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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Silver Surfer Key Issues Part 6

Soaring into Part 6, and we're quickly leaving the last remnants of the Bronze Age galaxy and heading into the Copper Age. Silver Surfer key issues in the Copper Age will be pretty few as we get into volume 3 of his titled series. There will be a few, but mostly the keys will be extremely minor and not every single minor one will be covered. The important ones will be featured though.

If you missed Part 5, you can click the link to navigate back. If you already read it, enjoy Part 6.

Fantastic Four #211
First appearance of Terrax The Tamer
Origin of Terrax
Another famous first appearance in the cosmic world of Marvel Comics. Terrax The Tamer is a herald of Galactus and becomes a supporting character in the Silver Surfer mythos later on.

He is first introduced as Tyros in this issue and it includes the character's origin. The character was created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne and the first appearance of Terrax in Fantastic Four #211 was published October, 1979.

eBay - A few copies, but only unslabbed. No CGC as of yet.

mycomicshop - Bunch of unslabbed copies here. Highest is a FN/VF 7.0. Second highest is a 6.0 FN. Other copies are all low grade so far.

NewKadia - Onky one low FN copy here at the moment.

First appearance of Frankie Raye as Nova
Origin of Nova
First appearance of Nova
Here's the issue where Frankie Raye becomes the herald to Galactus known as Nova and this all comes to be. This is not to be confused with the first appearance of Frankie Raye, as she makes her first appearance as a character in an earlier issue that's featured in a different part to this Silver Surfer key issues list.

Nova would later make quite a bit of appearances in the 3rd Silver Surfer titled series. This issue was published in February, 1982, and is still a late Bronze Age comic.

eBay - Decent selection of unslabbed copies, but located no CGC at the moment.

mycomicshop - Only one unslabbed FN copy here so far.

ComicConnect - Only unslabbed copies here and only two at the moment. 9.0 VF/NM is the highest. 2nd copy is a 6.0 FN.

NewKadia - Two copies here at the moment. VF+ is the the highest copy.

First issue one shot
This one shot sees Reed Richards helping the Silver Surfer break free from the Earth and return to his homeworld of Zenn-La only to find that Galactus destroyed it since Norrin Radd went against their agreement. Once there, he learns that Shalla-Bal was captured by his nemesis Mephisto and brought to Earth.

Knowing that if he returns to Earth again he might be trapped there again, Silver Surfer rushes back to aid his love and does battle in Mephisto's domain. Trapping the Silver Surfer back onto Earth and completing his desired intention, Mephisto then turns Shalla-Bal into an energy ball and sends her hurling back to Zenn-La. Before she reaches the barrier that confines Silver Surfer, he gives her a portion of the Power Cosmic.

When she returns to Zenn-La, Shalla-Bal discovers that she now has the power to make plants grow from the Power Cosmic given to her, thus revitalizing Zenn-La again. Silver Surfer is trapped on Earth, but his victory is once again saving his home planet. This issue was published in June, 1982.

eBay - Pretty limited selection so far on eBay. Only one CGC 9.8 at the time of this writing.

NewKadia - Two copies here only with one being a FN+ and the other only a VG.

ComicLink - Two CGC copies located here. Highest is a 9.6 NM+ and the other is a 9.4 NM.

First issue to volume 3 series
Silver Surfer gets his own on-going series once again, and this time it will run much longer than those before it. This series would introduce a few new characters into the Silver Surfer world, as well as heavily use one's established in other titles, namely The Fantastic Four. As you can see, Nova becomes an important supporting character within this volume 3 series, and once Jim Starlin climbs on board, you'll see the resurrection of quite a few cosmic characters.

The Surfer is able to break free of the barrier, and it's explained that it's the Surfer's board that didn't allow him to pierce the barrier that Galactus imposed on him. The FF fly the Surfer into space where he converts his board into pure cosmic energy that's able to pass through the barrier. This issue was published July, 1987.

eBay - Limited selection here. A few unslabbed copies but not much. No CGC yet, or at least that I found.

mycomicshop - Quite a few copies here. Only one CGC, but it's a 9.8! Others are unslabbed comics and the highest is an 8.0 VF.

NewKadia - 9.2 low NM copy here left.

ComicConnect - Two copies here. One is a CGC 9.8 and the other is an unslabbed  9.4 NM.

First appearance of Contemplator
First appearance of Astronomer
First appearance of Trader
First appearance of Obliterator

A lot of these first appearances are to characters that are pretty minor. The Astronomer and the Trader are both one of the Elders of the Universe. They are among the oldest living beings in the Universe and was granted immortality by Death. 

The Obliterator is also an Elder of the Universe who tracked down and slayed everyone of his species except for himself. In this issue, the Elders of the Universe all meet to discuss their plans of destroying Galactus.

The Collector, whom will be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, is an Elders of the Universe. The Collector is actually the first one to appear in Marvel Comics, but since he is already in Marvel's cinematic universe, it just may happen that other Elders of the Universe may appear as well further down the line.

eBay - Only about a handful of raw copies, but not much. One CGC 9.8 located.

mycomicshop - Only raw copies at the moment. Highest is a NM 9.4, followed by an 8.0 VF.

NewKadia - Quite a few copies here at the moment. NM+ is the highest copy so far. 9.2 low NM is the second highest copy. Lowest copy available is a low VF.

ComicConnect - One CGC 9.6 NM+ copy here for issue #2 from volume 3. It's near the bottom of the page, so you'll need to scroll.

First appearance of Aptak
First appearance of Nenora
First appearance of Yorak
First appearance of Tus-Katt
Although three of the four first appearances are minor characters, there is one that becomes a somewhat important supporting character in this titled series. They are all supposedly Skrulls except for one that ends up being a Kree. If you know this series, you know who I'm talking about.

Aptak was once romantically involved with Nenora until the Genetics Bomb went off and nullified the Skrulls' shape-shifting abilities. Aptak was then trapped in the Waziliah female body he adopted. Once a great military general, he was now shunned by the Skrulls and Nenora. This was published December, 1987.

eBay - Even more scarce on eBay. Less than a handful of unslabbed copies and no CGC for this issue at the time of this writing.

mycomicshop - Only two unslabbed copies here. Highest is a VF.

NewKadia - Four copies at NewKadia at the time of this writing. A low NM is the highest, though.

As you may have noticed, the issues in the Silver Surfer volume 3 titled series will be harder to find CGC graded or unslabbed online. This is not because the issues are rare. They're not really. It's because Silver Surfer volume 3 is not an extremely popular title or that sought after in the current market.

So this trend of not finding all that many copies online for most issues within that volume will continue as we progress further into the Silver Surfer volume 3 title. Many will be minor keys and definite sleepers.

If you missed Part 5, click the PREVIOUS link below to go back. Part 7 is also ready so click the link below to continue.

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