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Friday, September 26, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 4

Whipping right along, we have made our way to Part 4 of this comics to invest in 2014 list that showcases some of the best comics to have snagged this year and some that are still worth getting, as well as some new additions that are steaming up. 

2014 is winding down quickly, so let's get to it pronto! If you missed Part 3, no worries! You can click this PART 3 link and it'll sling you right back there. However, if you're ready for this part then let's rock n' roll.

X-Factor #24

We're still awaiting confirmation of this character making his debut in the next X-Men movie and follow up to the massive hit Days of Future Past. It seems likely since it's been confirmed that the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse will appear in the new X-film.

This comic has seen mild heat so far as the rumors swirl, and the first appearance of Archangel is being watched with close scrutiny in the comic investing world. Once confirmation is made, this Copper Age key issue just may see an even bigger push in demand. 2014 is the time to short-term invest on this bad boy and most likely sell when the movie nears or is released.

eBay - Absolutely no shortage of copies here right now, slabbed or unslabbed. Still quite a bit of 9.8s, some reasonably priced and some not. Lots of 9.6s as well at the moment.

mycomicshop - No shortage of copies here for the first appearance of Archangel at the moment. CGC 9.8s present and some are reasonably priced. CGC 9.6s are still going for under the $100 mark with this one.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 and it's the only copy left at the time of this writing. It's a bit overpriced for now.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.8 copies here and one is a Signature Series.

X-Factor #23

The first brief appearance of Archangel in X-Factor #23 is starting to simmer up in the unslabbed realm. CGC copies are still few and far between as this comic isn't really widely known yet for it's key issue status.

It appears that much hasn't greatly changed since I listed this one in the Apocalypse key issues, but if confirmation of Archangel being in the next X-Men Apocalypse movie, this key issue could see a nice bump in demand for CGC 9.8s.

eBay - There seems to be quite a bit of raw copies on eBay at the moment. A few are toting NM grades. Only two CGC copies though. One is a 9.8 CGC Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. The other is a regular Universal 9.4 NM.

mycomicshop - Only three unslabbed copies here and the highest is a VF. The lowest is a VG.

Marvel Premiere #15

This one was best to get in 2012 when I first recommended it in an article on hubpages. However, late 2013 would have been a good time as well. Now, Marvel Premiere #15 is selling above the $2000 mark and nearing the $3000 mark quickly.

9.6s are above the $1000 mark and 9.4 CGCs are within the $600 range. Demand is still strong for Marvel Premiere #15 and the first appearance of Iron Fist, and this has proven to be one of the best comic investments within 2014.

eBay - Lots of unslabbed copies and lots of them are overgraded as well. Quite a few CGCs, but the highest are 9.6 NM+s. No CGC 9.8s, which isn't all that surprising at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC copy present and it's a 9.6 NM+ Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. It's going for uber bucks. There are three raw copies and the highest is a low VF.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.8 going up for auction 11/10/2014. Only copy here and will most likely drop well past the $2000 mark.

ComicLink - Four CGC copies, but no CGC 9.8s left. Highest is only one CGC 9.6 NM+. There is a CBCS copy graded 9.4 NM.

Marvel Premiere #16

The 2nd appearance of Iron Fist is seeing a nice bump in demand and value for CGC 9.8s. They are dropping near the $600 mark already. 

CGC copies lower than 9.8s are seeing demand as well, but they are greatly lower in value. 9.6s haven't even broke the $100 mark for auctions just yet for Marvel Premiere #16. It will take them a while for them to increase in value of any significance. This one was best to get early in 2014, or even back in late 2013 when the Netflix TV shows were first announced.

eBay - Definitely no shortage of unslabbed copies. High grade raw copies is another matter though. Only three CGC copies and two are 9.6s.

mycomicshop - Seven unslabbed copies only. Highest is a FN/VF and is on consignment. The rest are actually in stock.

ComicConnect - Two CGC copies and the first is a CGC 9.6 NM+. The second is only a 9.0 VF/NM.

ComicLink - Highest is a cgC 9.6 NM+. The other option is a CGC 9.4 NM. Only two copies at the time of this writing so far.

