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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Researching Comic Investment Values on eBay Part 1!

Most of you already know how to do this and are doing this, but I'm going to cover it anyways. Not only is researching comic investments on eBay important when it comes to buying, it's also important when it comes to selling. This is especially true if you're planning on using eBay's market place to sell your comics when the time comes.

Sure, there are other market places online to buy and sell. Some of these market places are even tailored specifically for comics, but there's no other online market place that rivals eBay when it comes to the amount of comics bought and sold. Yep, eBay is still the world's largest comic book market place.

If you're buying comics, researching comic values can help you to find a fair or better price for a specific issue on eBay's market place. You don't even have to buy it there. You can buy it elsewhere cheaper at another online comic venue if you catch it there, but it helps to know what certain comics are selling for on eBay.

As usual, you start off searching for the specific comic book you're either planning to buy or to sell. For an example, I'll use Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0, first appearance of the Punisher, since I have one. Always start off with a certain grade in mind when it comes to CGC, but don't be married to that particular grade. You'll see why that is as we progress further into this.

The picture above shows the current listings for sale on eBay at the moment. We're not gonna worry about that right now. We'll get back to that later.

The next thing we're gonna do is go down a bit and look for that box with the "Sold listings" label next to it. It's right below the "Completed listings" label. Click that sucker so we can see the most recent sales of a CGC graded 8.0 Amazing Spider-Man #129. I marked it with the red X.

After clicking the box next to the Sold listings label, you'll be directed to only the listings that have sold for the specific item. As you can see from the left picture, most have the price and date in which the item sold for.

Sometimes, however, there will be listings that sold through Best Offers, and that price number does not reflect what the actual item sold for. With Best Offers that are listed in the sold results, the price number with a slash through it is the original Buy It Now price, not the offer that was accepted.

In the sold listings results, we are going to look at the most recent month only for now. So from the picture, the first recent three CGC ASM #129s at an 8.0 grade sold by regular auction with bids. Two sold on August 24rth and one on August 14rth. There's also another listing that sold in August on the 10th right after the 14rth.

The next listing that sold after August 10th is in July, but we're not going to worry about July yet. So there's four listings for this comic that sold in August, and all by regular auction.

Most people just look at the most recent auction and think that's the value of the comic, but sometimes it's not always true. As you can see, in the course of the month and months, prices and values fluctuate.

Just because the last listing sold on auction for $730 for CGC 8.0 doesn't mean the next auction will sell near that price. All the other auctions in August sold a bit above the $500 mark. The $730 auction just may be a fluke.

When buying or selling, you can do this extra step I'm about to show you which contradicts this "the last auction sold" is the comic value for a particular book. It just may save you from over-paying for a certain key issue comic.

Whenever I am buying or selling comics, I always look up what the next highest grade is selling for. In this case, it would be Amazing Spider-Man 129 at CGC 8.5.

So, I'll see what the current auction listings for a CGC 8.5 to see what they're selling at. When I did a search, I found one auction listing currently running.

The only auction currently on eBay for a CGC 8.5 VF+ has got about 3 days left until it ends, and it's bid up to $497 so far. So, I'll put that listing in my watch list for now.

Then I look at the other copies that are Buy It Nows for CGC 8.5s, and there are a few options that are much better than the prices for CGC 8.0s.

As you can see, there is a copy with a Buy It Now for $699 just right below the one up for auction. It's got 20 watchers but with Free Shipping. There's also other listings as well, and there is one that's cheaper than the $699 copy that's directly right below it with 14 watchers.

The copy below is a Buy It Now for $674.10 and also provides Free Shipping. This is the cheapest copy for a CGC 8.5 so far and it's much cheaper than any of the options for a CGC 8.0 currently. If I were buying this copy, I would watch the auction and make sure that what I bid up to and the cost of shipping doesn't exceed $674.10. The auction does have a shipping cost of $14.99, so I'll subtract $647.10 with $14.99. My top bid for the item will be $659.11. Why would my bid be above that when I can get the $674.10 copy? If it's still there by the time the auction ends that is.

Let's look at the current listings for CGC 8.0s concerning ASM #129. When looking at the current auction results for Amazing Spider-Man #129 CGC 8.0, you can clearly see that some of these comic investment copies are priced way above current market price for now. There are two CGC 8.0 copies selling for $800? Way over-inflated.

