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Monday, July 21, 2014

X-Men Pressman Variant Covers

By: Gerry D

Last month, an article was written on here about vairant covers and their investment potential. I want to talk about one of the variants, specifically the Uncanny X-Men 297 Pressman variant along with the other three X-Men Pressman variant covers.

In 1992, Pressman Games put out a board game called "The Uncanny X-Men: Alert - Adventure Game", Which may be the longest title for a board game ever. Inserted into these games was either an X-Men comic book or a mail away coupon for an X-Men comic. These books, often mistaken for second printings, have variant front and back covers. The back covers have ads on them for other various Pressman games, including the X-Men Alert game, which makes no sense to me. These books have a much smaller print run than the original covers. There are no exact numbers, so all of the print run numbers are the best estimates I could find.

(Left) Regular Edition  (Right) Pressman Variant
The Uncanny X-Men #297

This is the hardest of the variant covers to find, and may be the rarest of all X-men books out there. Where as all of the other comics on this list came included with the game, the only way to get this book was with the mail away coupon, so if someone missed the deadline, or more likely didn't mail in their coupon, then this book never made it into circulation. It is estimated that there are less than 500 copies out there for you to snag. Find it on eBay >>

The Uncanny X-Men #303

This is the first Uncanny X-Men book to actually be included with the game. The once white background on the front cover is now completely gold and the back cover is an ad for X-Men Alert, the same game that the book came in. That's the part that doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Why did they put an ad for the game in the same box that the game is in? Weird. There are around 1000 or so copies. Find it on eBay >>

The Uncanny X-Men #307

Here's the last of the Uncanny X-Men books included with the game. Very similar to the last two books on this list, this cover also has the gold background replacing the bright yellow and the back cover is sporting an X-Men game advertisement as well. There are a bit more than 1000 copies of this one out there as well. Find it on eBay >>

X-Men Vol. 2 #11

The only one of the Vol. 2 X-Men series to make it into the game box. The obvious difference in the covers is the Silver background instead of the red one. The back cover for this is different from the other three. Instead of the X-Men game being advertised on the back, other Pressman games Othello and Mastermind are on the back cover. There may be a little more than 1000 copies of this book floating around. Find it on eBay >>

Finding CGC copies of these books won't be easy. There are less than 80 in the CGC census for all 4 books, at least for now. Well, that's all for this one. Be sure to check your long boxes to see if you have one of these hidden treasures packed away in there and happy collecting.


  1. Thanks, brutha man, for writing this up! Bringing the goodness once again! Good stuff!

  2. My pleasure. Just want to get the word out for the peeps. I'm sure it helps you out a little too.

    1. It always helps me out. A lot more than you think. Hopefully see you an yamies tonight for some brews.

  3. I Pre-ordered this game when it came out, now I wish I had ordered 10 of them
    My particular game came with Uncanny X-Men 297 in the box, not a coupon that I had to send in
    I opened the box and saw it sitting there, grabbed a board and a bag, slid the board underneath
    Touching it only enough to keep it from sliding off the board while I bagged it
    I placed it in my collection of X-men in it's proper place behind the normal version and it stayed there very well protected till i accidentally ran across it pulling out others to send off for grading
    I really only opened the game to look at the "collectible figures"
    At the time I thought it was a second printing because that's what marvel was doing a lot at that time so I didn't think about it actually being rare
    My brother didn't understand why I opened the box, now I'm glad I did
    Who knows what kind of damage could have been done to the comic moving the unopened box through all my relocations over the past 23 years