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Monday, July 7, 2014

Silver Surfer Key Issues List Part 2

Surfing the intergalactic space ways, we have come to Part 2 of this Silver Surfer key issues list. Still in the mighty Silver Age and probably my favorite era of comics ever, there's a lot more Silver Surfer key comic goodness to come in Part 2. 

I don't know about you, but I love key issues! A few shifts in titles will be in order for Norrin Radd as The Sentinel of the Spaceways, but we do get to his very first self-titled series. So buckle up comic fans and get ready for more Power Cosmic involving key issues.

Tales to Astonish #92
1st Silver Surfer and Hulk meeting
Silver Surfer vs. Hulk battle begins
Just like we love seeing the Thing get his clobberin' time in comics, we also love to see Hulk smash! This time the Silver Surfer meets up with the Incredible Hulk for the first time, and which will ultimately lead to an epic battle of course.

Well, this issue would lead to the first time the Hulk and Silver Surfer go at it! This historic first meeting was published June, 1967.

eBay - Selection is pretty good on eBay for this Silver Age key issue. Quite a bit of unslabbed copies on here. No CGC copies however at the moment.

mycomicshop - Four unslabbed copies. Highest is a VF, but it looks like it was trimmed on one side.

ComicConnect - Only two CGC copies here at the moment. Highest is a NM 9.4. Second CGC copy is an 8.5 VF+, but has the old label. A low NM 9.2 is the highest unslabbed copy so far.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 9.4 NM copy here at the time of this writing. Three unslabbed copies are available with the highest being a 9.0 VF/NM.

Tales to Astonish #93
Silver Surfer vs. Hulk continues
Silver Surfer and Hulk first battle

It appears that all the Hulk wants to do is leave Earth and get away from all the puny humans who just won't leave him alone. Thinking that the Surfer's board is an alien space craft, the Hulk tries to steal it so he can go into space and be left alone.

Although the Silver Surfer feels pity for the Jade Giant, he cannot leave Earth due to Galactus' punishment. This, of course, ensues to a battle in which the Surfer is able to get away from once the Army interjects.

However, Norrin Radd feels pity on Hulk and frees him, but once again, Hulk takes another stab at the board. Knocking him unconscious, Surfer probes his mind and learns of Bruce Banner's horrible gamma radiation problem that turns him into a mindless brute. 

Surfer was about to use his Power Cosmic to cure Banner of the radiation, but the Hulk awakens thinking the Surfer is attacking him again. The Surfer flees to leave the Hulk standing there like an idiot. This issue was published July, 1967.

eBay - A bit of a lesser selection for this issue at the moment. A few unslabbed copies available, but there are CGC copies. Two 9.4s and three 9.6s. Two of the 9.6s are both Signature Series and one is a Restored copy.

mycomicshop - CGC 8.0 VF is the highest copy here at the time of this writing. Some unslabbed options available.

ComicConnect - Four copies located. Highest out of the four is an unslabbed VF+. Two CGC copies are an 8.0 VF and a FN/VF 7.0.

ComicLink - Only one CGC 7.0 FN/VF copy here at the moment.

Fantastic Four Annual #5
First Silver Surfer solo story
Still in the Silver Age and it seems that the character of Silver Surfer was popular enough to feature him in his own solo story. Of course, this story called The Peerless Power of the Silver Surfer is in the back pages of Fantastic Four Annual #5. 

This back story has Silver Surfer turn the computer Quasimodo into a misshapen living being. The creature goes bezerk and attacks a nearby city before the Silver Surfer turns Quasimodo into a stone statue. This issue was published November, 1967.

eBay - Surprisingly a boat load of options for both unslabbed and CGC graded copies on the mighty eBay at the time of this writing. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ so far, but there are plenty of CGC 9.4 NMs to snag.

mycomicshop - Five copies available. Only one CGC 9.2 copy and the rest are unslabbed copies in the low grade range.

ComicConnect - Six copies here at the time of this writing. Highest CGC is a 9.6 with the second highest a 9.4 NM. One CGC 8.0 VF copy is up for auction right now as I type this. Three raw copies to choose from. Highest is a FN/VF 7.0 copy.

ComicLink - Three CGC options available. Highest CGC copies are two 9.4 NMs. Also three unslabbed copies as well with the highest being a VF+.

