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Saturday, July 19, 2014

World's Finest Comics Key Issues Part 8

Closing this World's Finest Comics key issues list with Part 8. Mostly all of these keys in this part are pretty minor ones and not very sought out. Don't expect too many CGC copies to be located in this one as well.

If you missed Part 7, you can click the link to go back. Other than that, let's finish this list up.

2nd appearance of Supersons?
2nd appearance of Superman Jr.?
2nd appearance of Batman Jr.?

I have no idea why some sources list this comic as the first appearances of the Supersons, as well as Superman Jr. and Batman Jr., when they first appeared in World's Finest Comics #154. 

I suppose sources are citing this as their first appearance because the characters were created by Bob Haney and Dick Dillion, whom are both the writer and artist for this issue, and the two created and developed the character's back grounds and situations with more depth. So, they are first identified as such in this issue?

Oh, hell, I dunno. CGC notes World's Finest Comics #154 as the first appearance of the Super Sons, but they do not note this issue as the first appearance of Superman Jr. or Batman Jr, which is why I'm putting it as their 2nd appearances. If they were indeed retconned to be the same kids in World's Finest Comics #154, then World's Finest Comics #154 is their first appearance and World's Finest Comics #215 is their 2nd appearance. Unless someone can explain it to me why it isn't otherwise.

eBay - Unslabbed copies here only at the moment.

ComicConnect - Two unslabbed copies with the highest being an 8.0 VF. Second highest is a 7.0 FN/VF.

NewKadia - Only two copies here. One is a FN+ and the other is a GD+.

Deadman origin retold
First appearance of Thomas Wayne Jr.

Deadman origin is retold in this issue, but the real kicker is the first appearance of Thomas Wayne Jr. Yep, Bruce Wayne had a brother he never knew about, and apparently his brother is the bad seed of the family. When Batman learns that Thomas is the assassin known as the Boomerang Killer, he sets out to stop his brother. 

Thomas Wayne Jr. would die in the pages of World's Finest Comics #227. This comic was published in the Bronze Age of comics June, 1974.

eBay - No CGC copies here at the time of this writing. There is a PGX 7.5 and a bunch of unslabbed copies.

NewKadia - Only one copy that's a VF+.

Death of Stuff
Vigilante origin retold

Stuff, the Chinatown Kid, is a Golden Age character and the sidekick of Greg Sanders the Vigilante. One of the first Chinese-American heroes in comics, Jimmy Leong (Stuff) of course knew martial arts but the writers had him proficient in the wrong types of martial arts - Aikido and Judo. 

After being adopted by Greg Sanders, Jimmy would teach the Vigilante basic martial arts. Stuff's death is told in this issue, and the Vigilante's origin would be retold as well. September, 1977 was when this comic was published.

eBay - Limited selection of unslabbed copies so far. No CGC and not surprising.

NewKadia - Only one low VF copy here at the moment.

Captain Marvel Jr. and Kid Eternity discover they are brothers

Kid Eternity often accompanied the Marvel family on various adventures after his revival and in this issue the shocking secret of him and Captain Marvel Jr. being brothers is revealed. This is during the 70s when DC decided to revive the character and was retconned into the Captain Marvel Family

The original Kid Eternity was a nameless boy, but when he was revived he was given the name Chris "Kit" Freeman to match his brother's name of Freddy Freeman. This comic was published in June, 1982.

eBay - No CGC, but there are unslabbed copies.

NewKadia - Two copies here. Highest is a NM+ and the second copy available is a low NM.

First appearance of Null and Void

Talk about some obscure DC Comics characters, Null and Void have to be two of the top in that category. Extremely minor key issue for two extremely minor characters. World's Finest Comics #293 has the first appearance of Null and Void. both characters were pretty much erased from existence when the multiverse collapsed after the Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. Issue was published July, 1983.

eBay - Only unslabbed copies here. Selection pretty limited.

NewKadia - Three copies in stock here. Highest is a VF+ followed by a VF. Last copy is a FN.

Origin of Null and Void

This issue tells the origin of how Null and Void got their powers, and it was by a sacred stone that the natives of Haiti, who had captured them after their plane crashed, worshiped for centuries.
Haiti.#sthash.YRov001A.dpufnatives who captured them worshiped. This stone however is of alien technology from a race called the X'ult. 

Forced to place their hands on the stone, Solomon and Peter McBryde were both branded with a strange tattoo. When those tattoos touched, they transformed into Null and Void. 

Null had the power to dull or restrict the senses of any target within his range. Void can access a strange sub-dimension of Earth known as the Void, in which he can teleport himself and any object into and have to reemerge. People he sends through the Void are usually disoriented when coming back.

eBay - Bunch of unslabbed copies here. Pretty cheap as well.

NewKadia - Three copies here of this issue. There's a NM, a low NM, and a low VF.

Last issue for volume 1

Batman and Superman shared many team ups in their careers as heroes. None was more well-known or featured as those in the pages of World's Finest Comics. 

It was a team up that many fans clamored for to happen in the beginning, and history was made when it finally happened. All good things come to an end though. The last issue to the first series of World's Finest Comics sees Batman dissolve his famous partnership with Superman.

Though, the two characters would team up in various other titles, it wouldn't be for awhile until the two paired up continuously in an ongoing titled series. This was published January, 1986.

eBay - Same story as all the issues on this Part 8! Unslabbed copies but no CGC at time of writing.

NewKadia - Two NM copies. One's a solid NM and the other a low NM.

ComicLink - One CGC copy here that's a 7.0 FN/VF.

Alright, this concludes the World's Finest Comics key issues list. Not too many investment comics in this last Part 8. Well, at least, not investment comics yet, but in the market now, let's be honest. The later key issues of World's Finest aren't really all that sought out.

But, they are keys for this series and are listed so you can consider them. Maybe you'll see something I don't and make a great snag. As always, if you missed this list from the beginning, click this Part 1 link to go to the start.

You can also click the PREVIOUS link below if you missed Part 7, and if you missed the Green Arrow key comics list, just click the link below to magically teleport there. Thanks for reading and hope this list helps you out in your hunt!

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