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Friday, July 18, 2014

World's Finest Comics Key Issues Part 7

Nearing the end of this World's Finest Comics key issues list, and we'll be leaving the Silver Age and hitting the Bronze Age by the end of it. A few good keys in Part 7 and some minor ones as well. Should be interesting to see how many CGC copies this part will have as the ones prior were pretty limited in that regard.

Click this Part 6 list if you missed the prior World's Finest key comics in that part, or continue onward and let's get this thing rolling.

  • 3rd appearance of Batgirl
Here we are with a pretty important key issue, and if you're looking for early appearances of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, this is her 3rd appearance in comics ever! Batgirl's first appearance has already seen a huge surge of demand. I'm predicting it won't be long before her 2nd and 3rd appearances see one as well if they haven't already. This was published September, 1967.

eBay - Mostly lower grade copy. All are unslabbed so far with no CGC in sight. Highest unslabbed copy is a 9.0 VF/NM.

ComicConnect - One CGC copy and one unslabbed copy so far. CGC copy is a beautiful 9.6 NM+ and goes up for auction in August. Unslabbed copy is a 7.5 low VF.

  • First Silver Age appearance of Two Face
This is the first appearance of Two Face in the Silver Age, but  there's a catch. It's not actually the character Two-Face. It's Batman as Two-Face as a certain Dr. Arron develops a formula that turns Bruce Wayne into his feared nemesis.

CGC doesn't note this as the first Silver Age appearance of Two-Face either, and it's debatable. For the longest time, though, this comic was seen as such, so I'm listing it as such. 

Batman #234 is known as the first Silver Age appearance of Two-Face (Harvy Dent), but why that is, is beyond me. Batman #234 is a Bronze Age book. It may have to do with that issue being the first appearance of Earth One Two-Face. This was published February, 1968.

eBay - No problem finding unslabed copies here. Four CGC copies though. Two 9.8 copies and two 9.2 low NM copies at the time of this writing.

ComicConnect - Two CGC 9.4 NM copies. One is going up for auction in August. The other is available to snag immediately. Three unslabbed copies present as well. Highest is an 8.0 VF.

ComicLink - One unslabbed and one CGC copy available here. Unslabbed copy is toted as 9.2 low NM, and the CGC copy is 7.5 low VF.

  •  Last 12 cent issue in titled series
Once again, for those collectors who love to snag key issues that deal with price changes and such, this issue is the last 12 cent issue in the World's Finest Comics series. And, as with most of these keys, there's not much else to say about this issue other than that.

eBay - No CGC yet and just unslabbed copies.

ComicConnect - One CGC copy and it's a gorgeous 9.6 NM+. Also an unslabbed copy graded at a 6.5 FN+.

  • Goes back to 15 cents
Ahhhh, a bit tricky here. Cant' really call this the first 15 cent issue since early issues of the titled World's Finest Comics series during the Golden Age actually cost 15 cents for quite a while.

This comic does mark the price inflation of 15 cents during the particular era for those who like collecting these kinds of key issues. Nothing else important but that concerning key status, and it was published August, 1969.

eBay - Only unslabbed copies for this minor key issue at the moment on the mighty eBay.

ComicConnect - CGC 9.4 NM here at the time of this writing. Also an unslabbed FN/VF 7.0 copy as well.

  • Jack Kirby Green Arrow origin retold
As mentioned in the Green Arrow key issues, Jack Kirby's origin of Green Arrow was extremely influential. Every writer for the character since then is based on Kirby's revamped origin in one way or another. 

This issue just reprints the origin and is relatively a minor key issue. September, 1969 was when this comic was published.

eBay - One CGC copy and it's a whopping 9.8. Unslabbed copies available as well.

ComicConnect - Three copies available so far. One is a CGC NM 9.4 copy and the other two are unslabbed. Highest unslabbed is an 8.0 VF.

  • 3rd Superman and Flash race
Superman and Flash races are extremely sought after and popular amongst collectors. Even though this is the 3rd one, it's a key issue worth noting and owning as a great comic investment. In this 3rd race, the Flash wins and he does so in December, 1970, marking this a Bronze Age goodie to gun for.

eBay - Five CGC options here on the mighty eBay. Three 9.6 copies and a 9.4 NM. Other copy is in a lot of CGC comics, but all of them are low grade. Unslabbed selection is also pretty good.

ComicConnect - Three copies of this key issue here. A CGC 9.6 NM+ is present and pretty expensive already. Also an 8.5 VF+ unslabbed copy is worth considering as well.

ComicLink - A whopping CGC 9.8 located here, and definitely costs some ducats. Also a CGC 2.0 GD copy as well.

Definitely more CGC options in Part 7 compared to the previous parts in this key comics series. We are going to wrap this key issues list with Part 8 and you can click the link below to finish to move forward and finish up this series!

Once again, if you missed Part 6, you can click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. Thanks for reading and see you soon!


  1. I think World's Finest 175 should at least merit honorable mentioned. It's certainly more sort after than any other issue near it's publication date. This issue would mark Neal Adams first interior work involving Batman.

    1. Oooooooooooo....that is a good one! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Brian!