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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Comics to Invest In 2014 Part 10

Welcome to Part 10, and there are some pretty big heavy hitters from the Golden Age in this one. There's a good reason for that as well as you'll soon read, and you probably already know why.

No cheapies in this one. Well, except for maybe one, depending on whether you opt for unslabbed or CGC. 

We are close to the end with this comics to invest in 2014, and there will only be one more part after this one. If you missed Part 9, just click that link to go back. Otherwise, let's get Part 10 done with!

Avengers #112

Another female member of the Guardians of the Galaxy that's being speculated into joining her cosmic comrades in an upcoming Guardians flick is Mantis. The character is widely known for being an Avengers as well as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and those facts are causing many to believe she will join them on the screen in the near future.

Hard to say, both contenders are good candidates and most likely we may see both characters. This comic is gaining heat in the market place, but high grade CGCs are still pretty scarce. I'm sure quite a few are waiting for their copies to come back from CGC. Unslabbed copies for the first appearance of Mantis in Avengers #112 are selling quite well currently.

eBay - Seems to be quite a few unslabbed copies so far, but zero on the CGC front as mentioned before. May change when it comes to that and quite soon.

All Star Comics #8

Late last year, comic fans got a Christmas gift from Warner Bros. when they announced that Wonder Woman was cast and will be hitting the screen in Batman v Superman. Gal Gadot was the lucky actress to win the part and though many questioned the casting call, it was still exciting news.

Now, All Star Comics #8 and the first appearance of Wonder Woman will always be a solid comic investment and a horridly expensive one also. Demand for her first appearance did go up slowly and not as wildly as some other DC Silver Age keys.

That has to do with the rarity of finding All Star Comics #8 though and the fact that most comic investors can't afford it, including myself. You can buy a KIA with just a low grade VG slabbed copy.

A holy grail Golden Age comic to get even in low grades. Early 2014 would've been the best time to snag this as I'm sure it will continue to grow in value even after the Justice League movie hits theaters.

eBay - No surprise that this comic is extremely scarce even on the mighty eBay. There are three CGC copies I saw that's not restored and they are a 4.0 VG, a two 3.0 GD/VGs. There's also a CGC restored 8.5 VF+ copy as well.

Showcase #4

Jeez, this is comic investment that's good to snag any year, because it keeps getting more and more valuable. The first appearance of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, is historically an important comic and marks the beginning of the Silver Age of comics.

It's valuable for a good reason, and is considered one of the holy grails to obtain in one's vault. The Flash TV series no doubt put an added fire under this key issue's ass. Confirmation first did hit last summer in 2013, and it would've definitely been better to grab this issue during the 80s. But that's cheating unless you use the Speed Force to go back in time.

One of the holy grails of the Silver Age, solid investment comic, pretty rare, and extremely in demand. What else is there to say about the first appearance of Barry Allen as the Silver Age Flash and the revival of superhero comics?

eBay - All extremely low grade CGCs for non-restored slabs at the time of this writing. Two 5.0 Restored copies available as well.

mycomicshop - Coverless CGC NG (No Grade) copy here, but that's it.

ComicConnect - Five CGC graded options here. Highest is a VF+ 8.5 and it goes up for auction 11/10/2014. Other CGC options in the lower grades here at the moment also. All are Universal labels for slabbed copies.

ComicLink - Only one low grade CGC copy here and it's a 1.8 low GD.

Flash #139

Okay, this one definitely should've been snagged in 2014. Actually, early 2014 as it was confirmed that the character of Professor Zoom was cast for the new Flash TV series. However, instead of his original comic book name, Eobard Thawne, the show has changed the character's real name to Eddie Thawne.

It's still not known how much of the character they will twist for this show. It seems that Eddie Thawne is not from the future and is a fellow detective that works with and is friends with Barry Allen. However, many are expecting something to happen to Eddie Thawne in the show that will make him get down with his Reverse Flash self.

That may not happen until a later season though. However, the first appearance of Professor Zoom in Flash #139 saw quite an increase in value and demand. Silver Age DC Comics are getting more play in the back issue market and very little keys in the current market are still cheap.

eBay - Only a few limited amount of unslabbed copies so far. CGC even more limited with only two copies. There is a CGC 9.4 NM of this key however. Also a CGC 6.5 FN+.

mycomicshop - Only one copy here and it's an unslabbed low GD

Luke Cage: Hero For Hire #1

Early 2014 was the best time to get in on this one since it was announced late 2013 that Netflix and Marvel were working on a deal for four TV series concerning four Marvel characters. Luke Cage was announced as one of them, and this first appearance shot up fast and quick.

I remember this one real well, as I saw a copy at one of the comic cons a few months before the news, and even though my gut told me to get it then, I didn't listen and then...Blam! News of the TV series hit and prices shot up. Damn, can't get 'em all.

First appearance of Luke Cage is still in demand. High grades are expensive for this key at the moment.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed options if you wanna go that route. About eight CGC copies with the highest being a 9.6 NM+. There are a few 9.2 low NM slabs that I spotted as well.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.2 low NM copy here. Only copy so far.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.6 NM+ copy here available.

The Defenders #1

Another one that took a huge bump in demand pretty fast during 2014. The early months of this year would've been best to get in on this one, as the Defenders was announced to be the fourth TV series for the Netflix/Marvel deal.

Even though, the line up is completely different and none of the original Defenders members will be in the show, this #1 issue still saw demand and rose in value because of the upcoming show. This is not the first appearance of the Defenders team, but the first issue to the series.

The show will have Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron First, and Daredevil as the Defenders. The comic's original line up was Dr. Strange, the Hulk, and Namor with Silver Surfer joining soon after.

eBay - Seems to be a few raw copies to choose from, but only a handful of CGC copies for this key issue. 9.6 NM+ is the highest and one 9.4 NM is the 2nd highest for slabs at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only four unslabbed copies here with the highest being a FN followed by a low FN.

ComicLink - Only two copies and both are CGC slabs. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ and the other copy is a 9.2 low NM at the moment.

Alrighty, some holy grails was just featured in Part 10 and for good reason as many of these characters will either be hitting the small or big screen, and confirmation of that happening was during the year or very late 2013. Whether you can afford them, I dunno. I sure can't, but they are hot this year.

One part to go and we'll be done. Actually, I'll be done with this comics to invest in 2014 list. Part 11 is ready so click the blue link below to continue on.

If you missed Part 9, just click the PREVIOUS link below.



  1. just throwing it out there because im bored but some could invest in copys of 4, 55, and 181. avengers, xmen, ASM, and showcase 4 avengers, FF4, iron man 55, avengers, daredevil, batman and hulk 181. its a conspiracy theory. give me cgc 8.5 of all these and ill quit. JW

    1. Awesome, JW! If you got more suggestions for 2014, throw some out in Part 11 as well. Well, that's if you're bored enough.

  2. TMC; has a post that mantis is going to be in the avengers movie; It's time to get avengers 112 before the blow up in price. I'm glade I got my copy vf for 30$ with shipping.

    1. While I'm not certain if those sources are 100% accurate, I'm pretty sure that Mantis is a good candidate for a future appearance as a GOTG member. As for buying Avengers #112 now? It's already in a pretty high peak and prices are extremely over-bloated for a comic that wasn't even worthy slabbing a year ago.

      I think it's actually a better time to sell Avengers #112 than buy, unless you can find a dealer who is unaware of the possibility of her character being in a future movie, which is pretty slim but it can happen.