Flash #117

The first appearance of Captain Boomerang, you say? Why is this? Nick Tarabay has just recently been cast as Captain Boomerang for the new season of Arrow. Reports and confirmations just came out this month, and it seems that he will appear in two episodes so far.

Silver Age Flash comics are already valuable, but this sucker may get a nice push with this recent news. Reports also say that he may likely cross over into the new Flash series as well. Looks like a good one to snag in 2014 to me.

Then again, these Silver Age key DC Comics are comic investments to hold onto, as they are increasingly getting harder to scrounge up and are getting more in-demand in the Silver Age back issue market.

eBay - Only a few unslabbers present. Most are in grades that aren't worth writing about. CGCs succeed in eluding us at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - Only unslabbed copies here and they're all low grade. Not surprising in the least.

A-Next #7

It seems that I was wrong about Evangeline Lilly playing Janet van Dyne, new reports says she will actually play Hope Pym, the daughter of Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne. Since the news, A-Next #7 has just begun to steam up in the market and this 1999 comic book sees the first appearance of Hope Pym.

In the comics, she is known as the Red Queen and never took the Wasp moniker, but it seems that Marvel and Disney just may mess things up and introduce her as the Wasp later on. Still no casting news on Janet van Dyne, which is logical to assume that she will be an older version in the Ant-Man films.

This comic is still affordable, and very few CGC available. If you're looking for a cheaper short-term investment, best to get in early on this one! You may have this one so best to check those junk boxes.

eBay - Very limited selection for both unslabbed and CGC copies. Actually, no CGC copies for the 1st printing of this key issue at the time of this writing. may want to keep an eye out for this on eBay or rummage through the back issue bins at your local. They may not have picked up on this one yet.

Alright that completes Part 4 but we still go more comic investment goodness in Part 5 and it is ready. If you missed Part 3, just click that PREVIOUS link to head on back. If not, head on over to Part 5 and click that PART 5 link below for more comics to invest in 2014!


  1. hubpages that's the name of the article I first saw that you wrote about key issues to get now. still got all of those written down and have almost completed that list. the only difference now is I try to get higher grade issues instead of just getting them to have. cant wait next show going to in columbia, sc oct 5 cant wait JW

    1. That must've been the Top Bronze Age Comics to get list that I did on there back in 2012. Wow, almost completed that list? Some pretty awesome comics on that list I did way back when. Which ones do you have?

      Is this gonna be a bigger show in the area?

    2. I think it was a silver age comics to invest in but I could be wrong had the site saved but wont load. got TOS 39, 52, 57 capt 100, 109 avengers 1, 4 Hulk 102 thor 126 JIM 84, 85. first wasp appearance cant remember the number right now. show in Columbia should be bigger put on by heros and dragons which I believe is one of the biggest stores on east coast. JW

  2. Ah, ok, I know which one you're talking about. Cool! Wow, got some great comic investments there for sure JW, and I hope the show has some good snags for ya this time around!

  3. yeah most of those are lower grade when I first started and even replaced hulk 102 with a cgc 9.4 and TOS 52 and avengers 4 and sold my lower graded copies. didn't really get the whole investment driven high grade copies at first just buying to get. know im a lot more patient and don't buy as often till I save but when I do its higher grade issues or ones I think are going to heat up. have a bunch of omega men 3, x force 2, and infinity gauntlet 1 that I got for 3 bucks a piece that I need to send in to get graded. but I put that on backburner because it coat so much to get graded and there are more comics I want to get :). JW

    1. I hear ya JW, I put sending in stuff to CGC or CBCS on hold so I could buy more comics as well. I think I remember you telling me you got a Hulk 102 9.4 at a con earlier this year or late last year.

  4. yeah bought it at heros con in char nc, biggest show near where I live every year JW.

  5. Hey Mayhem how are ya? Quick question. I am looking at sending in a few comics for cgc grading. Can you tell me what the average cost of a comic is to get graded with average shipping? Like is it $80 a book or similiar. Never sent one away before and still feel a little weary doing so. Have you ever sent off a high grade fearing it would be replaced with a little lower grade??? Curious.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You should check out the service fees page:

      I'm always nervous when I send books off to CGC and having them come back lower than expected or labeled Restored but that's the game.

  7. Thanks for the info and link Mayhem.