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Friday, August 15, 2014

Captain Marvel Key Comic Issues Part Two

Welcome to Part 2 to this Captain Marvel key comic issues list. We got some pretty good ones in this part, but many won't be easy finds online. You'll definitely have to look around if you want high grade copies for both slabbed and unslabbed copies.

If you missed Part 1, just click the link to teleport back to check that out. If not, enjoy Part 2 of this key issues list.

Origin of Carol Danvers getting superpowers
Death of Yon-Rogg

Pretty much a sleeper for now and not that well-known just yet. The keyword is "yet", because this key issue is steaming up gradually. With Ms. Marvel primed for the big screen, this origin of how Carol Danvers getting her powers just may get a nice bump in demand.

This issue doesn't show her using her powers or even knowing that she has them. It was later written that the incident that occurs in the pages of this issue is the reason she gained super powers. So how does it happen?

Well, it seems that Yon-Rogg is still up to no good and trying to plot against Mar-Vell. He captures Carol Danvers and takes her to an abandoned Kree outpost where there is a Psyche-Magnatron. When this Psyche-Magnatron is damaged during the battle between Captain Marvel, Yon-Rogg, and the Mandroid robot created by the Psyche-Magnatron, the device becomes unstable. Captain Marvel is able to escape with Carol Danvers just as the machine blows up, killing Yon-Rogg. However, Carol Danver's exposure to the explosion would be the source of how she gets attains her powers and becomes Ms. Marvel.

eBay - Looks like this issue is pretty scarce on eBay even for unslabbed copies. Only one CGC copy at the moment. It's a Signature Series 9.6 NM+ signed by Stan Lee.

NewKadia - One low FN copy in stock at NewKadia at the time of this writing.

First appearance of Lou-Ann Savannah

Lou-Ann Savannah was Rick Jone's friend and later had a romantic relationship with him. Her first appearance is in this issue, and she would later be used as a pawn by Thanos and The Controller in the Thanos War. 

Pretty minor Bronze Age key issue now, but who knows about later. Might be one to consider in the near future.

eBay - No CGC copies for this key issue on the mighty eBay at the moment. There are a few raw copies but selection is pretty limited as well.

mycomicshop - Four copies in stock, all are unslabbed. Highest is a FN copy with the second a VG.

NewKadia - Four unslabbed copies in stock. A FN+ is the highest copy so far with a solid FN the second highest.

Thanos cameo
First issue drawn by Jim Starlin
First issue to the Thanos War

This is a pretty significant issue on many fronts. First of all, this issue has a cameo of Thanos in 5 panels and is yet considered a Thanos cameo and not the 2nd appearance of Thanos, in which it does precede.

Second, it's the first issue to this series that Jim Starlin pencils, and as we all know, Starlin is responsible for some of the best cosmic stories in comics. He would later draw and write for the series.

Third, this is the first issue to the classic Thanos War story arc, in which Jim Starlin would help write in the next issue. Great key issue and early appearance of Thanos.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbers on ole eBay for this one. Two slabbed copies located so far. One's a PGX 9.2 low NM and the other is a CGC 8.5 VF+.

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies here at the moment. One is a low VF 7.5 and the other is a 6.0 FN.

Minor appearance of Thanos
1st Thanos on cover

This sucker still isn't considered the 2nd appearance of Thanos and is only noted as "Minor appearance of Thanos" in the industry and wacky world of whatever secret organization that determines the various definitions of appearances in comic books. Whatever.

However, Captain Marvel #26 does have the first time Thanos is on a cover of a comic book. You can see him kind of shadowed out in the upper left hand corner, just right under the "M" in Marvel. Jim Starlin also plotted the story behind this issue.

Do I recommend this issue? Yes, I do. I actually suggest snagging all the early appearances of Thanos listed on Part 2 of this Captain Marvel key comic issues list. Only a matter of time before more start gunning for them when Thanos' role becomes more apparent and larger in the movies.

eBay - Not surprised that this key issue is an easy find on eBay right now. Plenty of unslabbed copies and some high grade ones at that. As for CGC, there's two copies. One's a Signature Series 7.5 low VF and the other is a Universal 8.5 VF+.

2nd appearance of Thanos

In the industry, this is considered as the 2nd full appearance of Thanos, even though he appears two issues prior. Nevertheless, with Thanos being the baddie behind the scenes for Marvel's Phase One and Two, this key issue should be a good one to snag and quite soon.

2nd appearances are becoming more and more sought after with collectors, and I know I've said that a few times on here but there's a reason for doing so. This one is definitely becoming a hot comic.

eBay - A few unslabbed copies but pretty limited for the 2nd appearance of Thanos. Only one CGC copy but it's a high grade 9.6 NM+. Extremely overpriced if you ask me.

3rd appearance of Thanos

If you're looking for more early Thanos appearances, well here's his 3rd full appearance in Marvel Comics. I think this is also the 2nd time Thanos is on a comic cover, but I'm not too sure about it so I didn't note it. 

The Thanos War story arc is still going on in this issue and ends with Captain Marvel #33. I'm telling you that early because I'm not gonna list it in the upcoming parts to this Captain Marvel key issues list.

eBay - Boat load of copies here, but mostly unslabbed copies as expected. No CGC copies yet, but one CGC 9.4 dropped this month for under $200 and a 9.6 NM+ dropped last month (July) for  around $400 or under a smidge.

NewKadia - Only one copy here and it's a low grade VG+.

Some pretty good key issues in Part 2 as you can see. Early appearances of Thanos are being sought after and they'll soon be out of reach as Thanos becomes more prominent in Marvel's cinematic universe like I mentioned before. 

But that's not it for this Captain Marvel key comic issues. There's a few more left, and Part 3 is read so just click the link below to continue reading.. If you missed Part 1 just click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. Otherwise, I'll see you at Part 3.

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