that Psylocke may appear in X-Men Apocalypse and almost appeared in Days of Future Past. Despite that, this key issue has seen an increase in value and in demand during 2014.

Simon Kinberg and Bryan Singer are both fans of the character, so Psylocke may see her debut in a future X-Men movie even if it's not in X-Men Apocalypse. The question is which version will she appear? Her more favored Jim Lee revamp or this one?

eBay - Definitely a lot more copies since the last time this was featured in the New Mutants key issue list done a few months back. More CGC copies have emerged since then and there are now 9.8s as well as 9.6s. No regular auctions though.

mycomicshop - Definitely not scarce at mycomicshop. Quite a few copies, but only two CGC slabs. Both are 9.6 NM+s. Highest raw copy is a low VF.

ComicLink - Only one copy here at the moment and it's a high grade CGC 9.8 slab.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1

More Spidey goodness and rightly so! News of a Sinister Six movie in the works hit this year, and this bad boy shot up like someone stuck a flame thrower underneath it.

2014 was the time to snag this one and quickly too as demand for it took off quicker than the Flash could say, "Damn!" Yes, that's how fast the first appearance of the Sinister Six heated up during 2014. It's already out there in terms of prices now, even for mid-grade and lower grade CGC copies. Sinister Six movie comes out before Amazing Spider-Man 3

eBay - Surprisingly quite a few options for both unslabbed and slabbed copies. Highest graded copy is a Signature Series 9.2 low NM followed by a 9.0 VF/NM. Other graded options for the first appearance of the Sinister Six as well.

mycomicshop - Only raw copies here at the moment and the highest is a GD+.

ComicConnect - One CGC 6.0 FN copy, but it's an auction item that's going up 11/10/2014.

ComicLink - Whoa, one whopping CGC 9.8 copy here going for whopping dough! Only copy there at the time of this writing.

Uncanny X-Men #256

Just in case, this is the 1st new Psylocke as Lady Mandarin that was revamped by Jim Lee. Actually, this version made the character hugely popular. If Simon Kinberg truly does have the hots for this character, it's only a matter of time before this version of Psylocke makes her big onscreen debut. I'm surprised she hasn't already.

Personally, I'd love to see that. In terms of comic investments, this comic is still below the $200 mark for CGC 9.8s. So, yes, that means that 2014 is still a good time to get in on this one.

eBay - Not a matter of scarcity for this issue on the might eBay. Plenty of unslabbed copies, but the CGC selection is pretty limited. There are 9.8s though, but only about three at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 is here. Actually there are two and the only copies for slabs at the moment. Other 9.8 copy is a Signature Series signed by Chris Claremont. Raw copies available also.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.8 copy here. Only copy at this moment.

ComicLink - One CGC copy here. It's a 9.8 and going for the same amount as the one on ComicConnect.

Daredevil #1

Okay, this one would have definitely been better to snag late last year when the Netflix TV series was announced, but early 2014 would have been good as well. Like Iron Man #1 before the movie, this was one of the top rated under-valued Silver Age comics for many years.

Not anymore for sure. 2014 saw demand for Daredevil #1 shoot up drastically, even for low grade VG CGCs. Daredevil The Man Without Fear and his first appearance has definitely been hot this year.

eBay - Some unslabbed copies present at the moment, but quite a few CGC copies. Highest non-restored slab is a PGX 9.4. For CGC, it's a 9.2 low NM.

mycomicshop - Lower grade CGC copies located here. Highest is a 3.0 GD/VG. Other is a 2.0 GD and both are Signature Series. There's also a regular Universal 1.8 copy as well.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 4.0 VG copies going up for auction 11/10/2014. Only copies present here at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - Beautiful CGC 9.6 NM+ copy here. Other options available, mostly in the mid-grade CGC realm.

Wow, this series is getting up there, and there are still a bit more parts left to go. Though we were nearing the end of this comics to invest in 2014 list, but it seems we have a few left to cover.

More key investment comics are ready to view in Part 8. There's quite a bit of more surprise keys and some that I've already recommended on here previously. 

If you missed Part 6, just hit that PREVIOUS link below. Otherwise, head on over to PART 8 by clicking the blue link below.

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