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Monday, August 11, 2014

4X Rewards On eBay Bucks! Ends Tomorrow!

 In case you haven't been on eBay lately, tomorrow August 12th at 11:59 PT ends their 4X eBay Bucks rewards, simply known as Quadruple Rewards, on certain purchases. So here's the dish:

  • Earn 2X rewards when you spend $50+
  • Earn 3X rewards when you spend $100+
  • Earn 4X when you spend $150+

You have to be a participating member of the eBay Bucks program, and the maximum amount of eBay Bucks you can get on a single purchase is $100. Still, if you like the Double Dip method, these double and quadruple rewards the eBay Bucks program has is a great way to get some dough back and help fund some of those comic investments you've been gunning for.

As I've said before, it's better than just getting a handshake and a thank you back. Plus, I know there's something you all are probably gunning for, and it's best to take any opportunity you can to help you save.

So if you're already part of the program, may be a good time to hit up eBayand snag that comic you've been debating about the past few weeks. Oh yes, and if you have yet to hear about the eBay Bucks program, just lick this eBay Bucks Program link to learn more about it and sign up.

Don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I say Double Dip? It's a tactic I use to help save on buying comics on eBay, and if you're relatively new to Total Comic Mayhem, just click this link to read the article written not too long ago about that comic investing buying strategy.

Snag a comic over $150+, which isn't too hard to do if you're gunning for a high grade CGC copy, and you'll earn 8% eBay Bucks back, but this promotion ends tomorrow at midnight PT. Just reminding you all so you don't miss out. Time to go on the hunt on eBay and start snagging that comic on your want list. Even better if you've got Bill Me Later.

Happy Hunting all!

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