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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Definitive Fantastic Four Key Comics List Part 4

Here we are at Part 4 to this Fantastic Four key comics list, which will detail even more key issues from the first Fantastic Four series. We're still in the Silver Age to no surprise and there's quite a few good ones to consider in this part. You'll have to see for yourself.

If you missed the Fantastic Four key issues in Part 3, you can click the link to go back read up on those, or if you're all good, just continue on and enjoy more cosmic goodness brought to you by none other than the Fantastic Four.

Sue Storm gains more powers
First invisible force field
First appearance of Moloids
2nd appearance of Mole Man

The Invisible Woman gets more fancy with her new found abilities and this comic is the first time we see her use her famous force field, which has become a mainstay power for the character from here on. 

Also, this issue sees the first appearance of the Moloids. 
These cretins are the minions of the Mole Man, and have been directly tied to the character throughout his career as a villain for the Fantastic Four. Oh, yes this the 2nd appearance of Mole Man. His previous appearance was in Fantastic Four #1. 

Just another one of the many early Fantastic Four key issue comics to invest in. January, 1964 was when this comic was published.

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1st Hulk vs. Thing battle
3rd Avengers cross-over
1st Avengers cross-over with Cap
2nd appearance Silver Age Cap
Ah, and who doesn't love the Hulk vs. Thing battles? I don't know about you, but I love seeing these two Marvel powerhouses go at it with their big egos. This is the first time the Hulk and the Thing battle each other, and would kick off the beginning of quite a few of their fan-favorite brawls. There's more to this key issue than just that though.

This comic is actually the 3rd Avengers cross-over out of their titled series, but it's the 1st cross-over with Captain America. Yep, that's right and that's awesome because this key issue is also the 2nd appearance of Silver Age Captain America as well. Can we say, a good key issue comic to invest in? Definitely one of the more sought out Fantastic Four key comics to invest in within the FF series.

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4rth Avengers cross-over
3rd Silver Age Captain America
Of course, the next issue would continue the story line from the previous issue and still guest stars the mighty Avengers. That means that Fantastic Four #26 is the 4rth Avengers cross-over ever and the 3rd Silver Age appearance of Captain America.

As you'll soon see, there's a lot of cross-overs in the Fantastic Four first series. If they can only do this with the movies, right? Not to mention again, but I will anyway, that this is still considered an early Fantastic Four key and was published May, 1964.

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1st Dr. Strange cross-over

And speaking of first cross-overs, Fantastic Four #27 sees the first cross-over for none other than the Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange. In this issue we see Namor once again try to make the moves on Sue Storm by trying to convince her to be his queen.

Upon being refused...again...Namor knocks Sue out and captures her caveman style. Can't call the dude crazy for that, but when Reed learns of this, he goes into a jealous rage and storms out to look for Namor.

Johnny and Ben, both believing that Subby will hand Reed's ass to him, call upon Dr. Strange for a lot of mystical back up. Of course, Dr. Strange lays some magical smack down when Namor's army gets into it with the Fantastic Four and helps the group to escape Namor's palace.  June, 1964 is the publishing date for when Submariner goes all caveman on Sue Storm in this issue.

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First appearance of Diablo

A well known Fantastic Four villain, Diablo makes his very first appearance in the pages of Fantastic Four #30. His real name is Esteban Corazón de Ablo. He was a powerful alchemist in 9th Century Saragossa, and he did sell his soul to none other than Mephisto to lengthen his life way beyond normal human capacity.

This miscreant was able to turn the Thing against the FF by offering him a potion that would turn him halfway human and then another potion that would turn him fully human again after one year service. Diablo would often have run-ins with the Fantastic Four, but his first was in this issue and published September, 1964.

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Extended origin of Doctor Doom
1st appearance of Latveria
1st King Vladimir Fortunov

Very important origin. Fantastic Four #5 may be the first Doctor Doom origin, and important as well, but this expands to include a very important dynamic between Reed Richards and Victor von Doom.

It's their rivalry and how they met during their college days. Yes, this first shows the famous scene where Reed tries to warn the arrogant Doom of his miscalculations and BOOM!

We all know that the accident scarred up his face pretty bad in this origin. It also shows him suiting up in the iconic Dr. Doom garb and armor as well.

Most importantly, this origin gives more of a back drop of Victor von Doom's family and their struggle with the Fortonov family who were rulers of Latveria and plague the gypsies there.

1st appearance of Latveria, which Doom now rules over and it was taken from the Fortunovs. They will be characters that pop up quite frequently to give Doom headaches.

Important key issue for Doom. Widely over-looked as of this writing. September, 1964 is the cover date.

eBay - Doesn't seem to be a problem finding a copy on eBay. High grade copies are a bit more scarce. Maybe finding this one in the stomping grounds might have cheaper results.

mycomicshop - Mostly lower grade copies here currently.

First appearance of Attuma

Bringing back Namor into the fold, this time Subby works with the Fantastic Four against Attuma. Attuma origins is from a barbaric group of Atlanteans who were banished long ago. Leader of his tribe, Attuma swore he would conquer their home Atlantis once more. 

This issue sees Attuma gather his forces and invade Atlantis, only to be stopped by Namor and the Fantastic Four as allies. Not really a recurring foe for the FF, Attuma is a recurring foe for Namor, however. Fantastic Four #33 has the first appearance of Attuma, and this comic was published December, 1964

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Sue gaining more powers and her iconic invisible force field, the first Hulk vs Thing battle, the first Dr. Strange cross-over and 2nd Silver Age appearance of Captain America! Quite a few great Fantastic Four key issues to consider in this Part 4 for sure.

Part 5 is ready with even more Fantastic Four key comics to feature. If you missed the part before this one, you can always click the PREVIOUS link below in blue, or just carry on and click the PART 5 link below.

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