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Friday, July 4, 2014

Iron Fist Key Comics Part 5

We are finally concluding this list of Iron Fist key comics. Quite a few sleepers and not that well-known ones to wrap it up, but they are key issues related to the character. One of them on this list will be a surprise Silver Age goodie.

This is Part 5, so if you missed Part 4, just click the link to go back. If you're ready to continue on, do so and hope you enjoy!

4rth appearance of Sabretooth

Here's the 4rth appearance of Sabretooth! All of his early appearances were in Iron Fist and Powerman comics. Not too surprising since Chris Claremont and John Byrne created the character and were the backbone behind Iron Fist's comic career starting with Marvel Premiere #23.

Sabretooth disfigures Harmony Young and Luke Cage goes on the hunt for him to seek revenge!

eBay - No luck on the CGC front at the moment. A few unslabbed copies here though.

mycomicshop - An unslabbed FN+ is the highest copy here so far. No CGC, but there are two more unslabbed copies for those who prefer them.

ComicConnect - One unslabbed low NM 9.2 available as of yet. No CGC so far.

Last issue of titled series
Death of Iron Fist

This is the last issue of the Powerman titled series, and it is the supposed death of Iron Fist. When Iron Fist cannot use his Chi in order to save Captain Hero, Captain Hero goes bezerk and kills Iron Fist. Suspected for the murder, Luke Cage goes into hiding.

Of course, it would later be revealed that the death of Iron Fist was not the actual death of Danny Rand. This is explained in the next issue on this list.

eBay - Only one beautiful CGC 9.8 copy on the grade copy front for now. Selection for unslabbed copies is pretty limited also.

mycomicshop - One CGC 9.8 copy located. Two unslabbed copies also. Highest is a VF.

Return of Iron Fist (Danny Rand)
Tyrone King revealed to be Master Khan

So it appears when Danny Rand contracted radiation poisoning, Luke Cage took him back to K'un L'un for treatment. It was there where Danny Rand was put into stasis and secretly replaced by H'ylthri clone. It was actually the H'ylthri clone of Iron Fist who died at the hands of Captain Hero, who ended up being a Super Skrull that was summoned by Master Khan.

In this issue Namor travels to K'un L'un and finds Danny Rand alive! Namor frees Rand from H'ylthri capture and takes him back to Earth. 

This story also retcons Master Khan as well, and it's revealed that he is Tyrone King. However,  it is later revealed that Master Khan only impersonated the New York Police detective.

eBay - Not surprised that there's no CGC copies. A bit of unslabbed copies though.

mycomicshop - VF unslabbed copy in stock at mycomicshop. Also another raw copy, and it's a mid-grade FN.

First appearance of Master Khan

Although this issue is out of order and was published October, 1960, I elected to put this last because it is the first appearance of Master Khan and the character ends up being a notable villain for Iron Fist and later for Powerman as well during the Bronze Age.

Master Khan was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko during the early Silver Age, but not was not written as a foe of Iron Fist until Marvel Premiere #22. He is the sorceror "God" of K'un L'un and has gone up against Iron Fist, Powerman, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing on numerous occasions within the Marvel Premiere, Iron Fist, and Powerman titled series.

Not that well-known, but hard to find online at the moment.

eBay - Only one raw copy so far here on eBay.

I'm sure there are more Iron Fist comics in the Modern Age, but I'm gonna end this Iron Fist key comics list here. Already plenty of keys pertaining to the character as well as some not so well known ones that could be great investment comics in the future. We shall see how the Netflix t.v. series does for this character. 

If you missed the entire beginning to this key comics list series pertaining to the character, you can click this Part 1 to go back to the start. You can also click the PREVIOUS link below to go back to Part 4 if you missed it.

Hope this helps you in your hunt and happy hunting!

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