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Saturday, July 5, 2014

New Possible Villains For Batman V Superman

More news has recently been brewing for the Zack Snyder Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie that seems to be constantly growing in terms of excitement and cast. We got first looks at Superman's new suit, as well as Ben Affleck in the new Batsuit.

If you missed that bit of goodness last month, here's the pic of Ben Affleck as Batman that Zack Snyder tweeted, and I must admit, he looks pretty darn awesome! Still no first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and I'm really interested in how the Wonder Woman costume will turn out.

While we do know that Lex Luthor will be in the movie played Jesse Eisenberg, it appears this movie is too big for just one measly villain. Apparently, too big for even three. Latino Review has just recently leaked out that four more villains will appear in the highly anticipated upcoming film and give our heroes Batman and Superman quite a bit of trouble. Of course, the Latino Review have been pretty reliable with their leaks concerning comic movie leaks.

 Victor Zsazs 
Can we say coo coo? This serial killer is a Batman villain and appeared in the Batman Arkham City game, if you remember?

I sure do. He was the "Payphone Killer" in the game, and that was one extra challenge in the Arkham City game where I just got fed up with and stopped playing.

According to David S. Goyer, writer of the Dark Knight movie series, Victor Zsazs was even written in a cameo scene in Batman Begins. So, technically, this isn't Victor Zsazs's first big screen appearance. It's just the one with the biggest news.

How big of a role he'll play in Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice is unknown, and the character just may be stuck in a bit role once again.

Morgan Edge

A villain from the Superman side of comics, Morgan Edge's first appearance was listed on the Superman key issues list on Total Comic Mayhem a while back. Who knew this character would be considered for the upcoming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie?

According to The Latino Review, the leader of the Intergang and president of the Galaxy Broadcasting System that eventually bought out The Daily Planet, will be in the film and that makes sense. Morgan Edge even has a talk show where he constantly bad mouths Superman. 

If you missed his first appearance in comics, you can find it at Part 9 of the Superman key issues list.

Amanda Waller

This character is well-known as the one in charge of the Suicide Squad in the comics. However, the movie may have her role more like the character in the Justice League Unlimited animated series. 

Amanda Waller, nicknamed "The Wall", was a former congressional aide and government agent. In the movie, she probably won't be a fan of Superman and will have counter-measures in place for the Man of Steel just in case. 

David Cain

On the Batman side of comics, David Cain looks to have an upcoming spotlight on the big screen. He is one of the world's deadliest assassins and happens to be the Cassandra Cain's father. 

Yep, that Cassandra Cain, the 2nd Batgirl in comics. If this leak turns out to be true, does that mean that Cassandra Cain as Batgirl has a good possibility of showing up in a future DC/Warner comic book movie?

Dunno, but it's definitely something to think about, as for his role in the comics, David Cain once trained young Bruce Wayne. Click the link to discover the first appearance of David Cain.

No confirmations have been made by Warner or DC Comics as of yet, and of course, no casting has been done for these characters as well. If Latino Review is spot on with this leak, it looks like Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will have a lot going on.

Although exciting to hear more news, this film is really starting to feel over-crowded. I'm sure a lot of the new characters in this post as well as new announcements will have small minor roles if the leaks end up being true.

Regardless, the first appearance of Victor Zsazs in Shadow of the Bat #1 has already seen a bump in demand.

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