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Friday, July 18, 2014

World's Finest Comics Key Issues Part 6

More Superman and Batman team ups in this World's Finest Comics key issues list! This is Part 6, and we're still covering Silver Age key issues within this titled series. Quite a few cool first appearances in this part, and some have already been featured in other key comics lists here on Total Comic Mayhem.

If you happened to miss the previous part before this one, just click this Part 5 link before venturing onward. Otherwise, enjoy!

1st 12 cent issue in titled series

For those of you into these kinds of key issues that designates the first issue where price changes occurs for a certain comic title, this World's Finest Comics #122 marks the first 12 cent issue in this particular comic series. Not really much else to add about this key issue comic other than the price change of inflation. December, 1961 was when this comic was published.

eBay - No problem finding unslabbed copies for this issue on eBay. Different story for CGC though. Zero CGC available at the moment.

ComicConnect - Only unslabbed copies here. Three to be exact. Highest so far is a 7.0 FN/VF copy. Next highest copy is a 5.5 low FN.

ComicLink - One unslabbed VF copy here at the time of this writing. Only one copy.

Aquaman begins in titled series

Looks like the adventures of Aquaman needed to expand from the various other titles that had stories of him, so he hits the page of World's Finest Comics with a splash as a solo feature. This issue begins or continues the stories of the King of Atlantis and fellow Justice League of America member.

Aquaman's trusty sidekick Aqualad also guest stars in their first World's Finest adventure! The comic was published in May of 1962.

eBay - Plenty of unslabbed copies. No CGC so far.

ComicConnect - Unslabbed 8.5 VF+ located here at the time of this writing. Other two copies are low grade. All so far are unslabbed, raw comics.


Last new Green Arrow adventures in title

Green Arrow says goodbye to World's Finest Comics in this issue. It's not the last time we'd ever see the character, but it is the last time he is featured as a solo back up story with new adventures. Any solo adventures of the character in this title are reprints. Pretty minor key issue in terms of the character Green Arrow. September, 1966 is when this issue was published. 

eBay - Boatload of unslabbed copies, mostly in the VG range or lower. No CGC copies as of this writing for this issue on the mighty eBay.

ComicLink - Only unslabbed copies here with the highest being a VF 8.0.

ComicConnect - Three unslabbed copies here that are all unslabbed. Looks like no CGC will be found for this issue at the moment. Highest is an 8.0 VF.

First appearance of Composite Superman
Origin of Composite Superman

Finally we have a first appearance of a character, and this issue marks the first appearance of the Composite Superman. I do believe that this key issue was also listed on the Superman key issues list here on Total Comic Mayhem also. 

This Composite Superman is the Joe Meach version, and was a down-on-his-luck diver. Superman got him a job at the Superman Museum in Metropolis as a janitor. Meach developed a hatred for Superman after being surrounded by all his accomplishments day in and day out. 

One night while Meach swept nearby the statues of the Legion of Superheroes, a bolt of lightening struck the statues through an open window and released some kind of crazy energy that struck Joe Meach. Seriously sounds like the Flash origin.

Anyways, Meach would gain the powers of all the Legion members, including shape-shifting. Since his ultimate desire was to upstage both Superman and Batman, he took on the form of both as a composite.

eBay - Just not a very good month for vintage World's Finest Comics that are CGC graded. A few unslabbed at the moment of this writing.

ComicConnect - Finally, a CGC copy located for one of these Silver Age World's Finest Comics key issues. A 9.4 NM CGC copy is here. Only CGC copy though. Rest are unslabbed and the highest raw copy is a 7.5 low VF.

ComicLink - Another CGC 9.4 NM copy is also at ComicLink. This one has the old Universal label.

First appearance of Earth-154
First appearance of Superman & Batman & Robin
First appearance of Super Sons
Last Batwoman in costume

Ah, here's where things get interesting. A while after this issue debuted, the Superman and Batman story in it was explained as an imaginary story and set outside of regular continuity. 

However, in Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was established that this story actually happened on Earth-154. So, don't be confused by the first appearance of Superman and first appearance of Batman key status for this issue. It's not the first Silver Age appearance of either character, but it's the first appearance of Earth 154 Superman, Batman, Robin, Batwoman, and Lois Lane. Oh yes, and the Super-Sons Superman Jr. and Batman Jr.

This also marks the last time Kathy Kane suits up as Batwoman for a long, long time. this issue was published December, 1965.

eBay - Wow, finally! Two CGC 9.2 low NM copies here. Good selection of unslabbed copies as well.

ComicConnect - Four unslabbed copies here. Highest are an 8.5 VF+ and an 8.0 VF. There's also a 6.0 FN copy and a 5.0 VG/FN copy as well. No CGC at the time of this writing.

ComicLink - One CGC copy found here. It's an 8.0 VF.

First Bizzaro Batman

Wouldn't be a key list about Batman and Superman without some Bizzaro thrown in the mix, would it? This issue sees the first appearance of Bizzaro Batman, in which Bizzaro No 1. creates. If you didn't read the Superman key issues list on here yet, Bizarro No 1. is not the first Bizzaro. 

The first Bizzaro was a doppelganger of Superboy and was created by Professor Dalton by accident. This version of Bizarro No 1. was created by Lex Luthor, who recreated the duplicator ray with the pure intention of creating a menace for Superman.

In this issue, Superman and Batman have gone missing, and Bizzaro No 1. and Bizzaro Batman come to Earth to try and fill the heroes' boots.

eBay - Another CGC copy found on the mighty eBay! One CGC 8.5 VF+ copy for the first appearance of Bizzaro Batman at the time of this writing. Unslabbers available as well.

ComicConnect - Only two raw copies here. Highest is a 5.5 low FN.

ComicLink - There's only one copy but it is a 9.2 low NM. Not a CGC copy but unslabbed.

Once again, not so easy in trying to locate CGC copies for many of these World's Finest Comics key issues. Actually, this is probably the most depressing list I've done so far concerning the insanely limited amount of CGC copies in the market.

Maybe this will change in Part 7, which is ready so click the link below to continue.

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