The other options are pretty over-priced as well. $799.99 for an 8.0 copy when an 8.5 is selling for the same price? Wow! Not to mention there's a $699 CGC 8.5 copy as well. And especially considering that the cheapest CGC 8.0 is priced at $749.95 with a Best Offer, while a CGC 8.5 is available for $674.10 bucks Buy It Now with Free Shipping! Which do you think I'm going to choose?

Believe it or not, some buyers do end up drastically over-pay for an investment comic. Not a good thing for a buyer, but good for the seller. Sometimes, it can't be helped as new listings do sometimes pop up at cheaper prices after you already snagged an item prior. That's just bad timing, but for the most part, you should research comic values at various grades for comic investments on eBay to help gauge a fair market price and prevent you from over-paying. You may just find a higher graded CGC copy for a lower price.

By the way, the CGC 8.5 up for auction just jumped up to $502 bucks. It may have further jumped up in price by the time you read this also. Thanks for reading and hope this comic investing buying tip helps ya.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Firestorm and Plastique Cast In Flash T.V. Series!

The Arrow spin-off series The Flash is adding more superheroes to it's roster, and Firestorm and Plastique are just some of the recent comic book heroes and villains that will hit prime time for the highly anticipated television series. So who is the lucky actor and actress to play these DC Comics characters?

First up is Robbie Amell who has been cast to play Ronnie Raymond, also known as the DC superhero Firestorm. Robbie Amell also starred in the television series Tomorrow People, and is the cousin of lead star Stephen Amell in the Arrow t.v. series. Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond is slated to appear in episode 3 of The Flash's first season. Talk about stepping into a hot role.

For those of you who don't know about Firestorm, the original Bronze Age Firestorm was composed of two people - High school student Ronnie Raymond and physicist Martin Stein. Both were caught in a nuclear accident that somehow fused them into Firestorm. Ronnie remained in control when in Firestorm form, while Martin Stein's conscious was a voice of reason for the character. Firestorm debuted in the late Bronze Age in the comic book Firestorm the Nuclear Man #1 volume 1. This first appearance of Firestorm was published March, 1978, and the character was created by Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom. The issue also sees the first appearances of both Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein, as well as the origin of the Nuclear Man.

That's not all though for the goodness and recent announcements. The ladies definitely aren't left out of the superhero action for this new television series and will seemingly get to kick butt as well. The gorgeous actress Kelly Frye has recently been cast to play the supervillainess known as Plastique, the alter ego of Bette Sans Souci. Kelly Frye has appeared on various t.v. shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Body of Proof, and the Mentalist. The character of Plastique is no newbie to the small screen though. She has already appeared in the Smallville television series, but was a younger version of the character.

As for the character, it seems the creators of the show will twist the origin of Plastique quite a bit from the comics, which should not be that big of a surprise to fans by now. This departure has been reported to see the character of Bette San Souci exposed to energy released by a S.T.A.A.R. Labs meltdown, which will enable her with the the power of turning any object she touches into a lethal explosive device. After the events of her television origin, it's also been leaked that the U.S. government will be on the hunt for Plastique to naturally turn her into a human weapon for not so great purposes, and she ultimately becomes an ally of the Flash for this version for the Flash television series. It's uncertain if she will be a villain or a hero in the show.
However, in the comics, Plastique is known as a terrorist and her plans in blowing up the offices of the News Express was thwarted by Firestorm. After the escapade, Bette Sans Souci was put in prison, but her lawyer brought her an experimental serum developed by "The Doctor" for the Project Bomb-Burst terrorist group. Injected with the serum, Bette gained the power to project explosive concussive blasts from her fingertips. Plastique was created by Gerry Conway and Pat Broderick. The first appearance of Plastique is in The Fury of Firestorm #7 and was published in December, 1982.

So more Bronze Age goodies to consider and we'll see if these comics heat up like the Flash t.v. series is expecting to do. The Flash show airs in October. 

Click here for more comic book movie news.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mockingbird and Crusher Creel Cast In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

In case you've yet to hear about it, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D television show has cast two new characters for Season 2, and both are from the comics. The first confirmed announcement shouldn't be much of a surprised as her character was teased in joining the cast at San Diego Comic Con this year.

