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Friday, July 11, 2014

Silver Surfer Key Issues Part 7

Continuing with Copper Age Silver Surfer key issues, Part 7 has quite a few minor keys for the character during this particular era. Many of these are sleepers or just not all that in-demand. CGC copies will be hard finds for most in the volume 3 series.

To be truthfully and although I did read and collect quite a bit from this particular series, I should've stopped this key issues list at Part 6, but I'll go through one more part after this one here. There is are two pretty important key issues in Part 7 that I feel needs to be addressed even if they're not all that valuable.

Click this Part 6 list if you missed it. Otherwise, continue on.

First appearance of Silver Silver imposter
First appearance of Clumsy Foulup
First appearance of Cap'n Reptyl
    Yep, Silver Surfer had an imposter, and it was the Skrull Bartok who impersonated him when the Surfer refused to get involved in the second Kree-Skrull war. This issue marks the first appearance of the Silver Surfer imposter.

    The other two first appearances are minor characters, but have appeared time to time in this titled series. Clumsy Foulup was part of Cap'n Reptyl's crew but betrayed him once he found out the Cap'n was going to ally himself with the Skrulls. Clumsy Foulup would later become a hero and leader of the Kree.

    Cap'n Reptyl is leader of a band of space pirates and would later lead a Skrull fleet against the Kree, but was thwarted by his own crew member Clumsy Foulup. Much later, Thanos would give the Reptyl God-like powers.

    eBay - Only four copies on the mighty eBay at the moment for issue #11 from volume 3. There is one CGC copy, however. It's a CGC 9.8 also.

    mycomicshop - Two copies here at the moment. Both are unslabbed and one is a VF. The other is a FN copy.

    NewKadia - Four copies here. Highest is a NM and the second highest is a low NM.

      First Ron Lim Silver Surfer art
      Ron Lim art on series begins

      Ron Lim is best known for his work on this Silver Surfer series and he is a fan favorite, often hailed as one of the best to draw the Surfer. I've met Ron a few times and the guy is probably one of the nicest comic artists to meet.

      One of the most under-valued comic artists out there, Ron Lim's art is pretty amazing. If you ever get a chance to meet him at a comic con, watch him draw his sketches for fans. He does an amazing detailed job, no quickie profile sketches a five year old could do that most comic artists charge for.

      This issue marks Ron Lim's first work on the Silver Surfer series and it begins here. Comic was published September, 1988.

      eBay - Pretty limited selection for both unslabbed and CGC copies at the moment. A CGC copy is on eBay and it's a 9.8 also.

      mycomicshop - Same deal here at the moment; two unslabbed copies. One is a VF and the other a FN.

      NewKadia Three copies and one is toted as a NM+. The other two are a low NM and VF+.

      Death of Trader
      Death of Astronomer
      Death of Possessor 
      Punisher destroyed
      Silver Surfer battles the In-Betweener for the Soul Gems, while the Elders of the Universe are plotting with the In-Betweener to still destroy Galactus. The Surfer loses the battle and the In-Betweener and the Elders of the Universe gain possession of the Soul Gems and race towards Galactus's ship.

      The In-Betweener soon realizes that he cannot kill Galactus in this reality and must bring him to his own in order to do so, but the Elders of the Universe protest this idea as some of them are held captive inside of Galactus. In-Betweener then summons Death to kill three of the Elders.

      In this issue the robot that inspired the name of The Punisher is destroyed. This comic was published November, 1988.

      eBay - Three copies and two of them are in comic lots. All unslabbed, no CGC as of yet.

      mycomicshop - Unslabbed VF and FN copies here.

      NewKadia - Five copies at NewKadia as of this writing. Highest is a NM+. There's also a NM copy as well. Everything else is lower high grade copies.

      1st issue to 2 part miniseries
      Stan Lee returns to character
      This 2 part miniseries came out in December, 1988 and was published on Marvel's Epic Comics imprint. Because of inconsistencies, this miniseries is often believed to have occurred in a different reality than regular Marvel cannon. 

      This series sees Stan Lee returning back to the character. Before the Silver Surfer volume 3 series, which Steve Englehart took on writing duties, Stan Lee was the only writer to have written for the Silver Surfer in his own titled series.

      eBay - Definitely a better selection for this issue. Quite a few raw copies. CGC nowhere in sight as of this writing.

      mycomicshop - Quite a few unslabbed copies, but the highest at the moment is only a VF.

      Nenora revealed as a Skrull
      Death of Nenora
      Not much else to say about this issue except that Nenora is revealed to be Skrull whose mission was to infiltrate the Kree. She ended up becoming ruler of the Kree empire and was a pawn for a Skrull called the Contemplator.

      Oh, yes, she also dies in this issue. November, 1989 was when this Copper Age comic was published.

      eBay - Quite a few unslabbed copies, but no CGC so far.

      mycomicshop - Only one copy here so far and it's an unslabbed FN.

      NewKadia - Six copies in stock and the highest two are a NM+ and a solid NM. Lowest is a FN+ copy.

      Jim Starlin scripts begin
      Thanos resurrected
      First Jim Starlin/Ron Lim creative work
      When it comes to the cosmic side of Marvel Comics, Jim Starlin is a legend and perhaps the king. This issue marks the first time Ron Lim and Jim Starlin would work together on the Silver Surfer, and it's a collaboration that would last quite a while and is a fan-favorite.

      Ron Lim is hailed as one of the best artists to draw the Silver Surfer, and when you get the best writer for the cosmic side of comics with Ron Lim, only any and everything good comes out it. Of course, Jim Starlin would begin to incorporate his creation Thanos in Silver Surfer lore, and the two characters would be constantly linked.  This issue sees Thanos resurrected by Death at the end of the issue.

      Ron Lim and Jim Starlin's famous collaboration would continue after this series in such limited series like the Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos Quest, and half of the 12 issue Thanos limited series in 2004 just to name a few. This issue was published February, 1990.

      eBay - No surprise that there isn't any CGC copies up yet, but there are quite a few unslabbed copies.

      mycomicshop - Four copies here but all are unslabbed. Highest is only a VF with the second a low VF.

      Alright, one more part to go! Part 8 of this Silver Surfer key issues list is ready so just click the link below. If you missed Part 6, you can always click the PREVIOUS link below to go back and read up on that.


      1. great list for one of the best comic characters

        1. Thanks, man. Hope this has helped you in your hunt for some good Silver Surfer keys, although there are quite a bit from outside the title. Part 8 will wrap it up for at least now.

      2. May I add, Silver Surfer Parable is drawn by Moebius - Jean Giraud. Giraud was a very influential French artist

      3. What about Silver Surfer 44 .... first infinity gauntlet