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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Iron Man & Submariner #1 CGC 7.0 Restored!!!

Last and most definitely least, is this Iron Man & Submariner #1. This comic preludes Iron Man #1 volume 1, and is relatively a late Silver Age key published in 1968.

I definitely got hit with this one, and I suspected I would. As a mentioned in earlier posts, I suspected that this one may be.

A little while ago, the new owner of one my local comic shops told me the story of how a customer of the previous owner bought an Incredible Hulk #181 and it ended up coming back from CGC a restored copy. Since then, I've been wary of the comics that I purchased from the previous owner and this one is unfortunately one of them.

Still, I was curious, so I sent in Thor #165 and this comic to see which one it would be. Thor #165 did not come back restored. This one did.

I don't even remember exactly when I got this, but it was at least a decade ago. This was one of the first comics I bought right when I gave up on Modern Age comics and started gunning for Silver Age comics. It was purely a comic investing purchase and probably my first. An ironic beginning to comic investing, if I do say so myself.

So the restoration is noted as a small piece re-attached with glue. Of course, I completely missed it at first, but when I got it back, I think I can identify it. It's on the back cover.

Surprisingly, I am not as upset as I should be. Play the unslabbed game and you can be rewarded quite nicely at times, but you can also get hit for sure. Only a matter of time if you wanna play that game, especially if you're digging in the vintage comic mines for comic investments.

Luckily, this comic really didn't cost all that much. It was around a $60 or $70 purchase, and I got it without much thought. Not a huge Submariner fan, but I do like Iron Man. 

It's worth now pretty much the same as a frisbee, at least to me. I honestly wanted to just chuck it like one after getting it back. Lost on this very first investment purchase, but I'm glad that I know it's Restored instead of dishing it off to someone else and having them find out.

Will I sell it? Not really worth the time. It's not even in that great of a grade, a mid-grade 7.0 FN/VF, plus it's restored. I could probably get $30 or $40 bucks the most, if that. 

So what to do with it? I guess, I'll let it marinate, but this in no way goes in my Vault.

Believe it or not, this isn't my first Restored comic. I actually had an X-Men #2 CGC 4.5 that was Restored. I bought it a long time ago on eBay, probably shortly after this one.

I got it and an X-Men #4 Universal 4.0, but sold both when my fiance at the time had a bit of financial trouble. Yes, I regret selling those, especially since the first appearance of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will make their big debut in Avengers Age of Ultron coming soon and X-Men #4 saw a huge bump in value.

Will I regret selling off this Iron Man & Submariner #1? Dunno, but probably not anytime soon. I should probably just dish it off to fund more comic investments. Nothing like getting back a Restored comic from CGC to make you want to buy another slabbed comic investment to make up for it. One that isn't restored, of course.

So that's two hits from the older owner of this comic shop. The Thor #165 was a tad over-graded and this copy came back restored and was highly over-graded as well. It was advertised as a VF/NM 9.0 as well.

I think next year, I'll submit more comics I got from the old owner just to see if I get back any more restored copies. There really aren't too many. Probably like 3 or 4 more.

As the saying goes, if only I knew then what I know now. Oh, well, that's life! Just another comic investing tale.


  1. Hey man, at least you played it smart with your hulk 181. Or imagine if your Giant size Xmen came back rrestored. I'd much rather have this book come back restored than any other.

    1. I agree, shit does happen, and although ideally one doesn't want any comic coming back restored, but out of the 3 you just mentioned, I'd definitely choose this one to get hit for sure.