And it shouldn't be any surprise that Adrianne Palicki is cast to play Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird. Palicki is no stranger to comic book roles, as she was suppose to be the new Wonder Woman in that new television series that got the plug pulled early on it. She also recently starred as Lady Jay in G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

With her training for Lady Jay, Adrianne Palicki should be right at home playing Mockingbird, an Avengers member and once lover of Hawkeye in the comics. Mockingbird has no superpowers, she is a badass hand-to-hand combatant and extremely deadly in several weapons, including her trademark batons.

It's unclear, however, if her character will actually be Mockingbird in the t.v. series or just her plain ole identity of Bobbie Morse. After all, Bobbi Morse was also an Agent 19 of S.H.I.E.L.D. before she donned the superhero costume in the comics. She may not even suit up at first or at all depending on where they start the character off for the show. Of course, I hope she does suit up comic book style in Season 2, and any red-blooded male would be lying if they didn't hope for the same. Besides, Mockingbird's modern costume isn't all that revealing anyway, and I bet they're gonna use that costume rather than the other one. That's if she does suit up after all.

Her first appearance as the superheroine Mockingbird is in the comic book Marvel Team Up #95, which came out during the late Bronze Age of comics in July of 1980. Her first appearance as Bobbi Morse, or Dr. Barbara Morse, was in Astonishing Tales #12 in June of 1972. However, the comic character's first ever appearance goes back a year prior in 1971, which she appeared as an unnamed brunette in the comic Astonishing Tales #6 and was a supporting character for Ka-Zar.

While Mockingbird's involvement in Season 2 of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. t.v. series was teased at SDCC, the next character recently cast was not. Enter Carl Crusher Creel, also more popularly known in the world of comics and to fans of Thor as the Absorbing Man. The lucky actor to play this old nemesis of Thor is Brian Patrick Wade (Teen Wolf). 

Brian Patrick Wade kinda even looks like the supervillain, who becomes the Absorbing Man whenever he drinks a special liquid that was concocted by none other than Loki. Like his name states, he is able to absorb the properties of anything he touches. Throughout his four decades in Marvel continuity, Crusher Creel has gone up against Thor, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and a host of other Marvel Comics superheroes. The Absorbing Man's first appearance is in Journey Into Mystery #114, and the comic was published in Silver Age in March, 1965. I did feature this comic in the Thor key comics list here a while ago.

Demand for this book has already sparked. CGC 8.0s and 8.5s have already been snagged since the announcement of this character joining the cast of Season 2. The very cool news about the casting of Mockingbird and Absorbing Man first dropped not too long ago, mere days, and I shared the posts on my facebook page almost as soon as the news hit.

So for those of you yet to hear about it, now you have. We'll see how hot Journey Into Mystery #114 becomes in the months to follow, but right now it looks like things are heating up for it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teen Titans Key Comics List Part 11

We are at the last part to this Teen Titans key comics list. Thank, God! Part 11 definitely has some late Copper Age sleepers and minor keys for sure. 

If you missed the part before this, you can click this Part 10 link to go back. If not, get this on and done with.

1st Deathstroke solo cover

Overstreet Guide notes this as the first Deathstroke solo cover, where I suppose he's featured on the cover without any members of the Teen Titans. Not very well-known at all and very much a sleeper and minor key. 

Fans of Deathstroke may want to consider this one. October, 1990 was when this comic was published.

eBay - No CGC located so far, and only a few unslabbed options available for now.

mycomicshop - Only one VF unslabbed copy in stock at the time of this writing.

NewKadia - All three copies here are in the NM range. Top grade is a NM+. Lowest is a low NM.

Terra revived
1st cameo of Team Titans
The character of Terra is revived in this issue, but it is the 2nd Terra. Not the original. She, however, has DNA from the original mixed in with her own and can fully pass as the original, Terra Markov.

This issue also sees the first cameo of the Team Titans, a group from the future who has come back to hunt down Donna Troy. They are shown in the last panel of this issue, and Terra is a member of the group.
eBay - No surprise that's there's no CGC copies for this issue at the moment. A few unslabbers are available.

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies in stock. One is a VF and the lowest is a VG.

NewKadia - NM+ copy in stock. Two other copies also there at different grades.

First full appearance of Team Titans
First appearance of Lord Chaos
Some weird stuff in this issue, and the story is continued from The New Titans #79. It seems Donna Troy is pregnant and apparently her son in the future grows up to be Lord Chaos, born with the full powers of a god and driven mad.

