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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marvel Pressing Ahead With Inhumans Movie!

The rumors of an Inhumans movie has been floating around for quite some time. Kevin Feige has name dropped the movie as well as Stan "The Man" Lee in the past, but fans have been waiting around for any viable news of this comic book movie happening.

Although it's not a confirmation, it seems that Marvel and Disney are taking a step forward into getting the Inhumans on the big screen. Collider and other sources have recently reported that Marvel has hired Joe Robert Cole to pen a screenplay for an Inhumans movie.

This doesn't seem to far left field since the Guardians of the Galaxy movie has gone well beyond what most comic fans and probably even the studio even expected. Also, Guardians of the Galaxy introduced some Kree characters in the Marvel cinematic universe, and since the Inhumans were created as part of an experiment by the Kree, it would make sense that Marvel and Disney would want to expand on the Kree influence in their movies. 

Cole has already written a treatment for the Inhumans movie and sources are reporting that the Inhumans may fill the slot for one of the mysterious release dates that Marvel announced at San Diego Comic Con this year.

Back in 2012, Stan Lee said in an interview that Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and the Inhumans were planned projects for Marvel and it appears that one of the three so far is definitely confirmed. However, Kevin Feige said in an interview recently that Black Panther was "Absolutely in development" and with this recent news of the Inhumans finally getting a screenwriter, Stan Lee could soon be right about all three movies happening.

Marvel is sure paving a path by taking risks on their movie properties by putting less popular characters in the spotlight, much like Guardians of the Galaxy. Though many fans are scratching their heads to how an Inhumans movie would even work or even if the characters are cool enough to sustain the attention of comic fans and non-comic fans long enough for a full feature flick, it will be exciting to see how the studio handles the motley crew of characters that are the Inhumans. 

For instance, Black Bolt is pretty much mute, his voice able to level a city if he utters a single word, but an Inhumans film may be easier to tie into the Marvel comic movies universe than most fans think. Crystal, part of the Inhuman Royal Family led by Black Bolt, did have romantic relations with Quicksilver. She also ended up marrying him and having a child named Luna with him also. 

Everyone knows that Quicksilver will assemble in Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, but the connection doesn't just end there. She would also later marry Ronan the Accuser, who has already made his debut in Guardians of the Galaxy out in theaters now.

So this maybe a bit of good comic movie news. I've suggested getting the first appearance of the Inhumans and Black Bolt for some time now and there's no doubt that demand for those books have been hot for a while. Hope you snagged them when I first dropped it on Total Comic Mayhem. If not, may be time to really consider snagging a copy.

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