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Friday, August 8, 2014

Tales From The Crypt Key Issues

Fulfilling a request by Brian to do some horror key issues from the Golden Age of comics, I figured why not since Halloween is fast approaching and just around the corner. Besides, there are some pretty valuable horror comics from the Golden and Silver Age.

I figured I'd start off with a series that most horror fans are familiar with, and Tales From The Crypt is pretty popular, though most know of the name from the T.V. series and might not know the T.V. show was actually based off the comics published by EC comics. The horror genre in comic books rose in popularity after World War II when readers lost interest in superheroes. How the hell they could ever get tired of superheroes is beyond me, but it be true.

Many of these issues won't be easy finds. Let's get some horror on!

  • First appearance of the Crypt Keeper
Okay, before the actual Tales From The Crypt book came out, the origin can be traced back to this issue, Crime Patrol #15. Yep, this is a monumental issue for the Tales From The Crypt comic series and has the first appearance of the Crypt Keeper, the host that pretty much everyone recognizes from the T.V. show.

Publisher of EC Comics, William Gaines and editor Al Feldstein shared similar tastes in horror and began testing their tales of horror in their crime titles. "Return from the Grave!" is the story that debuted in Crime Patrol #15 and kick started the whole thing. Some incarnations would happen before the series would finally become the titled Tales From The Crypt comic series as you'll soon see.

This is a comic to invest in concerning Golden Age horror comics and has a solid record of demand throughout the years.

eBay - Only one copy found here and it's a super high grade CGC 9.2 Universal copy!

  • 2nd appearance of the Crypt Keeper
  • Last issue to Crime Patrol
The next issue after Crime Patrol #15 sees the 2nd appearance of the famous horror host known as the Crypt Keeper. This issue also happens to be the last to the series being called Crime Patrol and would be renamed with the next issue starting at #17.

eBay - One unslabbed copy that's toted as being a 5.0 VG/FN.

  • First issue to Crypt of Terror
It's this issue where Crime Patrol changes its name to The Crypt of Terror and continues the numerical order. The title would not last very long before publisher William Gaines and EC Comics would ultimately change it to the famous titled series that most know of today.

Great horror comic and definitely one of the Golden Age key issues from the genre to consider adding to your vault.

  • Last issue to Crypt of Terror
This new title The Crypt of Terror only lasted 3 issues before it was changed to Tales From The Crypt in the next issue. The horror comics genre would continue to flourish at this time, though it would not last long. 

Even when the series turns into Tales From The Crypt, the series under that name would be a short lived one due to certain events that would rock the comics industry during the late Golden Age. August, 1950 was when this comic was published.

ComicLink - Unslabbed 3.5 low VG copy here.

eBay - Less than a handful of unslabbed copies. There is one low VF 7.5 CGC graded copy on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing.

  • First issue to bear the famous title
And finally, here it is: The famous issue #20 that bears the well-known Tales From The Crypt title that would later become a popular pop culture sensation for horror fans all over.  This is a monumental issue and a pretty valuable comic within the horror genre of comics. It will not be a cheap buy, but it is a solid horror comic investment. October, 1950 was when this comic was published and the title would remain until its cancellation at issue #46.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed copy that's a low GD.

eBay - There's only one unslabbed copy here that's an original first printing. The rest are reprints.

  • 2nd Wally Wood EC Comics cover
Another legendary comic artist, Wally Wood was instrumental in convincing William Gaines in publishing a line of science fiction themed comics and the artist is well known for his work on Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, and Weird Science-Fantasy. Many of his pencil and inked work for science fiction comics are considered classics to this day.

However, most in comic fandom know Wood for his contributions on Marvel's Daredevil. Wood drew for issue #7, the key Daredevil issue that established the title character's distinctive red costume, and Wood's design of the red costume look would become iconic and virtually unchanged throughout the decades. He also co-created Stilt-Man with Stan Lee.

eBay - Only one copy but it is a CGC 5.5 or low FN and it's a Universal label, non-restored.

Ready for more Tales From The Crypt key issues? Just click the PART 2 to carry on with more horror key issue comics.

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