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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Iron Man #1 Values

Haven't done one of these in a while. I've always liked Iron Man. He's probably my favorite Avenger, and though I did collect him as a kid, he wasn't really my main title.

I always remembered seeing this silver age comic in every comic shop I went into from childhood to my teens years, and I'd always stupidly pass it by. The book is one of the more later silver age key issues out there, and was published in 1968. After the Iron Man movies hit, I don't see this comic in shops as much as I used to before.

Even though it's not the first appearance of Iron Man and only a retelling of the origin, how has Iron Man #1 performed over the years as a comic investment according to Overstreet values? Let's take a look at the Overstreet Guide values for Iron Man #1 over the past few decades.

Overstreet 1982-83 Guide 12th Edition:
Mint: $32
Fine: $16 
Good: $5 

Overstreet 1990-91 Guide 20th Edition:
Near Mint: $200
Fine: $85 
Good: 28

Overstreet 2002-03 Guide 33rd Edition:
Near Mint: $575
Very Fine: $308
Fine: $123
 Very Good: $82
Good: $41

Overstreet 2014-15 Guide 44th Edition:  
Near Mint (low): $1,100
Very Fine: $450
Very Good: $150
Good: $75

As usual, the data for Iron Man #1 values show lower grades have moved up painfully slow within each decade for goods and very goods within the last 30 years. Copies within the NM range have the most dramatic gains within 10 years.
The Iron Man #1 values in Overstreet are more representative of unslabbed, raw copies. CGC prices have a different reflection for this issue, and even grades lower than good are selling well above Overstreet Guide prices at GD. Good investment? Iron Man #1 from the very first series has proven to be one of the best late silver age key issues investments. Of course, the Iron Man movie franchise has helped boost the demand for this comic investment as well.


  1. How much would a copy of a CGC 8.5 Iron-Man and signed by Stan Lee go for?


    1. I'm guessing around 850 to 1100 somewhere in that area

    2. I think you're about on the mark with the values for a Signature Series 8.5 Iron Man #1. Probably around a grand with Stan's signature.

  2. I dunno, what are regular Cgc 8.5s dropping for on eBay?

  3. Thanks. I have always liked Iron-Man. Growing up as a kid in the 70 's was a great time for me. The 80's were even better but I never lost my love for comics especially for the gold avenger. It wasn't until I had joined the military that I finally acquired a copy of Iron-Man #1 for $150 and as the years seemed to pass away I always kept this comic safely stored away. Many, many times I pondered on selling it and when CGC came into play I decided to try their services. I am so glad now I never sold it. Thanks TCM


    1. Sorry for the late reply, man. I've been gearing up for Stockton Con the last few days and haven't been on this thing for a while. I can imagine that growing up in the 70s was a pretty awesome time to be collecting comics.

      Wow, I'm glad you held on to that book RG. That is a feat all in itself for sure. Always tempting to let a comic go prematurely. How much longer you plan on keeping this one?

  4. Hey TCM,

    Glad to here from you. There was time that I wanted to let it go but since the first Iron-Man movie I've had a change of heart. Hopefully I plan to hold on to this book for as long as I can and eventually pass it down along with my other comic book collection to my kids. Good luck at Stockton Con. Hope you find many great Silvers.


    1. Thanks RG, didn't pick up any silver age but got two bronze age books.