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Monday, August 4, 2014

Wolverine Key Issue Comics List Part 8

This is the last part to the Wolverine key issue comics list, and I should've stopped at volume 2. But for those of you who like Modern Age comics, here's some more Wolverine key issues you may want to check out.

If you missed Part 7, click the link do so. Other than that, let's get this keys list over with.

First issue to 3rd series

Another friggin' Wolverine series? Of course, and nothing really happens much here except that it's the first issue to the 3rd series. 

I wasn't even going to list it here, but here it is. I did meet the artist of the early issues to this series, Darick Robertson, at a comic con, and he was an extremely nice guy. I even owned this comic at one time, which I bought in a comic lot, but sold it to help fund my Giant-Sized X-Men #1. 

Never even bothered to read it. July, 2003 was when this minor key comic was published.

mycomicshop - Three unslabbed copies here at the moment. Highest is a NM copy followed by a VF.

eBay - There's actually come CGC copies here on eBay. Six copies so far with most being 9.8s and still well below the hundred dollar mark. Of course, there are some high grade unslabbed copies also.

ComicLink - One CGC 9.6 NM+ Signature Series copy signed by Esad Ribic. Will need to scroll a bit in order to locate it on ComicLink's page.

First appearance of Itsu

In the storyline Origins and Endings, Wolverine remembers what was done to him and by whom and he goes to seek revenge. In part 5 and the last issue to the story line which is this one, he remembers that he had a wife named Itsu in Japan.

Wolverine #40 from the 3rd series is where we see the first appearance of Itsu even though she is already deceased by this issue, I think. Oh, yes, Wolverine also remembers that he fathered a son with Itsu. This comic was published May, 2006.

eBay - Limited selection. Most of the copies on eBay are in comic lots and there's no CGC located at the time of writing.

NewKadia - Two copies here with the highest a NM and the lowest a low NM.

First appearance of Dakken

The son that Wolverine and Istu gave birth to is known as Dakken, whom has the same powers as Wolverine basically. Dakken has become a pretty popular character over the years within the X-Men and Wolverine mythos.

Once again, because I know didley squat about variants nor care about them, this issue has a pretty sought out variant that Jesse suggested a while back in a comment on another post. Wolverine Origins #10 is the first appearance of Dakken and a key issue, so I suppose I'll mention it on here. 

The variant has three claws instead of two on the cover and is marked "Marvel Variant" also so not hard to miss. The first appearance of Dakken was published in March, 2007.

mycomicshop - No copies of the third claw variant but there is one copy of the regular printing. It's an unslabbed VF.

eBay - A few unslabbed options and a few CGC graded options. Most are the third claw variants and there are some 9.8s but not many. 9.6 located and only one of the regular edition but it's only a 9.4 NM. Some unslabbed options but pretty limited.

1st cameo of Romulus

This first cameo of Romulus came out the same month and year as Wolverine Origins #10, and it has Romulus in a cameo appearance. He is shadowed out and not recognizable, so I guess that's a pretty correct key status. Not gonna argue with that one. 

Romulus apparently is responsible for cutting Dakken out of his mother's womb and training him to be a killer. He didn't kill Itsu. It's revealed in Marvel canon that the Winter Soldier was responsible for that.

Anyways, this issue isn't that well-known (sleeper) and still pretty affordable in high grades. March, 2007 was when this issue was published.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed NM copy here at the time of this writing.

eBay - No CGC but that's not surprising. Limited selection for unslabbed copies as well. More variants for this issue than the actual first printing on the mighty eBay.

First full appearance of Romulus

Apparently, in an attempt to make Wolverine interesting again, writers and creators decided to introduce a character named Romulus, leader of the Lupines. Say what? Okay, Lupines are a species that evolved from canines instead of primates, but this ends up being revealed as false in later issues.

It does appear that Romulus is the mastermind behind manipulating Wolverine's memories, often implanting false memories or suppressing or awakening some at his discretion. Romulus was revealed to be the main force behind the Weapon X program. October, 2009 introduces the first full appearance of Romulus.

mycomicshop - Three copies with the highest being a NM, second highest a VF, and lowest copy a FN. All are unslabbed and no CGC at the time of this writing. May change when you read this.

NewKadia - Three copies located at NewKadia. Highest is a NM+ with the second highest being a solid NM.

1st issue to 4th series
First appearance of Hellverine
First appearance of Red Right Hand

Oh, and this is just part of the reason why I stopped reading Wolverine comics quite a while ago. The first couple of issues to the 4rth Wolverine comic series was the story line Wolverine Goes to Hell.

Of course, we see the first appearance of Hellverine, who is basically a demon that possessed Wolverine's body while his soul was in hell. His soul was sent to hell by the Red Right Hand, and yes that name always makes laugh when I read it. Basically they are a group of non-powered beings
who have been victimized, and/or a loved one, by Wolverine and seek to destroy him.