Lord Chaos ends up ruling the Earth tyrannically for many years, causing The Team Titans to travel back into the future to prevent his birth. Much like the movie The Terminator, Team Titans are out to kill the pregnant Donna Troy. This annual was published in 1991.

eBay - CGC! Unslabbed copes...a few.

mycomicshop - VF and a FN copy only at the moment.

NewKadia - Highest copy here so far is a straight NM. There are three other options also at the moment.

2nd appearance of Team Titans

Alrighty, here's the 2nd full appearance of the Team Titans, the group from the future sent back to off Donna Troy and prevent the birth of her son Robert Long. However, they cannot find Donna anywhere, and even worse, Lord Chaos has traveled back in time as well. 

The Team Titans would be spun off into their own titled series. This comic was published November, 1991.

eBay - No CGC copies just yet. Unslabbed copies are present though.

mycomicshop - Only one VF raw copy available.

NewKadia - Only three copies here, but all are in the NM range. Highest is a NM+ and lowest is a low NM.

Deathstroke vs. Jericho

As the cover suggests, Jericho and Deathstroke duke it out, but in this issue we also see Deathstroke stabbing his son Jericho through. It seems that Jericho was possessed by the poisoned souls of Azarath after his last run-in with Trigon.

The souls realize they need new bodies to inhabit and Jericho has captured the Teen Titans to prepare for the transference. Deathstroke in the last panel stabs his son with his sword.

eBay - Limited selection for unslabbed copies. No selection for CGC copies of this issue...yet.

mycomicshop - Just a VF and a FN so far. Both are unslabbed.

NewKadia - NM+, NM, and low NM copies are in stock at the time of this writing.

Apparent death of Jericho

Although the act of killing Jericho happens in issue #83, I suppose it's actually confirmed in this issue since Overstreet notes The New Titans #84 as the death of Jericho. However, we know that it's only an apparent death, because the character does return.

This issue is the last part to the story arc The Titans Hunt. March, 1992 is the publishing date for this comic. Pretty minor key issue and not that sought after.

eBay - Very limited selection so far. No CGC.

mycomicshop - Surprise, surprise - A VF and FN copy here for this issue as well. Only unslabbers and no CGC just yet.

NewKadia - Only two copies here at the moment. Top grade is a NM+ copy, however.

Okay, I'm concluding this Teen Titans key comics list at this part. We have passed the Copper Age of comics concerning Teen Titans key issues.  To be honest, I probably shouldn't have even done a Part 11 and stopped at Part 9, since the ones listed in the last two post are all minor keys and not very sought out.

So there we are. If you'd like to start from the beginning of this key issues list, click this Part 1 link. You can also click the PREVIOUS link to read Part 10 if you didn't already.

If you missed the World's Finest Comics key issue list, just click the link to check that out. Hope this helps you out in your Teen Titans hunt and that you enjoyed. Thanks for reading.

Teen Titans Key Comics List Part 10

Here we are with Teen Titans key comics Part 10. Bunch of Copper Age minor key issues and sleepers in this one. Some first appearances as well. Will probably be hard to find any CGC copies, so don't expect too many. 

One more part to this key issue series after this one. If you missed Part 9, just click the link. If you're all good to go, enjoy Part 10.

First appearance of Kole

New Teen Titans #9 sees the first appearance of Kole, and this superheroine would become a supporting character within the Teen Titans as well as a member. She was captured by Thia and became her slave before the Teen Titans destroyed the goddess and freed Kole. She is close friends with Jericho and lived with him and her mom for quite some time. 

Kole has the power to spin crystal into independent masses. She often encases others in them to immobilize them. This comic was published June, 1985. 

eBay - A few unslabbed copies present, but no CGC at the moment which isn't too surprising.

mycomicshop - VF and FN copy are in stock. Both are unslabbed and the only two so far.

NewKadia - Five copies in stock with the highest being a NM+ followed by a NM. Lowest grade in stock is a VF.

Kole joins team
Origin of Kole

Kole joins the Teen Titans in this issue, and the Teen Titans learn the origin of how Kole gains her powers. Apparently, she was also experimented on by her scientist father, Abel Weathers, who was seeking a way to evolve humans to survive an inevitable nuclear war. Instead, Kole Weathers gained superpowers instead. 

