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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wolverine Key Issue Comics Part 4

Welcome to more Wolverine key issue comics, and we are here at Part 4. This part is definitely slashing it's way into the Copper Age of Wolverine key issues, and we have finally hit some of Wolverine's own titled and on-going series. Of course, there will be some X-Ment titled comics as well sprinkled here and there and that should be expected to continue as the list further progresses.

If you missed the previous part, just click this Part 3 link to go back. If you're ready to hack and slash onward, enjoy the mayhem!

First Rogue and Wolverine team up
Mariko calls off wedding

Rogue joined the X-Men in issue #171 just before this story arc, so given her past, Logan doesn't trust her too much. However, the two end up teaming up together for a solo mission for the first time in comics in this issue. 

In the end, Mariko calls off the wedding with Logan stating that she could not marry the man who killed her father, which was portrayed in the limited, four issue Wolverine series prior. In terms of a Wolverine key issue, this is a pretty minor one, but in terms of an X-Men key issue, this issue sees the first appearance of Storm with her punk rock look and mohawk. This was published September, 1983.

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First appearance of Lady Deathstrike

This issue sees the first appearance of Lady Deathstrike, a character that has been well-linked to Wolverine and the X-Men as well. Her character was portrayed on the big screen by Kelly Hu in the movie X-2. 

Since her first appearance as Lady Deathstrike, she has become an extremely popular villain for Wolverine. Her real name is Yuriko Oyama, and it should be known that the character Yuriko Oyama first appeared in Daredevil #197.

Still a pretty over-looked Copper Age key issue and not that expensive in high grade CGC 9.8s yet. This was published April, 1986.

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Partial Wolverine origin revealed
2nd Lady Deathstrike

Remember in an earlier part of this Wolverine key issue comics list how I mentioned that Heather Hudson played an important part of Wolverine's mysterious past? Well, it's revealed in this Alpha Flight issue.

A total definite sleeper and not so widely known, this issue sees Lady Deathstrike tell Wolverine that his adamantium laced bones are the property of her father, the man who created adamantium. Heather Hudson then remembers a secret file that her husband did not want her to see about fusing adamantium to bone.

This issue reveals a bit about how Wolverine got his adamantium laced bones and that the Alpha Flight folks and their superiors may somehow be connected to it, setting the stage for another extremely important story arc that would see the origin of Weapon X. May, 1986 was when this comic was published.

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1st published Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
1st Sabretooth in Uncanny X-Men comic series

When it comes to Wolverine foes, Sabretooth is the most popular to fans! No other character has caused as much mischief for the little runt, nor has given him worthy battles that fans just can't get enough of. Although this is part of the fan-favorite Mutant Massacre story line, lots of collectors over-look the fact that this issue is actually the first appearance of Sabretooth in the X-Men titled comic series.

I keep getting emails about the semantics of "X-Men titled comic series", and getting pretty tired of them pointing out that X-Factor #10 is Sabretooth's 1st appearance in an "X-Men book". I'm not talking about X-Factor or an X-titled spin-off comic series, I am talking about the "X-Men" or "Uncanny X-Men" comic series.

But I'll change the wording if it causes that much damned confusion for some. Jeezus, I thought "X-Men title" not "X-Factor title" was clear enough, but apparently not!

Back to the comic at hand. Although the famous battles between the two have been written in later years to appear earlier in Marvel's canon or historical timeline, this is actually the first published battle in real life history between Wolverine and Sabretooth. 

A very important and over-looked Wolverine key issue, as well as Sabretooth key issue, to snag! This should be a great comic investment and was published December, 1986.

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2nd Sabretooth in Uncanny X-Men titled series
2nd published Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
1st Sabretooth on X-Men cover

If the first time Sabretooh and Wolverine brawl and meet in the X-Men titled series is on this list, then you can be sure that the 2nd published Wolverine and Sabretooth brawl will be right after it. Uncanny X-Men #213 is also part of the Mutant Massacre story line and also sees the 2nd time Sabretooth appears in the X-Men comics. However, this issue has the first time Sabretooth graces the cover of this titled series. This Wolverine key issue was published January, 1987.

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1st Wolverine on-going comic series
First appearance Cult of the Black Blade
First appearance of Muramasa
1st Wolverine as Patch
To be honest, I never really liked the whole Madripoor story line that went on during the early issues of Wolverine's first on-going titled series. Regardless, it is an important key issue and  a pretty sought after comic investment from the Copper Age. It also holds two first appearances, one of which is Muramasa. He, of course, is the leader of the Cult of the Black Blade, the Black Blade being a sword which he forged.

This comic was published November, 1988 and is one of the Wolverine key issue comics to definitely gun for in high grades as an investment comic.

mycomicshop - Quite a lot of copies here, but only four slabs. Three of them are PGX with the highest grades being 9.8s. Two CGCs that are a 9.8 and a 9.6. The 9.6 is a Signature Series signed by Stan Lee. Quite a few unslabbed options as well.

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Part 5 is ready with even more Wolverine key issue comics, so just click the link below to continue with this key issues list. If you missed Part 3 just click that PREVIOUS link you see below to head on back.


  1. A cgc 9.9 copy of Wolverine #1 1988 recently sold on ebay for over $1500 which I think is pretty crazy especially since its not even the highest on the consensus.

    1. CGC 9.9s go for crazy money, even for some comics that aren't really all that in-demand. Not to say that Wolverine #1 from the 1988 isn't in-demand cause it is, but 9.9 for $1500 for that issue is pretty crazy for a Copper Age book. Then again, a lot of investors are seriously mining this era right now.

    2. I think serious investors might be better off with precious metals lol

      I could not spend that much on a recent book with ample supply in high grade especially when you can get a silver age key for that price, but thats just me.
      However imagine you could pick up a book like ASM 300 in 9.9 for 3-4k could be a solid investment.

    3. I don't know if I'd even get an ASM #300 9.9 for 3k or 4k. I'd still rather buy a silver age key or even golden age key Batman for that kind of dough. Maybe some would for ASM #300 and that's fine.

      I agree...I'd rather spend mad dough on a silver age book as opposed to a Copper Age book investment wise.

    4. speaking of golden age batman I bought a bat #4 from the golden age!

    5. Very cool. At what grade did you snag that at?

    6. Thanks, a 0.5 grade which is all I can afford but nonetheless a bat #4

    7. Still a golden age Batman #4 indeed. Congrats!

    8. Thanks I also bought action comics 15 in .5 condition and it took me a long time to realize that rule of only buying what you can afford nothing more!

    9. Yup, don't go broke investing in anything! Well, you can save up for a nicer grade copy if you wanted to, but another cool snag Gabriel.