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Monday, August 25, 2014

Teen Titans Key Comics List Part 8

We are finally leaving the Bronze Age of comics with this Teen Titans key comics and heading into the Copper Age of comics. Also, the New Teen Titans title would undergo a name change, and a second volume to the first series would be relaunched.

Many of comics presented here will be sleeper key issues for the Teen Titans, but some may be worth considering. If you missed Part 7, just click the link to go back and check out those Teen Titans key issues. Otherwise, enjoy Part 8.

Terra joins team

This issue sees Terra joining the Teen Titans. It isn't known that she would end up being a traitor for the sole purpose of achieving Deathstroke's agenda against the Teen Titans. However, Terra does play a pretty pivotal role in one of the most beloved storyline's for the Teen Titans during the era and that's the Judas Contract, as I mentioned in Part 7 ot this Teen Titans key issues list. April, 1983 was when this comic was published.

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4rth full appearance of Deathstroke
Reveals Terra working for Deathstroke
Murder of Adrian Chase's family

Overstreet notes this comic as the 4rth full appearance of Deathstroke, even though the character does have a few cameos and minor appearances in the Teen Titans comics prior. If you're a Deathstroke fan and hunting for his appearances, this 4rth full appearance of him should be on your want list, but there's more to this key issue than just that.

This issue also reveals that Terra is a traitor working with Deathstroke to fool the Teen Titans. Also, in the last pages of this issue, Robin's friend Adrian Chase's home explodes from a bomb. Mafiaso Anthony Scarapelli is the man responsible, and although everyone thinks that Adrian Chase died in the explosion also, he would come back as the Vigilante but no one would know the man behind the mask until later.

Not very well-known and pretty much still a sleeper comic. This was published August, 1983.

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First appearance of Vigilante
Adrian Chase becomes Vigilante 
First appearance of Cheshire

Finally, here's the issue where Adrian Chase becomes the Vigilante that we are most familiar with. He is actually the 2nd DC Comics character to take the name, and does so in a very Punisher-esque origin. Yep, his family was also killed by mobsters, depicted in The New Teen Titans #34. The Vigilante was created by none other than George Perez and Marv Wolfman.

This issue also sees the first appearance of Cheshire, who would become a recurring foe of the Teen Titans. She would later fall in love with Roy Harper (Speedy) when he was the Arsenal. The two would have a daughter named Lian. This comic was published August, 1983.

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New origin details of Wonder Girl

Just when you thought the origin of Wonder Girl and Donna Troy was finished, think again. This time Donna Troy and Robin uncover who her actual family was that died in the apartment building fire before Wonder Woman saved her.

Apparently she was adopted by the Staceys, but the father died in an accident and Fay Stacey had to give up her up for readoption. When Robin further investigates, he learns that the family who died in the fire hadn't adopted Donna. They were instead actively involved in a child-selling scheme. 

Robin and Donna were able to find out who her natural birth mother was. At the end, Donna visits the grave of Dorothy Hinckley, who gave her up for adoption because she was dying of cancer. This further detailed origin was published January, 1984.

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Last Dick Grayson as Robin
Robin leaves
Kid Flash quits team

The last appearance of the original Robin. After this issue onward, Dick Grayson would not be known as Robin. Instead, he would appear a few issues later as the popular Nightwing character.

Also, the Kid Flash formally quits the Teen Titans, while Dick Grayson announces that he is will hang up the identity of Robin and return under a new, undetermined guise. This comic was published February, 1984 and is pretty important to the mythos of Dick Grayson.

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Title is changed to Tales of the New Teen Titans

Issue number #40 of the first volume to this series is the last issue to the titled The New Teen Titans. It would be changed to Tales of the New Teen Titans, and a volume 2 to The New Teen Titans would be relaunched a few months later and two Teen Titles would run at the same time at least for a few years. 

Shortly after, The Tales of the New Teen Titans title would just reprint stories from the 2nd series to The New Teen Titans. April, 1984 was when this Copper Age key issue was published.

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Only a few more parts left to this Teen Titans key comics list. There is a Part 9, and the next part has an important Copper Age issue within the Teen Titans for various reasons. Definitely not one to miss as Warner Bros and DC Comics are expanding their movie and television universes.

If you missed Part 7, just click the PREVIOUS link below. If not, click the PART 9 link to continue on.

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