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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Teen Titans Key Comics List Part 3

Moving right along, we're now at Part 3 to this Teen Titans key comics list. Part 3 will definitely feature key Teen Titan issues from the Bronze Age of comics, and there will be some minor ones here and sleepers as well. Although some are sleepers, there are some that are worth considering.

Click this Part 2 link if you missed it, but if not, break out those want lists and continue on with Part 3. Enjoy!

First appearance of Mal Duncan

In this issue, the Teen Titans cross paths with a guy named Mal Duncan, whom would later become the 2nd Guardian among others in his career as a Teen Titan. However, in this issue and many of the ones post Teen Titans #26, Mal Duncan is un-costumed and un-powered, but he is one of DC Comics first Black superheroes.

He would later adopt the mantle of the Guardian and a strength augmenting exoskeleton in a later issue during the first series. It's an issue that will be also featured in Part 3 to this Teen Titans key issues list. This comic was published April, 1970.

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Last 15 cent issue

Another last cent issue for those of you who are into collecting cover prices on various comics. This is the last 15 cent issue for the first Teen Titans series, and just like the last 12 cent issue on this Teen Titans key issues list, nothing else much happens in terms of key issue status. This comic was published April, 1976.

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First Mal Duncan as the 2nd Guardian
Revealed Roy Harper nephew of Jim Harper

In the Teen Titans comics, Mal Duncan's first costumed superhero appearance would be known as the Guardian. As mentioned before, he would be the 2nd to take up the mantle and would wear the original outfit. The first Guardian was Jim Harper and it's revealed in this issue that Speedy, a.k.a Roy Harper, is the nephew of Jim Harper.

Mal Duncan would change his superhero aliases in his career with the Teen Titans, which you'll see in this Teen Titans key issues list. This issue was published November, 1976, making Mal Duncan one of DC Comics first African American superheroes.

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First appearance of Karen Beecher
Mal Duncan becomes Hornblower
Origin of Hornblower
First appearance Horn of Gabriel

Lots of happenings in this issue. The first to note is the first appearance of Karen Beecher, whom ultimately becomes the female superhero Bumblebee. That's in a different key issue however.

The 2nd happening is that Mal Duncan becomes Hornblower. In this issue he fights the Angel of Death in contest for his life. In defeating him, the Angel of Death, awards him the Horn of Gabriel. If he were to lose a fight to anyone, Mal Duncan would die, and when blown, the horn has unspecified powers to be used in battle if the odds are against him. In this issue, he changes his name to Hornblower. 

Not a very cool codename if you ask me. December, 1976 was when this issue was published.

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2nd appearance of Joker's Daughter
Joker's Daughter joins team

Yep, you read that right: Joker's Daughter. In the DCU, there was such a character, and despite her name, it was later revealed that she was in fact Duela Dent, Two-Face's daughter. To atone for her father's sins, Duela Dent wanted to join the Teen Titans. She would later change her name to Harlequin, and become the 2nd to take the name. The first Harlequin was a foe of the original Green Lantern and later became his wife, though that's weird because Alan Scott was recently revamped to be gay.

She first appeared in Batman Family #6, and this is the 2nd appearance of her character as Joker's Daughter. February, 1977 was when this comic was published.

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First Karen Beecher as Bumblebee
Bumblebee joins team
Joker's Daughter becomes Harlequin
Since Karen Beecher was a scientist with no real superpowers, she was able to make a superpowered high-tech battle suit, which increased her strength, speed, stamina, endurance, agility, and reflexes. While the suit also acts as body armor, it also gives her the ability of flight and creates painful electric blasts like actual bee stings.

Her first appearance of Bumblebee is in this issue, and she does join the Teen Titans team as well. Bumblebee is DC Comics first African American female superhero ever! Much later, not in this issue, Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan would marry and move to San Francisco. 

This issue was published June, 1977, and is also sees Joker's Daughter becoming Harlequin.
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Still more Teen Titans key issues in Part 4 to this Teen Titans key comics list, so click the PART 4 link below to carry on with the goodness.

If you missed Part 2, just click the blue PREVIOUS link below.


  1. glad to learn something about teen titans my nephew loves them but I had know idea about them

    1. The Teen Titans cartoon show really turned a lot kids into fans of the group. When I usually talk to fans of the comic, they always site that cartoon as the source that first got them into Teen Titans. Then again, the old Incredible Hulk t.v. show, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man t.v. movies and Electric Company appearances most likely sparked my love and interest in comics as well.

      Great to hear from ya JW! How goes it man?

    2. its going good haven't bought anything in awhile saving up for vaca next month but there is a show sep 20 when I get back. cant wait. JW

    3. Man, that sounds like a good idea. I need to start saving up so I can go to Greece one of these days. But damn, so hard to do when there's so many comics on my want list.

    4. know the feeling saved for one vaca and wife ready for another lol

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