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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 2

Alright, and we're at Part 2 to this Comics to Invest In 2014 list. Some of the comics on this list will review the comics I've recommended already during the year and some, very few, will be new ones that may be good ones to still seek out.

Anyways, if you missed the previous part to this series, just click this Part 1 link to go back and check that out. Otherwise, let's get Part 2 crackin'!

Marvel Super-Heroes #13

Even though Ms. Marvel may not see the big screen for quite a while, fans are anticipating and expecting the character to do so. It's been a rumor for a while that Ms. Marvel, most likely as Captain Marvel, will assemble in a future Avengers movie.

With the Kree somewhat introduced in the Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. TV series and Guardians of the Galaxy, this expected rumor may just become a reality. Like I always say, it's not a question of if but when.

First appearance of Carol Danvers is still sought out and no easy find in CGC grades at the moment. This is a definite comic to invest in for 2014 and even 2015.

eBay - This bastid is still no easy find in decent grades, although there appears to be more unslabbed copies than the last time I mentioned this. CGC copies are still scarce at the moment.

mycomicshop - As I was saying earlier, a bunch of unslabs here and all are in the lower grade. Still hard to find decent copies of this comic.

Swamp Thing #37 Volume 2

The first full appearance of John Constantine has seen a major bump in value and demand just a few short months ago with the announcement of the TV series coming this October to be exact. Swamp Thing #37 from the second series remained an over-looked key issue to snag until recently.

This issue as well as the character John Constantine was written by Alan Moore, and his many creations have been fan favorites for quite some time. 9.8s have become pretty scarce finds online at the moment, though a few do pop up. CGC 9.8s are dropping near the $600 mark on average.

eBay - Still a bunch of copies for both CGC and raw comics for the first full appearance of John Constantine. Only one 9.8 for now and they are getting more scarce to find online. A few 9.6s located at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Two copies here and one is CBCS 9.0 VF/NM. Other copy is a raw 7.0 FN/VF.

ComicLink - Four copies here and three are CGC 9.6 NM+s. Lowest option is a 9.4 NM which is also CGC graded.

Ms. Marvel #1

The first appearance of Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel was a definite comic to invest in for 2014. This issue shot up quick and is now over the $1000 mark for CGC 9.8s.

It may be too late to invest in 9.8s of Ms. Marvel #1, but 9.6s are still climbing up and 9.4s are moving up nicely as well. When this character is finally confirmed for the silver screen, this Bronze Age comic in lower high grades will see an influx of demand from those who weren't on the ball and missed the 9.8 train.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies here at the moment. A few 9.6s and 9.4s to consider. Highest is a 9.8 and it's well over the $1000 mark. Last 9.8 sold in the $1300 range and just three days ago from the time this post was published.

mycomicshop - Boatload of copies but only one CGC and it's a 9.4. All the rest are unslabbed and the highest raw copy is a low VF.

ComicConnect - Three CGC copies and all are going up for auction in November 10th of this year. Highest is a CGC 9.8 and 2nd highest a 9.4 NM.

Hellblazer #1

This issue has seen mild demand but had about a hundred bucks increase since announcement of the Constantine TV series. Hellblazer #1 is seeing a slow simmer but may shoot up drastically if the show becomes a success.

CGC 9.8s shouldn't be too expensive and should be around the upper $200 to $300 bucks on the dot. I think this Copper Age comic will still see some growth, but I seriously doubt it will hit the $1000 mark anytime soon.

eBay - There appears to be quite a few unslabbed and slabbed copies for this key issue here at eBay. 9.8s are getting scarce and the ones on there at the moment are over priced except for the 9.8 Signature Series copy.

mycomicshop - Only one CGC copy and it's a 9.8. The rest are raw copies and the highest is a VF.

Sandman #4 Volume 2

More recent television news concerning DC Comics, and it appears the Dark Lord himself is in the works for this own TV series coming to your living room soon. Pretty creepy, but Sandman #4 from the second series is the first appearance of the character Lucifer Morningstar.