Kole also moves in with Adeline Wilson and Jericho in this issue. This comic was published July, 1985. 

eBay - One CGC 9.8 Signature Series signed by Rich Buckler available. Unslabbed copies are present also.

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies here at the moment. Highest is a VF and the other is a VG.

NewKadia - Seven copies in stock at the moment. Top grade is a NM+.

First appearance of Jinx

The introduction of another Teen Titan baddie, Jinx is a sorcerer who is able to control or manipulate the elements. She joined the Fearsome Five and become a formidable adversary of the Teen Titans. 

Jinx was created by Marv Wolfman and Chuck Patton, and the first appearance of Jinx was published August, 1985.

eBay - Pretty limited selection for even unslabbed copies at the moment. No CGC as of yet.

mycomicshop - Very Fine and a FINE copy in stock so far, but that's it.

ComicLink - Surprised that there's a CGC copy here. It's a 9.8 regular Universal.

NewKadia - Three copies here. Highest copy is low NM.

Robin (Jason Todd) joins team

Robin rejoins the Teen Titans, but it's not Dick Grayson. This time it's Jason Todd, the Robin that readers during the era didn't like all that much. He would not be a long-term member as he does die at the Joker's hand in the A Death In A Family storyline in Batman comics. 

Jason Todd would be revived later and become The Red Hood. Minor key issue, but if you're a fan of Jason Todd and hunting down key issues pertaining to him, this is one. This comic was published May, 1986.

eBay - Very limited selection for this comic on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. No CGC and only a handful of unslabbed copies.

NewKadia - One NM copy here. Only one and the picture they have up for this comic is the wrong one.

New origin Wonder Girl
First issue with new title change
Once again Wonder Girl gets another origin, but in this issue, she is hunted down by a woman who reveals that everything Donna believed about her life was actually a carefully constructed fabrication. The woman ends up being the Goddess Phoebe and lifts the haze of false memories from Donna Troy's mind. 

This is actually part one to a five part story arc. Within the story arc Donna Troy discovers that she was raised by Titans of myth. Her retcon was written because of the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series and Donna's ties to the Amazons were severed in her new origin. 

The Teen Titans title also gets changed to The New Titans beginning with this issue and was published December, 1988.

eBay - Not a great selection for this issue also. Most are in comic lots but they are pretty cheap. As expected no CGC at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - VF copy and FN copy are the only two available here so far. No CGC yet.

NewKadia - NM copy in stock here. Two other copies also available, both high grade.

Wonder Girl becomes Troia

After Donna's retconned origin, she assumes the codename Troia in this issue, and she also gets a new make over and look. This comic issue ends the five part story arc that started with issue number 50. It is a definite sleeper for now and pretty affordable for sure. June, 1989 was when this comic was published.

eBay - A few unslabbed options here, but most are in comic lots. No CGC also.

mycomicshop - Only a VF and VG located at the time of this writing. Both copies are in stock and not on consignment however.

NewKadia - Four copies of this issue in stock. The highest is a NM copy.

Okay one more part to this Teen Titans key comics list and that will be all. As you can see, most of these are minor keys and or sleepers at the moment. PART 11 is already ready so just click the link below to continue on.

Click the PREVIOUS link below to read Part 9 in case you missed it. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Teen Titans Key Comics List Part 9

Welcome to Part 9 to the Teen Titans key comics list, and we are winding down close to the end. Some sleepers, some key issues worth considering and one definite important key. I do believe it's first on this Part 9 also, and we're definitely in the Copper Age concerning these Teen Titans key issues.

Well, it seems like the Comic Connect site is down, so I couldn't look up anything on there. If you missed Part 8, click the link to magically go back there. If you're ready for this part, continue on and enjoy.

First appearance of Dick Grayson as Nightwing
First appearance of Jericho
Origin of Deathstroke the Terminator

Kicking starting Part 9 is this Copper Age goodie, and as you can see, there's quite a bit going on in this issue. First is first, and that's Dick Grayson's first appearance as Nightwing, and the character has become a staple within the DCU and Batman comics. Fans are anticipating Nightwing popping up in a movie or a television show and the demand for this comic has been on the rise. Well, it's no longer a sleeper.

Another first appearance is of Jericho, whom is Deathstroke's youngest son named Joseph Wilson. Jericho was a superhero from the start and became a member of the Teen Titans. His superpower is the ability to possess another person by mere eye contact. He gains access to the subject's physical, mental, and magical abilities while in possession. 