Usually, I don't list variants, but since this Deadpool variant was brought to my attention again by Jesse, I may as well note it for those of you variant chasers. Besides this issue is technically a key issue being a #1 and all. 
There are quite a lot of variants to this issue, but one that is highly sought after is the Deadpool variant. According to Recalled Comics, this issue has an estimated 450 copies in existence and is a retailer incentive. Marvel supposedly had dealers send in 50 copies from certain titles and issues on a list and those 50 copies had to be stripped of their covers, basically destroyed, in order to get this variant. There's actually another version of the Deadpool variant and has a white cover with no text. The white Deadpool variant is also extremely rare and hard to find.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed NM copy here. No Deadpool variant.

eBay - Extremely limited selection for the first printing for unslabbed copies. No CGC for the first printing, but there is one 9.8 SS copy for the Deadpool variant for way too much. There also a white textless version of the Deadpool variant as well, but it is unslabbed and quite a few ducats.

NewKadia - NewKadia has one unslabbed copy of the first printing. It's only a VF+ though.

ComicLink - Two CGC 9.6 NM+ copies of the Deadpool variant here. One is a Signature Series signed by J. Scott Campbell. Will have to scroll through the other #1s from the other series to find it. None of the regular first prints here.

Thomas Logan confirmed as biological father

While in hell, Wolverine battles all the souls that he helped put there, and comes face to face with Thomas Logan once again. It's in this issue, near the end, where Thomas Logan confirms that he is in fact James Howlett's biological father. 

In issue #5, Wolvie and his pops have a tense father-to-son discussion. This comic was published February, 2011.

eBay - eBay's search royally sucks for Wolverine and lists everything and it's mother that has to do with the search terms Wolverine and four. Only saw one copy of the regular print and it's unslabbed. Didn't see any CGC but may be there hiding.

Alright, this is it, the end, finito! Will I expand on this key issues list at a later time? Sure, I'm pretty sure I will.

I know there is a 5th and 6th series and a buttload of other Wolverine limited series, but I ain't gonna list them. That also includes the Death of Wolverine volume 1 also, and yes I did not put in Wolverine Origins #1 or anything from the Origins II series, the sequel to Wolverine The Origin.

Not that I missed them. I am aware of them. Just don't care to list the ka-zillion limited series and other series that Wolverine is a part of. Rocky 3 was more than enough sequels, and we know just how good 4, 5, and Rocky Balboa turned out. Like I said, I may change my mind at a later date about listing those keys from those series...not about the last few Rocky movies though.

Once again, as for variants, I don't bother with most of them on this site. Variant chasers may want to check Recalled Comics. Those guys do a great job on error prints and the rare variant thing. They've got their thing going on. I've got mine. 

If you missed the beginning of this entire Wolverine key issues list, just click this PART 1 link to go to the start. If you missed Part 7, just click the PREVIOUS link below.


  1. Outstanding list overall and honestly you included a couple that I was not tracking! Thanks!

  2. Hey TCM,

    I have been following your site for a very, very long time and I can honestly and truly say that my comic collection has tremendously improved with first appearances in just about every title I own from the silver age to the bronze age. I am proud of the collection I have amassed thanks to you. Hell , even my friends like it. However, I see that you have posted some first appearances in modern age comics which I used to own before selling all my modern age comics to pave the way for more silver age first appearances. I don't like any modern age comics regardless of title or appearances and don't want to collect any them but after seeing some of your post should I be concerned?


    1. I have done the same and sold quite a few Modern Age key issues to fund more Silver Age and Bronze Age keys. The thing is...I've had readers request Modern Age key issues, so I'll list some of them in the key issues list, about as many of them until I feel like throwing up.

      The one thing I want to clear up about these key issues lists is that they are just that...Key issues within a certain title. Not every key issue I list I actually recommend. They are for reference or a resource for you to look over or be able to find if you're already on the hunt for them. Yes, some I do blatantly recommend, but not all.

      I'm not concerned about the Modern keys I let go. They're gone, I used the money already to fund other great comic investments.

    2. Thanks for clearing things up. I will continue to stay on my present course of collecting silver age to copper age key issues.


    3. It's really up to you. If you can't stand Modern age keys, don't bother with them. If you don't have anything against them, then collect or invest in them.

      I'm personally not very good at Modern age comics as investments, so I'll barely pick them up on speculation. Some out there are really good at the short-term comic investing game when it comes to Moderns. I'm most definitely not.

      I'm not 100% against them. More like 98% against them. There are quite a few modern comics (that aren't variants or artificially scarce) that are key issues and pretty sought out by collectors and valuable. NYX #3 is an example of a Modern Age comic that is valuable purely by the popularity and demand of the character X-23. Comic fans just really like the character.

      Would I recommend that to someone who doesn't have a bias towards Modern Age comics? Yes, I would. Would I even get that comic myself despite it being a Modern Age comic? Yes, I would if I felt it still had potential growth in value. If I owned it before and sold it, would I repurchase the issue again for $100 to $200 at CGC 9.8 as a comic investment? No, I'd rather save up and get a Golden or Silver Age key.

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