This character had his own comic series that ran for 75 issues, and the folks at FOX are adapting the series into the TV series. Although there's been quite a few version of Lucifer in DC Comics, this particular version was created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith.

This comic has yet to catch on as the news is pretty fresh, but this may be a short-term comic investment to gun for soon.

eBay - No problem finding copies of this key issue here at the moment. CGC is a different story and there's only one at 9.2 low NM. A 9.8 sold for $65 just a few days ago. Can we say overpricing a low NM slab? I sure can.

Venom vs. Carnage #2

This one, of course, is a long shot, and I admit that I am purely speculating on this one. I figure if a Venom Carnage movie will feature the two, wouldn't the spawn of Carnage known as Toxin make an appearance on the big screen in the near future also?

Rarely do I ever recommend any Modern Age comics on here, but this one may be a cheap short-term investment in case Sony does expand their Spider-Man franchise in a big bad way, and Toxin just might be in the think-tank for future projects down the line. Venom vs. Carnage #2 has the first appearance of Toxin.

eBay - No CGC for this issue on eBay which is no surprise and expected. A few unslabbed copies and many of them you can get in comic lots that have the complete run of this limited series.

mycomicshop - Three raw copies here. Highest is a VF/NM 9.0 and the second highest is an 8.0 VF.

Still have a few more parts to this series to go with more surprise key issues that may or will be good ones to get late in 2014. Like I said, most are of these keys will be reviews and quite a few are a bit too late to jump on in high grades. Some you can still get at grades lower than 9.8 or 9.6.

If you missed Part 1 just click that blue PREVIOUS link below to check it out. Part 3 is ready so click the blue link to the right to read onward.


  1. my best friend went sdcc over the summer; I gave him few comics to get graded. This are the grades I'm hoping for on this comics: ( x-men 266 9.8) (amazing spider-man 300 8.5) (fantastic four 48 3.0) (marvel spotlight 5 9.2) ( marvel super-heros 18 7.0) (avengers 57 6.0) I was told that modern comics will be in oct and older comics in nov. crossing my fingers on this grades; I want to see if my grading is getting better with older comics. p.s. I want to buy a horror comic on Halloween I'm thinking on tomb of Dracula 1 or 10. what is the best choice?

    1. Pretty impressive batch of comics you're getting graded there, and I've got my fingers crossed as well for ya, Oraldo. Very nice snags and you'll have to let me know what they came back as, because now I'm curious.

      Hmmm....As for TOD #1 or #10, I'd choose the first appearance of Blade in #10. Only a matter of time before they do a reboot. Actually, Marvel has scripts for a Blade reboot already and David S. Goyer has said last year that a Blade reboot is a certainty.

  2. I will; let you know as soon as I get them. O

  3. I'll be buying more copies of asm 361 and jla #1 once I get my comics back from cgc :)

    1. Wow, still not done with the 361s and JLA #1?

    2. lol nope I'm buying as much as I can afford before they become too expensive :)

    3. Definitely sounds like a plan, Gabriel.

  4. drum roll, please I just got my comics from cgc that I send over the summer! here are the grades that I got (x-men 266 9.8) ( amazing spider man 300 7.0) (fantastic four 48 3.0) (avengers 57 6.0) (marvel spotlight 5 7.5) (marvel super-heros! 18 7.5) I was pleasantly surprise on some of the grades others not to much like my spider man fantastic four ghost rider I over spend a lot of money but that was in beginning of me buy older comics know I buy try to buy graded comic. in couple days I'm going through my long boxes and for more gems for next years comic con. p.s. I got doorway into nightmare 1 and detective comics 501,502 vf+ $ 27.

    1. Hey Oraldo, well I have no idea what you paid for some of these books, but that X-Men 266 9.8 is a great one! Not a bad haul. Avengers #57 and Marvel Superheroes #18 should be good ones for some instant return. Not too bad there amigo!

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    the good work!

    1. What up? Thanks for reading and the props. I'll try to keep up the goodness.

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