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Monday, July 14, 2014

World's Finest Comics Key Issues Part 1

Back to DC Comics and fulfilling another request by Tim for a World's Finest key comics list. This list will only cover volume 1 and will be key issue comics only from this titled series. No jumping around from title to title. 

Starting off with the Golden Age, a lot of the early issues on this list will be more of a hunt to find offline and online. They'll also be quite expensive as well, but highly great comics to invest in. When we hit Silver Age, there will probably be a lot more options on online for some keys.

Alrighty then, let's rock this puppy out!

1st issue to titled series
First appearance of Young Doc Davis

Before World's Finest Comics became World's Finest Comics, it started off as World's Best Comics. Don't know why the name was changed, but it might've had something to do with a cease and desist order from Better Publications that had a comic book entitled, Best Comics since 1939. Could be plausible. So despite the different title, this is the first issue to the titled World's Finest Comics series and that fact is pretty much the main reason why this is one of the best Golden Age key issues and is pretty sought after.

World's Best Comics #1 also had the first appearance of Young Doc Davis, an early DC detective character whose a very, very minor character. Maybe not even worth mentioning at all. 

This is a big investment comic and although Batman, Robin, and Superman share the cover, they were always in separate adventures during the early issues of this title. It wouldn't be until later when they would share an adventure and then eventually team up.

eBay - There are some copies on here at the moment, but the selection is pretty limited for both unslabbed and CGC. Two CGC copies. Highest is a Restored 7.0 copy. Lowest is a 3.0 GD/VG.

ComicConnect - Three copies here for this key issue. Two are unslabbed and one is a PGX slabbed copy. PGX copy is a 4.0 VG, and the highest raw copy is a 5.0 VG/VF. Tape on the inside spine for that 5.0. Last option is a low GD 1.8.

ComicLink - Three copies here. One is a CGC copy and it's a FN+ 6.5. Other two are unslabbed copies and the highest one is 3.0 GD/VG.

2nd issue to series
2nd appearance of Young Doc Davis
Series becomes World's Finest Comics

Here we are with the second issue to the World's Finest Comics series. This issue is important as it's the first issue to have changed to it's more well-known title, and begins the series as such. The comic also holds the 2nd appearance of Young Doc Davis as well.

Not a very easy find, nor a cheap one either. This comic is a heavy hitter concerning comic investments. Even a GD copy of this Golden Age key issue is pretty valuable.

eBay - Could not locate any copies on here at the moment, slabbed or unslabbed.

ComicConnect - Two unslabbed copies here. Highest is a FN+ 6.5 and the other copy is a VG 4.0.

ComicLink - One unslabbed 4.0 VG copy available here.

First appearance of Scarecrow
Origin of Scarecrow
Sandman begins in series
Last Johnny Thunder

This is a monster of a key issue and even though it has a lot going on such as adventures of the Sandman beginning in the title, it's most noted and sought after for the first appearance of the Scarecrow. As comic fans know, the Scarecrow is a popular Batman villain and debuted on the big screen in Batman Begins. Actually, the character of Johnathan Crane was in all three of Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Created by the real dynamic duo of Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the creators of Batman, the Scarecrow only had two appearances during the Golden Age of comics. Scarecrow's first appearance in World's Finest Comics is one of the best Golden Age comics to invest in. No doubt about it.

eBay - Looks like there's only one unslabbed copy here at the time of this writing. No CGC yet, but that may probably change.

ComicConnect - Wow, a VF raw copy here!

Last Young Doc Davis

Seems like this Golden Age detective gets the axe in the World's Finest Comics series. This issue marks the last appearance of Young Doc Davis, though a Silver Age character of the same name would appear. Not sure if it's the same one or tied to the Golden Age character.

Although this is a minor key issue, it's by no means a light weight at all. The Golden Age key issue commands a pretty hefty price and won't be easy to find in high grades.

eBay - Only a handful of copies. Most are unslabbed. Only one CGC 5.5 low FN copy so far for third-party graded comics of this issue.

ComicConnect - Four copies located here at the time of this writing. One is a CGC 9.0 VF/NM that goes up for auction in August of 2014. Three are unslabbers and highest is a FN+ 6.5.

ComicLink - Three copies with two of them being CGC so far. Both CGC copies are 7.0 FN/VF grades and the raw copy is a low VG.

Intro TNT
Intro Dan the Dyna-Mite
Last Crimson Avenger in title

Although some sources online say that the first appearance of TNT ( Thomas N. Thomas) and his sidekick Dan the Dyna-Mite is in Star Spangled Comics #7, they be wrong. It's actually this issue which came out in March, 1942. Star Spangled Comics #7 came out a month later in April, 1942.
Both characters were created by Mort Weisinger, the same man who created the characters Aquaman and Green Arrow.

eBay - No CGC at the moment, but there are a few unslabbed copies of this Golden Age key issue here for now.

ComicConnect - Three unslabbed copies available at the moment. The highest is a FN+ and lowest is a GD+ 2.5.

Sandman with Sandy begins in series
Star Spangled Kid adventures begins

A minor key as far as key issues goes. This issue begins the Golden Age Sandman and his sidekick Sandy in the title. Also the Star Spangled Kid's adventures in featured stories also begins with this issue.

Although a relatively minor key issue, this Golden Age comic is no lightweight in value at all. Like most Golden Age key issues, this one is pretty expensive in higher grades and tough to find in high grades as well.

eBay - Only one copy, but it is CGC and pretty decent grade for an early Golden Age comic. It's a 7.0 FN/VF and a Universal label.

As stated in the beginning, some of these keys are going to be pretty hard finds. A lot of them will be a chunk of cash to shell out for them, but they are great comics to invest in.

Part 2 to this Wold's Finest Comics key issues list is ready. Plenty more Golden Age key issues to go through with this titled series, so just click the link below to continue.


  1. what do you think of Thor becoming a woman?

    here's the link

    1. One of the reasons why I hardly read any of the new comics...all the gimmicks that still carried over from the 90s. They supposedly killed off Wolverine also.

      I sent you an email about the info you requested for mycomicshop and how to link. If you didn't receive it...let me know and I'll send it again.

    2. I got the link for mycomicshop and I hate how they change things like that!