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Sunday, July 6, 2014

HIGH GRADE ALERT: Shadow of The Bat #1 CGC 9.8

Shadow of the Bat #1
First appearance of Victor Zsasz
First appearance of Jeremiah Arkham 
Published: June, 1992
Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Alan Grant
Artist: Norm Breyfogle

High Grade Key Issue Located:

eBay - At the time of this writing, there is only one CGC 9.8 copy of Shadow of the Bat #1 left since the news being dropped a mere two days ago. I'm sure some others will pop up, but this key issue is heating up fast. The copy may already have gotten snagged by the time you read this, but may not be. I did try relaying the info as fast as possible.


Update: It appears that the script that was leaked to the Latino Review was actually a fake. The character of Victor Zsasz most likely won't be in the Dawn of Justice.

If there is one key issue that's heating up after the recent Latino Review leak about Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, it's definitely Shadow of the Bat #1. Of course, you all probably know by now that Victor Zsasz has a good chance that he'll appear in the highly anticipated flick.

The character did actually show up in Batman Begins in a very minor bit role that barely went noticed except from some hardcore Batman fans. However, Shadow of the Bat #1, the first issue to a four part limited series, still remained pretty much a sleeper for the past twenty years.

That's until now, and the first appearance of Victor Zsasz is gaining steam even if the news of him being in Dawn of Justice still remains a rumor. In this issue, the character is referred to as Mister Zsazs. 

Created by Norm Breyfogle and Alan Grant, Victor Zsasz is a serial killer who slices his victim's throats and leaves them in lifelike poses. After each victim, Zsasz cuts a tally mark on his body. He believes life has no meaning and is pointless and kills to liberate others from their pointless existence. Of course, he is clinically diagnosed as insane and is often incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. 

Before the news, Zasz has been but a minor villain for Batman, but popular enough for the character to be in Batman related video games. Even in Dawn of Justice, Zsasz just may be regulated to another bit role like in Batman Begins.

Another key issue status worth noting is the first appearance of Jeremiah Arkham in Shadow of the Bat #1 also. Jeremiah Arkham inherited Arkham Asylum when his uncle Amadeus Arkham went coo coo. In later stories concerning the character of Jeremiah Arkham, he also becomes the Black Mask II.

Still, this Modern Age Batman key issue is seeing demand and quickly. CGC 9.8s are creeping over the $100 mark already. It was actually Gerry who clued me in to the news as our trio of friends were heading to watch the fireworks on the 4rth of July. So thanks Gerry for the heads up.

CGC copies are already becoming scarce for this issue on the mighty eBay. May be a good time to check your collection to see if you got it, and then inspect it to see if it's a high enough grade to get CGC'd. Just a thought.

If you've yet read the news and want to know the other characters Latino Review dropped, just click the link below to read the article.

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  1. No problem. I just hope the rumors are true and that he has more than a bit part in the movie. I think that Zsasz is a cool ass character, if he's done right that is.


  2. There's a high possibility since Latino Review dropped the leak. I think the character's pretty cool as well. Batman's always got great villains. As for a bit part, I'm surely thinking that might be the case. Dawn of Justice already looks overcrowded as is. I'm thinking these bit parts will set these characters up for something bigger when DC starts rolling out more movies to establish their cinematic universe.

  3. I have the one that is in plastic and has a poster and a 3d thing. Any difference in value? Can u cgc it even tho still in plastic? Love your site. Big fan

    1. Hi Andy....the poly bad version isn't really worth much more on the market than the 1st printing. If you submit it to CGC, they will take it out of the polybag to grade it and throw away the bag.

  4. I have the one that is in plastic and has a poster and a 3d thing. Any difference in value? Can u cgc it even tho still in plastic? Love your site. Big fan

  5. Just rediscovered your site after losing the link some time ago. I'm pretty sure that was my CGC 9.8 copy of Batman: Shadow of the Bat #1 that was on eBay. It sold at 4:00 in the morning east coast time, and when I woke up I saw the news about the Zsasz/BvS rumor. Of course now, there's a rumor that that was just a rumor...

    1. That's funny! I was the one that bought that book from you.

      ~Gerry D

  6. I have 2 the collector's set part one of four in mint never opened and the original #1-2-3-4-5 and so on thinking about selling my collection