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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 6

Moving right along and we are here at Part 6 to this comics to invest in 2014 list. We got some new and old picks from this year and one that's especially heating up at the moment. Another one has a real good chance of doing so in the near future also.

We are winding down near the end to this series, but there are still some Parts left to go. If you missed the previous part before this one, just click this Part 5 link to go back. Other than that, here's Part 6!

Batman The Dark Knight Returns #1

This comic got a nice jump in value for CGC 9.8s, and the reason for that is a few sites reported that BvS Dawn of Justice was basing the storyline off of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns series. Well, at least the fact that we're dealing with an older Batman.

So, this comic which you could get for a $150 at CGC 9.8s before the Batman v Superman hoopla has jumped to selling on average around the $500 mark for 1st printing 9.8s. Not bad at all and one of the Copper Age key issue comics that has gotten well-deserved recognition in the comic investing world.

eBay - No problem finding copies of this issue raw, but be careful of the various prints this issue has. Not that many 9.8s, but quite a few 9.6 NM+s and other grades lower for CGC copies.

mycomicshop - Eight copies here and three are CGC 9.6 NM+s, which are the highest so far. Two CGC 9.4 NMs and one 9.2 low NM finishes up the slabs currently here. There are only two raw options at VG grades.

ComicLink - Two copies and both are CGC. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ and the other a 9.0 VF/NM.

Iron Man #304

Whoa! Why is this on here? Are ya kidding me?

Nope, not at all. During SDCC, it was revealed that Iron Man was going to be in his Hulkbuster armor, and now I'm sure that you can assume that Iron Man #304 is the first appearance of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor.

This is quite over-looked at the moment for the most part. No CGCs, but unslabbed copies have seen an increase in value. On average this is dropping for around the $20 range and moving up. If you got a copy and think it's high grade enough, may want to think about getting it graded at CBCS or CGC.

If you're looking for a cheaper investment, this one is it for raw copies.

eBay - No CGCs and a limited selection of raw copies at the moment. This sucker is heating up.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed raw FN copy here at the time of this writing. May change sooner or later though.

The Marvel Family #1

Talk about a tough one to find. This Golden Age goodie has the first appearance of Black Adam, and like many speculated, it looks like the Rock will play Captain Marvel's ultimate foe on the big screen.

Confirmation of a Shazam movie has been set, the Rock recently confirmed his role as Black Adam, and this key issue is extremely sought after but a tough one to find. That counts for even low grade, raw copies. Marvel Family #1 is definitely one of the comics to look for in 2014 and is a solid Golden Age comic investment for sure. Whether you can find one or afford one is a different story though.

eBay - Only one first printing of this comic located here at the moment and it's a CGC 7.5 low VF.

Amazing Spider-Man #300

I use to say this issue was a comic to invest in any year, but early 2014 was definitely a time to do so. With word that a Venom movie was in the works and then given a release date, this comic at 9.8s shot up a little past the $1000 mark.

The first appearance of Venom in Amazing Spider-Man #300 has always had strong demand for the past couple of years, but now this Copper Age key issue is in a different dimension for a...well, Copper Age book that isn't all that rare. Demand is trickling down to the lower high grade NMs currently fo CGCs, and unslabbed raws have also picked up.

eBay - Scarce? Hardly. A boatload of copies to choose from on eBay. No problem finding 9.8s or 9.6s or any other high grade copy. Lower grade CGCs are pretty scarce though for good reason.

mycomicshop - No shortage of copies here. Three CGC 9.8s and four 9.6 NM+s. Quite a few slabbed copies and a limited amount of raw copies.

ComicConnect - Wow, a whopping CGC 9.9 graded slab is here at the moment and commanding an insane price, almost near 10 grand. Wheweee! Three other CGC copies with two of them being 9.6 NM+s and one 9.8.

ComicLink - Quite a few slabbed copies of this highly sought out key issue. A CGC 9.9 is the top grade here, and there are only two CGC 9.8s. Quite a few CGC 9.6s though and other graded options as well.

Uncanny X-Men #266

We all know why this comic is suddenly back on the hot seat, and it has everything to do with Channing Tatum rumored to play the role of Gambit. Although I'm not impressed with Tatum as our new Gambit, the first appearance of Gambit in Uncanny X-Men #266 has seen a push in demand but not much in value. 

CGC 9.8s are still dropping within the $200 range and more in the mid-$200 range. Tatum has been confirmed recently to star as the fan-favorite X-Men, but this comic still struggles to break the $300 mark consistently at high grade 9.8. This comic is still one of the more sought out and talked about X-Men key issue comics from the Copper Age. Still not too late to snag this one as X-Men Apocalypse is expected to hit theaters in 2016.

eBay - No problem finding a copy of this raw or unslabbed as well on the mighty eBay for now. Quite a lot of 9.8s and some of them are Signature Series.

mycomicshop - No shortage of graded copies for this first appearance of Gambit here either. Three CGC 9.8s and four CGC 9.6 NM+s. A few raw copies as well at the moment.

ComicConnect - We got four CGC 9.8s and two of them are Signature Series and the other two regular Universals. Two CGC 9.6 NM+s and one VF/NM copy. All are CGC at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - A few options here as well for the first appearance of Gambit. There are a few CGC 9.8s and 9.6s to consider or price match with other sources. All are CGC though.

Fantastic Four #38

The first appearance of Medusa is going bonkers right now, but don't forget the 2nd appearance of Medusa in Fantastic Four #38 as well. This is also the 2nd appearance of the Frightful Four, but that's of lesser importance at least for now. Inhumans movie has been confirmed to be in the works and it's only a matter of time before others start looking towards this one also.

Not an easy find in high grade CGCs, and they'll probably already be expensive.

eBay - Surprisingly quite a few raw copies, but only three options when it comes to CGC at the moment. Highest is an 8.5 VF+.

mycomicshop - Only low grade copies here at the moment. All of them are basically reading copies.

ComicConnect - We got a Cgc 9.2 low NM copy going up for auction 11/10/2014. Three other raw copies here at the moment also. Highest is a 5.5 low FN.

ComicLink - Only two slabbed copies and both are CGC. Highest is a 7.5 low VF and the other is a 7.0 FN/VF. A few raw copies as well and the highest raw copy is a low VF.

Alrighty, some good ones here to still consider and some that have already seen an increase in demand and value during 2014. Part 7 to this comics to invest in 2014 is ready for viewing with more comic investments that were, still are, or becoming hot. Just click that PART 7 link below to read on!

Hit the PREVIOUS link below to read part 5 if you happened to miss it.


  1. I could see books like ASM #50, #51, and Daredevil #131 and even #181 getting a boost once the show debuts especially with the Kingpin bring Vincent D'onfrio.

    1. I can see ASM #50 and #51 going up in value....not sure about the other Daredevils, but interest could spill over to those Daredevil keys. ASM #50 and 51 and are pretty much solid comic investments regardless.

      I do hope that Bullseye and Elektra are in the Netflix show. I'd like to see those characters done right this time.