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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wolverine Key Issue Comics List Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 to this Wolverine key issue comics list! Please remember that this Wolverine key issues list will span across various titles. The character was mainly used as a supporting role during his early career in comics, especially the X-Men.

I will only be listing important comics that significantly pertain to Wolverine's over-all mythos. There will be many issues on here that have key issue statuses of other importance, but the ones noted on this list will only be related to its featured character. 

At first this list will seem like a revamped X-Men key issues list but we will start getting into his self titled series and other comic titles as well. Click here if you missed Part 1 of this list. If not, get out your want lists and get ready to go into bezerker mode.

THE X-MEN #101
Wolverine's feelings for Jean Grey revealed

If there was the ultimate love triangle ever played out in comics, the best had to be in the pages of the X-Men between Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine. In fact, the pairing of Wolverine and Jean Grey hadn't been limited to just some X-Men fans, writer Chris Claremont also wanted to pair Wolverine and Jean Grey together ever since Scott Summers ditched Madelyne Pryor in much later issues.

X-Men 101 not only sees the first appearance of Phoenix, but also sees the first time Wolverine admits to having feelings for Jean Grey. It would be later revealed that Jean Grey also shares an attraction for Wolverine as well, but does not love him like she does Scott Summers. Just like Wolvie to bring out that primal urge in a woman.

The often messed up relationship between Jean and Wolverine has been a big part of his character throughout the years, so this one goes down as a key issue belonging on this list. This was published, October, 1976.

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THE X-MEN #109
First time Wolverine referred to as Weapon X
First appearance of The Guardian 
First appearance of James Hudson
First appearance of Department H

 A whopper of of an X-Men key issue that has quite a bit of important details that further sheds some light on Wolverine's mysterious past, X-Men #109 sees the first appearance of James Hudson, revealed to be a secret agent for the Canadian government defense program called Department H. Although unnamed, the first appearance of Department H is also in this issue.

Tasked with a mission to retrieve his once partner, James Hudson suits up in the famous battle suit as The Guardian. He would later be known as Vindicator.

Once found, Guardian tells Wolverine that he is still the property of the Canadian government and for the first time in comics, Wolverine is referred to as his other famous codename that comic fans would identify the feisty mutant with - Weapon X.

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THE X-MEN #118
First appearance of Mariko Yashida

Another important character in the history of Wolverine's mythos, Mariko Yashida is another well-known and fan-favorite past lover of Logan, and the first appearance of Mariko Yashida is in the pages of  this comic, X-Men #118. The character has already been featured in The Wolverine movie, and would appear in the comics quite often in some of the best and fan-favorite story arcs involving the mutie bezerker. 

Not just a great X-Men key issue, but also a great Wolverine key issue to own also. This comic was published February, 1979.

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THE X-MEN #119
2nd appearance of Mariko Yashida

Wouldn't be a Wolverine key issue comics list without the 2nd appearance of Mariko Yashida, would it? Of course, it wouldn't and that's why it's listed here.

For those of you who like to collect or invest in 2nd appearances of comic characters, this one would one for any X-Men or Wolverine fan to add their vault. This comic was published March, 1979.

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THE X-MEN #120
First brief appearance of Alpha Flight

One of the few Canadian superhero teams in comics and probably the most well-known, Alpha Flight was created by legendary comic artist John Byrne, and the team's first initial purpose was merely to add an additional backstory for Wolverine. 

X-Men #120 holds the first brief appearance of Alpha Flight, and it continues James Hudson's mission in bringing back Wolverine or Weapon X as they know him back to Canadian authorities. In this issue, The Guardian changed his name to Vindicator.

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THE X-MEN #121
First full appearance of Alpha Flight

X-Men #121 marks the first full appearance of Alpha Flight, and the two teams go at it in this issue while Alpha Flight tries to capture the rogue Wolverine and the X-Men battle to protect him. Classic X-Men key issue that's an often over-looked Wolverine key issue.

After all, Alpha Flight has become a team often linked to the X-Men bezerker, and quite a few tales regarding the Weapon X origin have become fan-favorites and extremely important stories regarding the character's past. So important that both X-Men and Wolverine movies have often referenced the Weapon X Program on screen. 

This all stemmed from The Guardian (Vindicator) and the Alpha Flight team.

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THE X-MEN #139
New costume for Wolverine
First appearance of Heather Hudson
Here is the comic where Wolverine first gets a make over and a new costume. This costume is the famous brown and yellow one, and that was the costume Wolvie was wearing when I first started collecting the X-Men. 

Not that many know this issue is when we first see the brown and yellow costume for the character. This issue is more well-known as when Kitty Pryde joins the X-Men team.

Also, the first appearance of Heather Hudson is in this issue. She is the wife of James Hudson, whom was formerly Vindicator and now the Guardian. Heather would assume the role of Vindicator and is a member of Alpha Flight. She is also linked to Wolverine's past and has a role in uncovering some mysterious secrets to his past. 

That will be revealed in an issue later on this list. November, 1980 is the publishing date for this key Wolverine comic.

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No real problem finding any of these Wolverine key issues slabbed or unslabbed in Part 2 of this Wolverine key issue comics list. As mentioned before, most of these issues have been on other key issues lists before, most likely the X-Men key issues list that was previously done since these are all X-Men comics on Part 2. However, the same issues on that list were noted differently and most these keys on this list are noted specifically pertaining to Wolverine.

You can click the PREVIOUS link below if you stumbled upon Part 2 without getting a stab at Part 1 yet. Otherwise, Part 3 to this Wolverine key comics list is ready to slash on through in a bit, so just click the PART 3 link below to carry on. Thanks for reading!

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  1. X-men 103 is the first time Wolverine is called Logan.

    Hulk 180 is the first time Wolverine is called Weapon X, not X-Men 109.