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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Captain Marvel Key Comic Issues Part Three

Ripping through the cosmos, we are at Part 3 to this Captain Marvel key comic issues list. Still in the Bronze Age, we're venturing into more minor key issues in Part 3. There are still some worth noting and considering in adding to your vault.

We are nearing the end with one more part to this series after this one. If you missed Part 2, just click the blue link to go back, or continue on with Part 3 and enjoy!

Captain Marvel gains more powers
First story Jim Starlin writes solo
Iconic cover by Jim Starlin

Plenty of note worthy things in this issue. In order to defeat Thanos, Eon brings forth a metamorphosis for Captain Marvel's body and conscious. He then becomes Protector of the Universe and his Cosmic Awareness is heightened. Captain Marvel's hair also turns from white to blonde.

This is also the first issue where Jim Starlin writes the story solo without the help of Mike Friedrich, and the cover is considered a classic. John Romita ended up redrawing Captain Marvel's head. This comic was published November, 1973.

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First appearance of Nitro
Captain Marvel gets cancer
A pretty important key issue for Captain Marvel on two fronts. First, it's the first appearance of Nitro, which really isn't a big deal concerning first appearances. However, it's the confrontation between Nitro and Captain Marvel that would expose him to the toxins that would later develop into the cancer that would ultimately kill him. 

This issue was published September, 1974, and is a Bronze Age Captain Marvel key issue to consider snagging.

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Origin of the Watcher
First appearance of Aron
I'm not sure if this is the origin of the Watchers or just the origin of Aron, the rogue Watcher who tries to destroy the universe and breaks the commandment of non-interference with other civilizations. Aron is the nephew of Uatu, and Uatu is the first watcher to ever appear in Marvel Comics in Fantastic Four #13

Aron's first appearance is in this issue, and this issue was published July, 1975.

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First appearance of Elysius

Elysius is a semi important character in the Captain Marvel mythos. She is an artificially created being that possesses the attributes of an Eternal and later became lovers with Mar-Vell. More importantly, she latre used Mar-Vell's genetic material and impregnated herself with it. 

Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell were born as a result of this. Genis-Vell goes on to become the third being to take up the Captain Marvel title and his sister Phyla-Vell the fourth. Genis-Vell first appeared in Silver Surfer Annual #6 and Phyla-Vell first appeared in Captain Marvel #16 volume 5.

Captain Marvel #59 and the first appearance of Elysius was published November, 1978.

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Last issue to volume 1

Even with Roy Thomas's revamp and later Jim Starlin's revamp of the character, sales of the Captain Marvel title were still modest, though Jim Starlin was able to attract a cult following for the character. The last issue to the first Captain Marvel titled series is this one, but Marvel Comics would continue to use the character here and there in order to retain the trademark rights. This issue was published May, 1979.

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First issue to volume 2 series

Not much else except for a 1st issue that kick starts volume 2 to the Marvel Spotlight title and continues the adventures of Mar-Vell as Captain Marvel. This issue immediately follows the last issue of his self-titled volume series which is issue #62. 

I still have this copy from when I collected comics as a kid, but it's been read to death. July, 1979 was when this issue was published and is a late Bronze Age comic.

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Part 4 and the end to this Captain Marvel key issues list is ready so just click the PART 4 link below to continue with more Captain Marvel key comics. If you missed Part 3 just click the PREVIOUS link to back.


  1. A great list for an overlooked, classic character! The only issues I would add would be 30-33 considering that Starlin's run was regarded the highlight of the series by many. #32 contains Drax's origin & 33 has the finale of the first "Thanos War" & sports a classic Captain Marvel vs. Thanos cover. Other than my little nitpick, this is prety much the ultimate Captain Marvel back issue list! Great job sir!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for the 411 on those issues. I didn't know #32 contained Drax's origin!

  2. Marv-Vell always seemed to have much more untapped potential beyond an occasssional reappearance. I wish they'd find a way to bring him back. Always loved his design.

  3. I totally agree with issue #33. Beautiful classic starlin Thanos Cover and also includes his origin if I am correct. How about a full THANOS list. Would be great to see. Thanks Vic. (Mayhem)