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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Flash Pilot Screening At SDCC A Hit With Fans!

For those lucky enough to have gone to preview night at San Diego Comic Con on Wednesday, they may have gotten to see a special screening of the Flash pilot in Ballroom20. Apparently, fans reacted quite positively after watching the pilot and it looks like DC Comics and Warner Bros. just may score another television hit like with Arrow.

Which is good news! I admit that I was a bit skeptical after seeing some earlier images of Grant Gustin in the Flash costume, and I still haven't changed my mind about it looking a tad tacky. Just something about it that doesn't look right.

Apparently the big concern about the Scarlet Speedster in action with most fans before the pilot screening was met with relief after the screening. Some sources say that although the special effects of the Flash speeding around isn't above criticism, it does a decent job. I have to admit that I do agree the special effects looks quite cool after seeing this little exclusive teaser that also premiered at SDCC.

Judging from the exclusive clip alone, it looks like the Flash show that centers around the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, is gonna be pretty fun and a lighter tone than the darker Arrow T.V. series. I thought the speed special effects were just fine. As long the T.V. show shows less of the Flash in a clear or static position, the more I won't be reminded of how tacky the costume actually looks.

Not to give away any spoilers, but sources have leaked that DC's television world will be a shared universe, and the pilot does make nods or references to other characters or companies that are associated with other DC characters. So this bit of Flash news garnishes even more excitement for the show, and fans can expect quite a few characters from the comics to finally be making appearances on the small screen in the Flash t.v. series.

Because other superheroes and comic characters will be making cameos or become supporting characters as the show progresses, this T.V. series may be one to watch for comic investing fans as well. Keeping a keen eye out for Easter Eggs in a particular episode can give one an early drop on getting a first appearance key issue of a character before he or she actually shows up in the next one that airs. I'm sure there are already Easter Eggs from the pilot already online right now.

Maybe a good idea to bookmark the Flash key issues list on here handy as the show gets underway, or at least keep a close eye on The Flash comics in general. There are quite a lot of keys in the 2nd Flash comic series featuring the more popular and Silver Age version that's Barry Allen, and who knows when a character's onscreen debut will pop up and send a Flash key issue's demand and value into orbit. 

Although I'm not a t.v. watching kind of guy, I may tune into this one. The Flash premieres Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 8pm on The CW.

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