Fantastic Four #72
Silver Surfer vs. Fantastic Four
Spend enough time on Earth and you're bound to realize how messed up it is. Didn't take Silver Surfer long to figure this out. After the Surfer has seen nothing but bigotry, pettiness, greed and oppression, he decides that him sparing the Earth from Galactus was a huge mistake.

Aiming to put us out of our misery, the Silver Surfer decides to attack humanity starting with New York. Once again, he combats the Fantastic Four, and seeing the error of his ways stops the assault and bids the FF farewell before leaving to find his place on Earth. 

March, 1968 was when this issue was published, and it is quite an expensive key in CGC high grades. Good stuff though.

eBay - No problem finding this key issue on eBay, at least at the moment. Plenty of unslabbed copies to choose from, but only five CGC copies at the time of this writing. Highest is a whopping 9.8!

ComicConnect - Six copies available here. Only one CGC copy though, and it's a low NM 9.2. A VF/NM 9.0 is the highest graded unslabbed copy.

ComicLink - Only one CGC copy at the moment, and its a 9.2 low NM. Handful of unslabbed copies to choose from as well.

Silver Surfer #1 Volume 1
First appearance of Shalla-Bal
First appearance of Zenn-La
Origin revealed
First issue to self titled series
Major Silver Surfer key issue and comic, and probably the 2nd best of the Silver Surfer comics to invest in. Not only is this the very first issue to the very first Silver Surfer comic series, this issue digs even further and builds upon Silver Surfer's mythos.

Yep, his origin is revealed here, and we see the first appearance of him as Norrin Radd on his homeworld Zenn-La. We also see the first appearance of Shalla-Bal, his love on Zenn-La. Shalla-Bal would be a haunting presence throughout the Silver Surfer's career in comics. 

A great key issue that explains how Norrin Radd saved Zenn-La by becoming the herald to Galactus. Given part of Galactus' Power Cosmic to roam the space ways in search of planets for his master to devour, Norrin Radd's fate as the Silver Surfer was sealed forever.

Written by Stan Lee with art by John Buscema, this issue was published August, 1968.

eBay - Shouldn't be a problem finding Silver Surfer #1 on eBay. Quite a few unslabbed copies if you prefer raw comics. If you prefer CGC, there's quite a few options as well. Highest CGC graded comic is 9.4 NM.

mycomicshop - CGC 5.5 low FN copy at the moment. Rest are unslabbed copies with the highest being a VG+.

ComicConnect - Five copies of this Silver Age key at the time of this writing. Three are auctions that will go up in August. One of them is a high grade NM+ 9.6. Only one CGC copy available for sale right now and it's a high grade 9.4 NM. Only one unslabbed copy at FN/VF 7.0.

ComicLink - 9.6 NM+ located here as well as some other high grade CGC copies. No unslabbed copies at the moment.

Silver Surfer #2 Volume 1
First appearance of Badoon
First appearance of Brother Royal
First appearance of Monster of Badoon
2nd issue to self-titled series
Lot's of key issue goodness in this Silver Age comic as well. This may be the 2nd issue to Silver Surfer's self-titled series, but it's also the first appearance of Badoon.

The Badoon are a reptilian race of beings from the planet Moord light years away from Earth. In this issue they come to Earth to end all evil. Good luck with that.

This issue sees the first appearance of Brother Royal, leader of the Badoon and the Monster of Badoon who is unleashed to battle the intervening Silver Surfer.

eBay - Loads of options here for unslabbed copies. Quite a few options for CGC copies as well. Highest are two 9.6 NM+s.

mycomicshop - No problem finding unslabbed copies here. Only one CGC 9.0 though. Highest raw copy is a 6.0 FN.

ComicConnect - Quite a lot of copies, mostly raw ones. Only two CGC copies. Highest is a NM 9.4 but it's an old label. Other CGC copy is a 9.2 low NM. A VF+ 8.5 is the highest raw copy there at the moment.

ComicLink - Quite a few CGC options available with two 9.6 NM+s and two 9.0 VF/NMs. Also two unslabbed copies that are both 8.5 VF+s.

As promised, quite a few Silver Age Silver Surfer key issues in Part 2 to this series. Still quite a bit more of key comics to go through concerning this cosmic surfer of the galaxies. Part 3 is ready, so click the PART 3 link below to continue!

If you missed the beginning of this key issues list, you click the PREVIOUS link below to go back and read Part 1.


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