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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Researching Comic Investment Values on eBay Part 1!

Most of you already know how to do this and are doing this, but I'm going to cover it anyways. Not only is researching comic investments on eBay important when it comes to buying, it's also important when it comes to selling. This is especially true if you're planning on using eBay's market place to sell your comics when the time comes.

Sure, there are other market places online to buy and sell. Some of these market places are even tailored specifically for comics, but there's no other online market place that rivals eBay when it comes to the amount of comics bought and sold. Yep, eBay is still the world's largest comic book market place.

If you're buying comics, researching comic values can help you to find a fair or better price for a specific issue on eBay's market place. You don't even have to buy it there. You can buy it elsewhere cheaper at another online comic venue if you catch it there, but it helps to know what certain comics are selling for on eBay.

As usual, you start off searching for the specific comic book you're either planning to buy or to sell. For an example, I'll use Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0, first appearance of the Punisher, since I have one. Always start off with a certain grade in mind when it comes to CGC, but don't be married to that particular grade. You'll see why that is as we progress further into this.

The picture above shows the current listings for sale on eBay at the moment. We're not gonna worry about that right now. We'll get back to that later.

The next thing we're gonna do is go down a bit and look for that box with the "Sold listings" label next to it. It's right below the "Completed listings" label. Click that sucker so we can see the most recent sales of a CGC graded 8.0 Amazing Spider-Man #129. I marked it with the red X.

After clicking the box next to the Sold listings label, you'll be directed to only the listings that have sold for the specific item. As you can see from the left picture, most have the price and date in which the item sold for.

Sometimes, however, there will be listings that sold through Best Offers, and that price number does not reflect what the actual item sold for. With Best Offers that are listed in the sold results, the price number with a slash through it is the original Buy It Now price, not the offer that was accepted.

In the sold listings results, we are going to look at the most recent month only for now. So from the picture, the first recent three CGC ASM #129s at an 8.0 grade sold by regular auction with bids. Two sold on August 24rth and one on August 14rth. There's also another listing that sold in August on the 10th right after the 14rth.

The next listing that sold after August 10th is in July, but we're not going to worry about July yet. So there's four listings for this comic that sold in August, and all by regular auction.

Most people just look at the most recent auction and think that's the value of the comic, but sometimes it's not always true. As you can see, in the course of the month and months, prices and values fluctuate.

Just because the last listing sold on auction for $730 for CGC 8.0 doesn't mean the next auction will sell near that price. All the other auctions in August sold a bit above the $500 mark. The $730 auction just may be a fluke.

When buying or selling, you can do this extra step I'm about to show you which contradicts this "the last auction sold" is the comic value for a particular book. It just may save you from over-paying for a certain key issue comic.

Whenever I am buying or selling comics, I always look up what the next highest grade is selling for. In this case, it would be Amazing Spider-Man 129 at CGC 8.5.

So, I'll see what the current auction listings for a CGC 8.5 to see what they're selling at. When I did a search, I found one auction listing currently running.

The only auction currently on eBay for a CGC 8.5 VF+ has got about 3 days left until it ends, and it's bid up to $497 so far. So, I'll put that listing in my watch list for now.

Then I look at the other copies that are Buy It Nows for CGC 8.5s, and there are a few options that are much better than the prices for CGC 8.0s.

As you can see, there is a copy with a Buy It Now for $699 just right below the one up for auction. It's got 20 watchers but with Free Shipping. There's also other listings as well, and there is one that's cheaper than the $699 copy that's directly right below it with 14 watchers.

The copy below is a Buy It Now for $674.10 and also provides Free Shipping. This is the cheapest copy for a CGC 8.5 so far and it's much cheaper than any of the options for a CGC 8.0 currently. If I were buying this copy, I would watch the auction and make sure that what I bid up to and the cost of shipping doesn't exceed $674.10. The auction does have a shipping cost of $14.99, so I'll subtract $647.10 with $14.99. My top bid for the item will be $659.11. Why would my bid be above that when I can get the $674.10 copy? If it's still there by the time the auction ends that is.

Let's look at the current listings for CGC 8.0s concerning ASM #129. When looking at the current auction results for Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0, you can clearly see that some of these comic investment copies are priced way above current market price for now. There are two CGC 8.0 copies selling for $800? Way over-inflated.

The other options are pretty over-priced as well. $799.99 for an 8.0 copy when an 8.5 is selling for the same price? Wow! Not to mention there's a $699 CGC 8.5 copy as well. And especially considering that the cheapest CGC 8.0 is priced at $749.95 with a Best Offer, while a CGC 8.5 is available for $674.10 bucks Buy It Now with Free Shipping! Which do you think I'm going to choose?

Believe it or not, some buyers do end up drastically over-pay for an investment comic. Not a good thing for a buyer, but good for the seller. Sometimes, it can't be helped as new listings do sometimes pop up at cheaper prices after you already snagged an item prior. That's just bad timing, but for the most part, you should research comic values at various grades for comic investments on eBay to help gauge a fair market price and prevent you from over-paying. You may just find a higher graded CGC copy for a lower price.

By the way, the CGC 8.5 up for auction just jumped up to $502 bucks. It may have further jumped up in price by the time you read this also. Thanks for reading and hope this comic investing buying tip helps ya.


  1. Sir, I enjoy very much reading your articles and especially, your "key" or "sleeper" issues list. If you could list a formal fantastic four "key" or "issues to invest in" list would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hey Wayne and thanks. You mean a more in-depth fantastic four key issues list?

  2. Already did dude in the hunt section JW