Finally, this issues has the first origin story of Deathstroke the Terminator told to the Teen Titans by Adeline Kane, Slade Wilson's ex wife. This issue is part 3 of the story line to the Judas Contract which started with issue #42. Adeline Kane accuses Terra of being in league with Deathstroke in this issue. July, 1984 is the publishing date for this key issue, and it is steaming up. Out of all the Teen Titans Copper Age key issues, this is definitely the one to gun for.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies of the first appearance of Nightwing. Quite a few CGC copies also, and 9.8s are present on eBay at the moment.

mycomicshop - Two CGC copies here. One is up for auction and ends in 2 days. It's a CGC 9.6. The other is a 9.4 NM and Signature Series. Quite a few unslabbers here with the top grade being a 9.0 VF/NM.

 Death of Terra

Last part to the fan-favorite Judas Contract story line is the death of Terra, or the supposed death of Terra. In trying to kill the Teen Titans by bringing a building down on them, she ends killing herself instead. Although this is noted as the character's death, Terra would later be revived and end up a good guy. She would later join the Team Titans once brought back from the dead. July, 1984 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Pretty limited selection even for unslabbed copies. No CGC copies just yet on eBay for this issue.

mycomicshop - So far a VF and FN copy are in stock here at mycomicshop.

 First issue to 2nd series

The New Teen Titans title is relaunched with this issue and marks the 2nd volume to the titled series. Tales of the New Teen Titans would run at the same time with this volume two series. This new series would start with The Terror of Trigon storyline in which we see Raven's demonic persona. August, 1984 is the date this comic was published.

eBay - Couldn't find that many unslabbed copies at the moment. Surprisingly couldn't find any CGC copies either.

mycomicshop - CGC 9.8 Signature Series signed by George Perez is here at the moment. Also two raw copies available - A VF and FN.

NewKadia - Five copies in stock. Highest are a NM+ and a NM with the lowest a VF.

2nd issue to volume 2 series
Re-intro Lilith
First appearance of Evil Raven
In the second issue to the new series, we see the character of Lilith re-enter the Teen Titans comics. Also, this is the first appearance of Evil Raven, her other demon half finally unleashed. No, it's not sexy either.

This comic is a sleeper and not that in demand. It was published October, 1984.

eBay - Selection is pretty limited for this issue as well. No CGC just yet either.

mycomicshop - A beautiful CGC 9.8 located here, and it's a regular Universal slab under $50 bucks. Also two unslabbers in stock. Highest is a NM.

NewKadia - Four copies here with the highest a NM. A VF copy is the lowest.

Wedding of Terry Long & Donna Troy

Donna Troy and Terry Long finally tie the knot in this issue, and Terry Long would remain an important supporting character for the Teen Titans. Wonder Girl is not the first Teen Titans member to get hitched. Starfire was married twice and almost married Nightwing.

A key issue, but not that sought out key issue. Minor is a good word for it, I suppose. At least it is for now. This comic was published February, 1985.

eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies. Only one CGC copy at the time of this writing and it's a 9.6 NM+ for super cheap...under $20 bucks.

mycomicshop - A VF copy and FN copy are in stock at the moment.

NewKadia - Will have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find this comics listing at NewKadia. There are more than a handful of copies. Highest are a NM+ and a NM, each only one copy available.

Apparent death of Trigon

The last issue to this story arc, it seems that Raven is able to defeat her demonic self and kills daddy Trigon...supposedly. In doing so, Raven is believed to have sacrificed her own life as well but eventually returns in a later issue of course. 

This comic was published February, 1985, and is very much a minor key issue for the moment.

eBay - Saw a few unslabbed copies and some of them are in comic lots. Selection is pretty limited and no CGC at the time of this writing. Not surprising though.

mycomicshop - Once again, a VF and FN in stock for this key issue. No CGC at the time of this writing, but that may change sooner or later.

NewKadia - NM+ copy in stock. 2nd highest is a NM, and the lowest is a VF. Five copies in total at NewKadia at the moment.

Alright, hopefully Comic Connect gets their site up since ComicLink rarely has minor Copper Age comics for sale unless they're pretty sought after. Only two more parts left to this Teen Titans key comics list, and Part 10 is ready so just click the PART 10 link below.

If you missed Part 8, you can always click the PREVIOUS link below to teleport back there and give it a look.